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Poll: Assisted suicide opposition grows as evidence revealed (UK)

first_imgThe Christian Institute 30 July 2014Public opposition to assisted suicide grows dramatically when people are more informed of the arguments, a new poll has revealed.Figures show that many of those who initially express support for assisted suicide switch to opposing it when presented with evidence from places where the practice has been legalised.The ComRes poll found that 28 per cent of British adults who had supported the proposals switched to opposition when informed that vulnerable people may feel pressurised to end their life so as not to be a ‘burden’.InformedOne in five changed their minds when informed that there had been a steady annual increase of assisted suicide cases in countries like Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland and also a widening of the net to include people with chronic but not terminal illnesses.Overall opposition to assisted suicide rose from 12 per cent to 43 per cent as those surveyed considered increasing amounts of evidence about the nature of assisted suicide.The poll was published by Christian charity CARE (Christian Action Research and Education). read more

Palm Beach County schools to ban discrimination against hair styles

first_imgBlack teens in Texas face suspension over their dreadlocks On Wednesday the School District of Palm Beach County board voted unanimously to ban hair discrimination, meaning students can freely wear their hair any way they want.The school board voted 7-0 to amend the school district’s non-discrimination policy, which currently bans discrimination “on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or sexual orientation, marital status, age, religion, disability, genetic information, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic prohibited by law.”Hair styles will now be added to that non-discrimination policy. That includes locs, mohawks, colored, spiked, shaved, and more, according to board member Dr. Debra Robinson.During the board meeting, Robinson said she was alarmed by multiple stories of students across the nation being forced to cut their dreadlocks in order to participate in events.New Jersey referee suspended after forcing teen wrestler to cut dreadlocks or forfeit match The school district’s legal team said an updated policy will be presented at a future meeting.last_img read more