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Messages of solidarity to WWP conference

first_imgFollowing are a sample of solidarity messages to the Nov. 11-13 Workers World Party National Conference.Workers Party of KoreaThe Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea warmly congratulates the Workers World Party of the United States on its National Conference and, through the Conference, extends fraternal greetings to the National Committee and all members of your Party.Over the past years, your Party has vigorously struggled to defend the rights and interests of the working class against aggression and interference in the internal affairs of other countries by the imperialists and for the victory of the socialist cause, a common ideal of humankind.We express our deep thanks to your Party for the unchangeable support and encouragement extended to our Party and people in their struggle to safeguard sovereignty of the nation and peace and security of the region and the world as a whole.Convinced that the support, solidarity and mutual cooperation between our two Parties will further strengthen in the joint struggle to advance the socialist cause against imperialism, we take this opportunity to sincerely wish you great successes in the work of the Conference of your Party.Central CommitteeWorkers’ Party of KoreaNational Democratic Front of the Philippines November 2016Message of Solidarity to the Workers World PartyThe National Democratic Front of the Philippines and its allied organizations, including the Communist Party of the Philippines, send our most militant greetings of solidarity to the Workers World Party on the occasion of your 2016 National Conference in New York City.We commend your conference for putting into question the issue of societal change in the context of the bipartisan politics of the ruling elites in the United States.Neither of the chief representatives of the ruling class in the elections will forward changes for the working and marginalized people in the U.S. as either will ensure that the U.S.’ domestic and international policies shall continue to serve monopoly capitalist interests particularly the financial oligarchs and military-industrial complex.Unemployment, hunger, privatization of social services such as health and education, and internal displacement in the U.S. is heightening. While it deceptively banners human rights and freedom in its overseas war and military operations, it subjects the working people and people of color to untold violence and injustice. Police shootings of Black people and criminalization of migrants remain as the root causes of poverty, joblessness, discrimination and xenophobia remain unaddressed.The deepening and protracted crisis of capitalism translates to an even more aggressive push for neoliberal globalization to colonies and semi-colonies of the U.S. through bilateral, regional and mega trade deals such as the TTIP and the TPPA. War, direct or by proxy, remains as the U.S.’ political and military tool to keep its stranglehold over countries and global regions, or wrest control from its competitor states.Contradictions among imperialist countries are sharpening and caught in between are the working and exploited people in the U.S. and the world.But the people are continuing to rise up.From workers’ strikes to Black Lives Matter to the protest actions against the Dakota Access Pipeline, people in the U.S. are bringing forward issues that strike to the very core of the capitalist system.In the Philippines, the revolutionary and progressive forces in the country are intensifying anti-imperialist calls and campaigns. The declarations of the current government of Duterte pertaining to the U.S. and Philippines relations are sharpening the contradictions within the ruling classes and triggering imperialist-backed attacks in social and other media.Pro-imperialist forces and the classes that benefit from maintaining the semi-colonial and semi-feudal setup in our country are steadily mounting propaganda attacks to discredit the revolutionary movement and the national democratic revolution with socialist perspective line.We are, however, very much confident that the revolution will advance and socialism will triumph. The deteriorating condition of the people in the Philippines and elsewhere in the world will only prod the oppressed and exploited to continually seek resolution of fundamental socioeconomic and political problems perpetuated by imperialists.Let us continue to work together in solidarity against neoliberal globalization, war, fascism, discrimination and all reactions towards a socialist future for our people.Long live Workers World Party! Long live international solidarity!World Federation of Trade Unions – All-India TUCNov. 2, 2016Dear Comrades Johnnie Stevens and Martha Grevatt,We are glad and enthused to receive your invitation for the conference scheduled to be held in New York City, 11-13 November, 2016.As you rightly said, whoever gets elected in your Presidential election, the role of class based trade unions is imminent for the future of the world working-class movement to achieve the goal. The Asia-Pacific affiliates of WFTU to be also benefitted by your conclusions and action programmes.  