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Giants collect rare September win behind combo of vets, rookies

first_imgSAN DIEGO–The Giants are officially out of contention in the National League West, but Andrew Suárez carried the swagger of a pitcher in the heat of a playoff race.When manager Bruce Bochy strolled to the mound to remove Suárez with two outs in the eighth inning of the Giants’ 4-2 win over the Padres, Suárez raised his arms and slapped his glove against his hip in frustration.“My pitch count was low for being that deep in the game so I thought I was going to finish it,” Suárez said. “I was a …last_img

Programme raises awareness about responsible use of alcohol among youth

first_imgJabu Pule whose once flourishing football career was abruptly stopped due to alcohol abuse has mended his ways. (Image: ARA)The Young Free & Educated (YFE) Programme run by the Association for Responsible Alcohol Use (ARA) campaigns and discourages youth from drinking and driving.Targeted at college and university students between the ages of 18 and 25, YFE looks towards the country’s sporting and music heroes to get youth to stop abusing alcohol. Among its ambassadors is former footballer Jabu Mahlangu, who was a victim of irresponsible alcohol use, and musician Oskido.Brand South Africa is partnering with YFE to reach youth in tertiary institutions to promote pride and patriotism, significance of national symbols as well as popularise Play Your Part.The programme has six pillars: responsible alcohol use, road safety, personal financial management, academic excellence, national pride and patriotism, and entrepreneurship.These pillars address the culture of drinking in order to change patterns in alcohol use. With this in mind, YFE is looking to promote a culture of taking responsibility.YFE has a number of planned campus dialogues for young South Africans to share their challenges and discuss solutions. The dialogues are aimed at:Providing a platform to exchange ideas on various issues that are crucial in encouraging national pride and patriotismGiving an opportunity to share success stories with young successful South Africans and inspireChange mind sets about the “victims of circumstances” mentality.The ARA was formed in 1989 to reduce the harm caused by the misuse and abuse of alcohol. It funds and implements numerous programmes that address drinking and driving, foetal alcohol syndrome, responsible selling as well preventing underage drinking.last_img read more

YAP award winners announced

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest The Ohio Farm Bureau Young Agricultural Professionals program recently announced award winners for their 2019 contests. Program participants are ages 18 to 35, single or married, who are interested in improving the business of agriculture, learning new ideas and developing leadership skills.Matt Vodraska of Doylestown has been named the winner of Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s 2019 Outstanding Young Farmer Award. In addition, Kyle and Ashton Walls of Mt. Vernon have been named winners of Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s 2019 Excellence in Agriculture Award.The Outstanding Young Farmer contest is designed to help young farmers strengthen their business skills, develop marketing opportunities and receive recognition for their accomplishments. Contestants are judged on the growth of their farm businesses and involvement in Farm Bureau and their community.Vodraska won 250 hours free use of an M-series tractor provided by Kubota, $1,000 in Grainger merchandise sponsored by Farm Credit Mid-America and an expense-paid trip to the 2020 American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention in Austin, Texas, in January where he will participate in the national competition.Vodraska farms with his parents and brother on a diversified specialty fruit operation. He serves as president of the Wayne County Farm Bureau, has helped to shape public policy at the county and state levels and was a member of the inaugural AgriPOWER class in 2009. He also has been active in local and state activities with the Ohio Grape Association, Midwest Apple Improvement Association and Ohio Produce Growers Marketing Association.Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s 2019 Excellence in Agriculture Award recognizes successful young agriculturalKyle and Ashton Wallsprofessionals who are actively contributing and growing through their involvement with Farm Bureau and agriculture. The Walls will receive an expense-paid trip to Austin, Texas, to compete in the national Excellence in Agriculture contest during the American Farm Bureau Federation Annual Convention in January. They also receive a John Deere Gator courtesy of Farm Credit Mid-America and a $1,000 cash prize sponsored by Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau.Kyle is a Regional Agricultural and Commercial Business Manager for a mid-size community bank. Ashton is employed with one of the top global agricultural equipment manufacturers. The Walls have built and manage a herd of cow-calf Mexican Corriente cattle, which are primarily used for competitive rodeo events. They also raise laying hens for egg production.Kyle and Ashton are both active in Farm Bureau at the county, state and national levels: Ashton served for many years as a Knox County Farm Bureau board member and was recently accepted by American Farm Bureau to attend the Women’s Communication Boot Camp in Washington D.C. Kyle has future interest in running for an Ohio Farm Bureau State Board role to serve his district.Ohio Farm Bureau Young Agricultural Professionals are 18 to 35, single or married, who farm or work in related industries and are interested in improving the business of agriculture, learning new ideas and developing leadership skills.Ohio Farm Bureau’s mission is working together for Ohio farmers to advance agriculture and strengthen our communities. To learn more about Ohio Farm Bureau and its Young Ag Professionals program, visit visit Farm Bureau’s mission is working together for Ohio farmers to advance agriculture and strengthen our communities.To learn more about Ohio Farm Bureau and its Young Ag Professionals program, visit read more