We send our revolutionary greetings for the success of your conference.As I am also the working president of the All India Trade Union Congress, the oldest  and foremost trade union of the Indian working class, I convey the greetings of the 14 million strong AITUC also toward the success for your conference.Fraternally,MAHADEVANDy. General Secretary, WFTU andIn-charge WFTU Asia-Pacific RegionGreetings from the United Communist Party of Russia (OKP)To the participants of the National Conference of Workers World Party (U.S.)Dear comrades! Friends!On the eve of your national Party conference, we send our greetings and congratulate you on this important event in the life of the conscious and organized workers of the United States.We, the Russian communists, know about your work and believe in the prospects of the workers’ and communist movements of the United States.For us, your people are not embodied by presidents and generals, but by people such as Jack London, John Reed, William Foster, Martin Luther King and other American anti-war, anti-racist and communist activists, progressive figures of science, art and culture, and friends of the Soviet Union.Cooperation with Workers World Party is very important to us. We appreciate the internationalist position you have taken during the events in Ukraine and the war on Donbass.We are grateful for your selfless assistance in circulating information from our party, the OKP.Dear friends!We wish you success in the struggle for the establishment of a more just system in the United States and around the world.Down with oppression and exploitation!Down with war and tyranny!Long live the working class!Long live international socialism!With communist greetings,Darya Mitina, international secretary of the Central Committee of the United Communist Party, and the members of the International Policy Commission of the OKP CCAssociation of Indonesian StudentsDear comrades of the Workers World Party and the working class of America,Hereby, we, Association of Indonesian Students, give our full support and solidarity to the comrades of Workers World Party in their protest against the 2016 presidential election of [U.S.] America.As for hundred times before, once again, the working class of America faces this historical moment. The moment when the workers are forced to choose the candidates to represent the ruling class, the bourgeoisie. These representatives manifest themselves in the presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Both Clinton and Trump, represent the interests of the ruling class, which is to achieve its historical purpose: the oppression of the working class, both American and foreign, as demonstrated through the exploitation of cheap labour in the third world (especially in Indonesia) by American corporations (protected by, of course, the imperialist American government).In short, we call for the American working class to abandon the ‘lesser evil’ voting method, as both candidates do not and will never represent the interest of the working class. We call on you, the American workers, to not vote but to revolt! Voting for bourgeois politicians will not only help strengthen the American bourgeois and capitalists, but will also send America deeper into the abyss of oppression.Now, the workers of America must face this moment with a fiercer call for revolutionary action against the ruling class. This leaves the task of organizing and educating the masses to vanguard parties, which will eventually offer the working masses another choice. That choice is socialism and human liberation! Therefore, it is urgent for the American revolutionary left to prepare for this historic moment. Once again, we call for our American comrades:Don’t vote! Revolt!and lastly, we say best of luck to the Workers World Party and the workers of America.Workers of the world, unite! Lugansk Communists Greetings from the Lugansk Communists to the Workers World Party ConferenceDear comrades!I would like to greet you on behalf of the organization of Communists of the Lugansk People’s Republic!We know a lot about your difficult struggle and the challenging conditions in which you have to work. Today, all over the world, left-wing organizations are fighting for justice and equality — unfortunately, with varying success. Your work takes place in the heart of the modern imperialist world. Your task is one of the most difficult. But all the more valuable are your efforts and your desire for change.We believe that one day your efforts will be crowned with success. You will change the system; a new world will be built for the peoples of the United States — of the best and fairest kind.Despite having plenty of your own problems, you find the opportunity to support and assist left movements worldwide. We thank you for the support and attention that you have given to our organization. Though separated by thousands of kilometers, we are fighting for the same values. And every victory — yours or ours — is our mutual victory, because we are all working toward the same thing: the triumph of justice throughout the world, and for all peoples.I wish you success and good luck. You still have to overcome a lot of difficulties, but we believe that your persistence, your commitment and your belief in victory will help you navigate all the difficulties and continue your important work.With comradely greetings,From the Lugansk People’s Republic,Maxim ChalenkoLeader of the Lugansk CommunistsCoordinator of the Donbass International Solidarity Forum “AIS Forum”InterUnit of the Ghost Brigade (Donbass)Dear comrades of Workers World Party,We are InterUnit, the internationalist and anti-fascist group of the Prizrak (Ghost) Brigade. We fight for the independence of Donbass and against the fascist government of Ukraine.As we write this message, we don’t know who will win the presidential elections in the USA, but we are sure that it is not the central problem of American society or of the world. In the USA there is a system of fake democracy designed to keep out alternative political forces. Two parties are playing a ridiculous game of self-declared rotation, but nothing will change either for domestic or foreign policies.This is seen clearly by looking at several issues.One of the most evident cases is the total failure of President Obama’s policy of integration: an incredible racist war all around the USA has driven the country back to the worst pages of its history.But it is also very hard to find big differences between the policies of each presidential candidate on the welfare system. The working class is always under attack.On foreign policy, the two candidates have different strategies, but the target will be the same: going on with the imperialist system.The main tool that imperialism uses is war. War can be economic, cultural, political or a traditional military one. Here we are fighting a war against imperialistic aggression. The USA and European Union made a coup d’état in Ukraine to install a puppet government. To do this, they used Nazi groups. But they didn’t expect the reaction of the people of this land, who made an uprising to kick out the Nazis and their friends. For two years, the people have defended the Popular Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.Western countries deny they are making this war and say that it is Russian aggression.You must not forget this war, because it is against the fascists and inside Europe. All of us know very well what it would mean to have the fascists in power again, what the consequences would be.By the way, you should not think that this war is Russian aggression. There are no Russian troops or vehicles here; in that case, the war would have been over a long time ago, like in Crimea. Here there are only workers who take up weapons and defend their people, land and culture.We want social justice, rights for all, an end to discrimination.We want a society free from exploitation of human beings and the environment.We want people to truly and freely participate in public decisions, having the full right to decide their own future.We want the right of self-determination and the end of imperialist interference.We want the end of all wars.That is what we are fighting for.We know very well that all the struggles in every part of the world are only different fronts of the same war, the one that will drive us toward freedom and peace for all people.InterUnitCommunist Party of DenmarkOctober 22, 2016To Workers World PartyInternational Department; John Catalinotto & Berta Joubert-CeciThe Communist Party, Denmark sends our warm and fraternal greetings of solidarity to Workers World Party — wishing you a fruitful conference.It is definitely time to talk and time to fight as you write. And we are looking forward to receiving information about the results of your conference.It is time for unity on a class base, it is time for unity in the struggle for peace, it is time for unity fighting the consequences of imperialism, it is time for unity in the communist movement, the Marxist-Leninist movement.Let us use the opportunity and thank you for your struggle and your analysis.Our party, Communist Party, Denmark produces the daily newspaper Arbejderen (The Worker). When looking for reliable news and analysis about what goes on in the U.S. and why, we frequently search your home page, and often we find very useful information. Thank you.Our criminal governments in Washington and Copenhagen stand shoulder to shoulder as does the capitalist class of our two countries. The military forces of our countries spread death in the world of today.Our fight is in many aspects the same and the goal is socialism.Our party has a main focus on fighting imperialism, and this autumn we make a nationwide campaign to develop and spread a better understanding of imperialism in theory and in practice; in our party, among our allies and to everybody within reach — among them the readers of our daily paper.We struggle for working-class unity. Taking initiatives to develop a combative and united trade union movement, which has been and still is strongly dominated by a neoliberal, pro-NATO and pro-EU (European Union) social democracy.We campaign against NATO and the wars, which destroy countries and produce millions of refugees.We campaign against the European Union. The EU is the tool of European monopoly capital. In the EU constitution socialism is outlawed, and the EU is the driving force in a massive all-european attack on welfare and working-class rights.In our daily struggle we work closely with other communist parties, left-wing organizations, trade unions, the peace movement and other popular movements. We hope this common struggle sooner rather than later can lead to organizational unity of the communists in Denmark and thereby make us stronger in our day-to-day struggle on all fronts and in the struggle for socialism.Once more: Receive our best wishes for a good and productive party conference.Fraternally,Danish Communist PartyNikolaj Kofod, International Secretary and Sven-Erik Simonsen, International DepartmentPortugal — news blogDear friends and comrades of Workers World PartyWe salute the heroic efforts of WWP and its courageous members. The struggle for revolutionary changes from inside the belly of the beast demands enormous combativeness and sacrifice. WWP is a ray of clarity that burns in the trenches of the United States.When an imperial power enters a period of economic, financial, monetary, political, ideological and moral decline it provokes the terrible events that we witness today inside and outside the USA: a multiform crisis and aggressions all over the world.We send our wishes that WWP continues the good fight, the struggle for socialism and that it continues to accumulate forces for the great transformation that is historically necessary. Capitalism is already out of date and has to be overcome.Lisbon, Portugal, Oct. 30, 2016Jorge Figueiredoeditor of resistir.infoGalizan People’s UnionTo the National Conference of the WWPWorkers World PartyGaliza, 2 November 2016Comrades!The Central Committee of the Galizan People’s Union (UPG) sends its fraternal greetings to the Secretariat and the members of the Workers World Party on the occasion of your National Conference, convinced that the debates and