Welcome to Jurassic Park Cache— Geocache of the Week

first_imgAloha! Have you ever dreamed of visiting the Jurassic Park set? If you search for the Welcome to Jurassic Park Cache, you can come pretty close to the real thing! Just like the movie, this geocache location’s scenery is seriously epic and requires an adventurous drive through flowing streams and dense jungle. The movie Jurassic Park was filmed on Kauai and the geocache will make you feel as if you’ve been transported to the movie set, or even to the Jurassic period.Nicknamed “the Garden Isle” for the tropical rainforests that blanket most of the island, Kauai is known for the Na Pali Coast, and Waimea Canyon, both ripe for a movie backdrop. This island is also home to over 150 geocaches that will take you to breathtaking sites. It may be difficult to pick a “bad” geocache on Kauai, but this cache is in the top 10 most favorited geocaches on the island so it is well worth the visit. Once you have prepared for and set forth on your journey, you will encounter two main streams that run over the road and at high rainfall could be rushing high enough to prevent passage.Conditions permitting, you may also encounter a third washout that requires caution even with a 4×4 vehicle. If you can’t make it in your vehicle, then get out and start hiking. This cache definitely earns its T4 rating, whether you off road or hike in.Once you near the geocache, make sure to make note of the cement posts marking the original Jurassic Park Entrance. Looking through this window to the mountains and waterfalls before you will give you a sense of relief that you can enter safely without fear of rogue dinosaurs on the loose.Talk about a cinematic experience!Excerpts from recent log posts:TFTC. What a ride!! Put my 4-wheel to a test today. Did its job going through pot holes, puddles and a knee deep pond without a hitch. Fun adventure with my other half in tow. Got to GZ and found the cache easily. Old logs beyond repair and newest one kind of damp so I left a dry one. Stuffed everything back with zip locks. Also left a path tag. Please log it if you take it. Thanks. –IlikelookseeSure glad we had a 4×4, it was raining and windy. My favorite cache yet. Had to watch the movie again to see the sights. Thanks for a awesome cache.- WirelessoneWow! A dream comes true, driving through the original gate into the jurassic park, awesome! !! You definitely need a 4×4 when it’s raining, the second river almost flushed me away on the way back Thanks for showing this magical spot!! I dropped a dinosaur, he is finally back on his track and can stay a couple days with his friend in the park 😉 sorry for keeping him so long, but I think this is the best place for him to rest –oliver.baitzContinue to explore some of the most amazing geocaches around the world.Check out all of the Geocaches of the Week on the Geocaching blog. If you would like to nominate a Geocache of the Week, fill out this form.Share with your Friends:More Difficulty:2Terrain:4 Location:Kauai, USAN 22° 03.556′ W 159° 27.384′ TraditionalGC962Eby Team Aloha SharePrint RelatedAloha from Hawaii! — Honu Beach Cache (GC102CV) — Geocache of the WeekJanuary 20, 2016In “Community”Nananananananana BATMAN! — Batman’s Batcave (GC8413) — Geocache of the WeekDecember 11, 2013In “Community”One for the Little People — Geocache of the WeekSeptember 5, 2018In “Community”last_img read more

IT Poll: Does Your Organization Contribute to the Open Source Projects It Uses?

first_imgklint finley In a recent article former MySQL CEO and current Eucalyptus CEO Marten Mickos explores the impact that working on open source code has on an organization. Mickos, I suspect, is mostly talking about companies like Eucalyptus and MySQL that focus on creating open source and open core software – not companies that happen to contribute code to open source projects.I found myself wondering, however, how many companies actually contribute back to the projects they use. Does your company? Tags:#enterprise#Trends IT + Project Management: A Love Affair 3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Nowcenter_img Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Related Posts Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of…last_img