conclusions of this important meeting will enable the WWP to mark out a line of political action for the period ahead.We are aware of the huge difficulties that you face in your fight for socialism in the heart of the Empire. But we also know how hard the WWP works to convince the working class and the people that, in the United States as in the rest of the world, the only real way out of the current and future crises involves a complete overthrow of the capitalist system.You are meeting only days after the U.S. presidential election. Like you, we are not fooled by this charade and we know that whether it is Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump who is elected, no matter who wins the election, the struggle must continue for the workers and oppressed, working shoulder to shoulder with women, the Black Lives Matter movement, migrants, LGBTI+ people and the entire working class.The right-wing People’s Party recently renewed its overall hold over Galiza and will continue to work in collusion with its alter ego in the newly formed Spanish government to pursue its onslaught against hard-won labour rights, free and universal education and health care and their attacks on the right of the nations under the Spanish yoke to exercise our right to national self-determination and full sovereignty.We have overcome many obstacles in the past and we will not balk at this hurdle now. We will not be cowed because we know that ours is a just cause and we refuse to renege on our longstanding commitment to uphold the Galizan people’s right to national liberation and social emancipation.Both in Galiza and the United States, we share the imperious need to continue organising amongst the masses, which calls for a strong, revolutionary Party. We know that you strive untiringly to bolster the ranks of the WWP by rallying the most engaged and dynamic sectors of society, just as we work unerringly to strengthen the patriotic front, the Galizan Nationalist Bloc (BNG), in order to create a popular power base.We must work towards channelling the current climate of political turmoil and discontent into class consciousness and organisation, which is the key to moving forward to a fairer society on the road to building socialism.We wish you all the best for your National Conference.Long live the Workers World Party!Long live international solidarity!Robert Neal BaxterSecretariat for International RelationsCentral Committee of the Galizan People’s Union (UPG)Brazilian Women’s ConfederationOur solidarity message to the 58th National Conference of Workers World Party/Partido Mundo Obrero Nov. 11-13, 2016.We unite with WWP/PMO in defense of peace and the inalienable right of the people of the world to decide their own destiny without the interference of the United States, the European Union or of any representatives of any entities that have demonstrated their complicity in intervention and war.We unite in defense of equal rights for women in the world of work — equal salary for equal work!We reject financial exploitation that has seized control of the people of the world, including the people of the United States, regarding work, health care and education!Long live the anti-imperialist struggle of the peoples of the world!Peace and sovereignty!We will be victorious!CMB – Confederation of Women of BrazilCommunist Revolutionary Action (Greece) Dear comrades, We send warm greetings to your National Conference.The number of communists who still remember that “the enemy is within” seems to be steadily declining in the Western Empire — many go searching for the enemy abroad, in various “dictators” or mythical entities such as Russian or Chinese “imperialism.” Therefore, we wish to salute the principled internationalist stance you take against “your own” bourgeois class in important international issues, such as the Syrian and the Ukrainian issue. Your “Hands off Syria” initiative is one of great importance; we are working on building something equivalent in Greece.Knowing well that the struggle against the bourgeois state and its policies is not simply confined to the economic struggles, but extends to the struggle against the policies that reproduce the myth of the nation, as well as the myth of the “healthy” member of the nation, through which the bourgeois class is able to build an interclass alliance under its hegemony, we wish to salute the principled stance you take against fascism, nationalism, racism, sexism, Islamophobia, etc., in defense of the most oppressed and against every form of oppression.We hope that your election campaign of Monica Moorehead and Lamont Lilly has been productive in raising the level of consciousness of the workers and oppressed within the belly of the beast. As highlighted by the crisis of capitalism that is raging with no end in sight together with the explosive escalation of NATO aggression that threatens to spark a new world war, the tasks ahead for revolutionaries are great and require common action between revolutionaries at an international level.We send you our militant solidarity for the struggles ahead, especially after the completion of the carnival of reaction that the U.S. presidential election campaign has been.With revolutionary greetings,Communist Revolutionary Action (Greece)Anti-Imperialist Camp Dear comrades of Workers World Party,for two decades we have been sharing many anti-imperialist campaigns with a very similar analysis as well as close political goals.The global capitalist crisis has decisively weakened the hegemony of the Western elites, especially on the fringes of the European Union.But also the imperialist wars, including those of the period before 2007-2008, could not avoid a general loss of hegemony by the imperialist centre and especially the U.S.Resistance of many types is growing all over the place including the imperialist