How To Buy a Ductless Minisplit

first_imgGreen builders usually specify high-performance windows and above-code levels of insulation, while striving to reduce air leaks in their homes. As a result of these efforts, most green homes have relatively low heating and cooling loads.Increasingly, these low-load buildings are being heated and cooled by ductless minisplits or ducted minisplits. Many of these air-source heat pumps have ratings in the 9,000 to 15,000 Btu/h range — an appropriate range for low-load houses. Because they are fueled by electricity, these systems are a good match for a home equipped with a roof-mounted photovoltaic system.Of course, there are still plenty of builders who have their doubts about minisplits. Some wonder whether it’s really possible to heat and cool a house with just one or two ductless minisplits; others wonder whether every bedroom needs a separate heater or forced-air register. (GBA has published a quite a few articles on those topics; for links to these articles, see the “Related Articles” sidebar below.)In this article, I won’t be addressing questions about cold bedrooms or providing advice on bedroom door operation. Instead, I’ll assume that readers know how many ductless or ducted units they want to install — but just want some guidance on equipment selection.To keep things simple, this article will focus on just two manufacturers: Mitsubishi and Fujitsu. These two brands have captured a strong percentage of the U.S. market for minisplits, and both companies manufacture equipment that works well in cold climates. Start with a load calculation When designing a heating and cooling system, the first step is always to perform a heating and cooling load calculation — ideally one using the Manual J method.Be careful: many HVAC contractors don’t know how to perform these calculations. The vast majority… Start Free Trial Already a member? Log in This article is only available to GBA Prime Memberscenter_img Sign up for a free trial and get instant access to this article as well as GBA’s complete library of premium articles and construction details.last_img read more

How To Beat Your Larger Competitors

first_imgWhat are you doing to future relationships in your dream client accounts so that you can make yourself known and obtain an opportunity to compete?How do you stay engaged with your dream clients during the periods where they are working with your competitors so that you have successfully made your case when they are dissatisfied enough to move to a smaller company? Get the Free eBook! Want to master cold calling? Download my free eBook! Many would have you believe that cold calling is dead, but the successful have no fear of the phone; they use it to outproduce their competitors. Download Now I grew up in a business that was much smaller than the major competitors with whom we battled for business. I learned to sell by competing with competitors with revenue thousands of times greater than my company for the largest prospects in my territory. Rarely did I have to compete against a company of equal or smaller revenue.Here is a pattern I picked up that’s worth sharing.The Safer ChoiceThey used to say “Nobody got fired for hiring IBM.” Maybe they still say this.It is easy for companies to choose a large, well-established company as their partner. You don’t get to be a large corporation without building the processes and systems that allow you to do good work. A large company appears to be safer because many others have chosen them as a partner, they have great resources, and they seem to be less of a risk when it comes to execution.The first time through a real buying process a lot of big businesses choose other large companies as their partners. And so do a lot of smaller companies.It’s Not Us, It’s ThemWhen the larger company doesn’t produce the expected results, it’s very easy for the customer to believe that the larger company is to blame. In many cases this is true. Those same processes and systems that allow a large business to scale also make it tough for them to customize their approach to individual clients or customers. This is where bigger companies begin to have some challenges.By not being able to customize their solution or give attention to some of their many customers, larger companies end up creating enough dissatisfaction that they open themselves up to the threat of being competitively displaced. That sounds like an excellent opportunity, but much of the time, the buying company isn’t quite ready to let go of the safer choice. So they choose another larger company as their partner, believing that switching partners will change the result.Ready for Real ChangeAfter a couple of rounds with larger companies as partners, many companies are ready for real change. They find out that the solution they want is going to require a partner who is willing and able to customize a solution specifically tailored to them and their business. This is when the playing field is leveled and smaller competitors who have done their homework have a chance to win.You have to start nurturing your dream clients now to ensure you get an opportunity to compete. This is how you punch above your weight class.The Long GameThe first time you compete, win or lose, you get to meet the people who make decisions. You also get a chance to start building your case.The second time you compete, you get an opportunity to deepen the relationship and show your dream client how your ability to tailor your solution will give them what they want.The third time you compete, if you’ve nurtured relationships, you massively increase your odds of winning because you are known and because your dream client is continually disappointed with the results larger companies fail to provide.last_img read more

Wilmer Valderrama Hosts Kids In Need Of Defense KIND Benefit at BOLON

first_imgKIND Los Angeles, an exclusive cocktail reception benefitting Kids In Need Of Defense (KIND), was hosted by Wilmer Valderrama at the new BOLON Los Angeles showroom and historic Helms Design Center in Culver City on Saturday, August 4.Elle McLemore , Wilmer Valderrama and Zuri Adele Credit/Copyright: Nina Prommer/KINDKIND Los Angeles introduced the LA entertainment, design and philanthropic communities to KIND. The event highlighted KIND’s work protecting and defending immigrant children suffering in detention centers during the current border crisis. KIND provides high quality pro bono legal representation to immigrant children separated from their parents and helps to reunite children with their parents and families.Presented by BOLON and BOOM Events, the cocktail party was hosted by actor and activist Wilmer Valderrama who participated in a special presentation with KIND President Wendy Young; Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Sonia Nazario; and Alejandra Valdez, a teenage former KIND client originally from El Salvador. Guests enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere of BOLON’s spectacular new Los Angeles showroom while learning about KIND and how they are addressing the family separation crisis.Among the notable guests in attendance were Zuri Adele (Freeform’s upcoming “Good Trouble”), Lana Condor (Netflix’s upcoming “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”), Bryan Craig (ABC’s upcoming “Grand Hotel”), Elle McLemore (upcoming film “American Dresser”), Sonia Nazario (Pulitzer Prize winner), Goya Robles (“Get Shorty”), Adam Rodriguez (“Criminal Minds”), Gabrielle Ruiz (“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”), Alicia Sanz (“From Dusk Till Dawn”), Pallavi Sastry (“Blue Bloods”), Azie Tesfai (“Jane The Virgin”), Diego Tinoco (“On My Block”), Alejandra Valdez (former KIND client), Lincoln Younes (ABC’s upcoming “Grand Hotel”), Wendy Young (KIND President), Zeeko Zaki (CBS’s upcoming “F.B.I.”) and more.KIND LOS ANGELES was generously sponsored by BOLON, BOOM events, Helms Design Center, Michael Hollingsworth Catering, Stanley’s Wet Goods and HINT Waters.last_img read more

Curtains fall on International Theatre Festival in Kolkata

first_imgThe 7th edition of International Theatre Festival, a six day long theatre extravaganza which was organized by Kalindi Bratyajon in Kolkata wrapped up on June 3.The closing day was made special with back to back four shows including Bratyajon’s own production, ‘Oh! Swapna…’, directed by Prithwis Rana, which was not only the first show of the day but was staged for the first time. The stage performances were followed by second play, the original story, ‘Shanibar’, written by the well-known playwright, Badal Sircar, the father of ‘Third theatre’. The drama encircled around an office employee who gets sucked by the pressure at his place of work and day-dreams his way into the world of utopia. The next show was a one act play from Tunisia. Experienced dramatist and film star, Ikram Azzouz played the role of a cleaner whose life took a turn when a time bomb was found in his trolley. The author of the play is Ahmed Ameur and is directed by Taherissa Ben Larbi. Also Read – Add new books to your shelf’Bisorjoner Por’ was the third production of the day by playmakers. The play is written by Bratya Basu which revolves around the widower Mohitosh and his hallucination of meeting his wife regularly even after her death. Kaustav Duttagupta directed the play and it was the debut show. The festival formally came to an end with a vote of thanks from the convener of the festival, Bratya Basu. This was followed by a political satire, ‘Akdin Aladin’, also penned by Basu. It was a directional debut on stage for actor Kanchan Mallick who also played the lead role of Madhab Marik. His energetic performance in role of an aspiring politician ended the festival in a high spirit. Kolkatans will definitely cherish the memory of four foreign dramas and seven local plays for a long time. We also saw felicitation of three talented theatre artistes Joydip Bhowmick, Sourav Gupta and Bhumisuta Das during the day as a sign of recognition for contribution towards theatre by Bratyajon.last_img read more