countries though in many different forms including reactionary ones. The multipolar world is looming at the horizon.Our task has been and is more and more to support the popular and democratic movements, help them to develop a common platform and struggle for a new socialist project being also to provide an overarching answer across all conflicts.Wishing your successful deliberations and hoping for an ongoing collaboration,Willi LangthalerAnti-imperialist CampCentral of Male and Female Workers of BrazilSão Paulo, Brazil, Nov. 1, 2016The CTB (Central of Male and Female Workers of Brazil), the class-oriented trade union movement of Brazil, wishes a full success to the annual conference of Workers World Party, to be held in New York City from November 11-13. We are sure it will be a success and we hope to receive a document giving us the result of this important convention.The CTB expresses its complete solidarity to the U.S. working class, which is fighting for decent working conditions. We are ourselves fighting against an illegitimate government that came to power after a parliamentary coup d ́etat imposing drastic social cuts.The working class worldwide is the biggest victim of the capitalist crisis, and only through international unity, shall we conquer our rights and defeat the imperialism worldwide.Long live Workers World Party! Fraternal greetings,Adilson AraújoCTB National PresidentDivanilton PereiraCTB Secretary of International RelationsFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thislast_img read more

S. Korea says Bolton’s memoir on Trump-Kim summit is distorted

first_imgAccounts by former US National Security Adviser John Bolton of discussions between leaders of the United States and the two Koreas in his upcoming book are inaccurate and distorted, South Korea said on Monday.Bolton gives details in the book of conversations before and after three meetings between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, including how their second summit in Vietnam fell apart.The book, “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir”, is scheduled for publication on Tuesday but media outlets have released excerpts. Trump and Kim met for the first time in Singapore in June 2018, raising hope for efforts to press North Korea to give up its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.But their second summit, in Vietnam in early 2019, collapsed when Trump rejected an offer by Kim to give up North Korea’s main nuclear facility in return for lifting some sanctions.Bolton reportedly cites Chung as relaying Moon’s response to the breakdown as, on the one hand, Trump was right to reject Kim’s proposal but on the other, Kim’s willingness to dismantle the Yongbyon facility was a “very meaningful first step” toward “irreversible” denuclearization.Bolton refers to Moon’s position as “schizophrenic”.Asked about that reference by Bolton, a top official in Moon’s office told reporters: “Perhaps he is in that condition.”  Topics :center_img Reports have cited Bolton as writing that Moon, who is keen to improve relations with North Korea, had raised unrealistic expectations with both Kim and Trump for his own “unification” agenda.”It does not reflect accurate facts and substantially distorts facts,” South Korea’s national security adviser, Chung Eui-yong, said in a statement referring to Bolton’s description of top-level consultations.Chung did not elaborate on specific areas South Korea saw as inaccurate but said the publication set a “dangerous precedent”.”Unilaterally publishing consultations made based on mutual trust violates the basic principles of diplomacy and could severely damage future negotiations,” he said.last_img read more

Tsnomore Ombre Shoulder Length Bob Synthetic Women Wig – For what you pay for this is amazing!!

first_imgWas okay entrance of wig seem not definitely.Pretty awesome coloration, i like it in shoulder length, it is really a great one.Reviews from purchasers : and I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be as nice as it turned out when it came but I’m Its a lovely colour and good lenght, however it tangles too easilyI like the color and the wigshe looks great wearing it. she say its super soft & super fine texture of hair that’s why it sheds a little.Beautiful hair!!For what you pay for this is amazing!! I like the color and the wig. I like the colour and the wig, it is so wonderful and in good shape tremendously, the only worry is that tangles very easily, in any case, i can not anticipate more for a synthetic wig.Pretty swanky pleasant colour i received this wig right now.Brown with some blond hair in it, appears to be organic.Here are the specifications for the Tsnomore Ombre Shoulder Length Bob Synthetic Women Wig:Heat-friendly fibersLightweight and comfortable on your scalpBasic Cap with Adjustable StrapsColor Deviation may Happen Due to Different Monitor settingLength 12 Inches mixed color bob Wig I experienced been hunting at this hair wig for a even though now, immediately after an terrible hair lower, and getting rid of my long hair i was upset and hated the way i appeared. So i brought this wig with nothing to drop. . When it arrived i couldn’t imagine just how gorgeous it was. I tried it on, and felt back again to remaining me again. The length is excellent, the color is just as the picture, just with some compact blonde significant lights. (but it is light-weight brown) i have wore it just about every working day. Even far too perform, in a fast paced bar, less than heat from the washer, it was nevertheless wanting as new by the end of the six hour shift. . If you are after a new look, or like me in needing of offering your personal hair a break and time to recuperate, this wig is perfect.It can be very superior top quality for the cost you shell out it feels quite. It is really incredibly good excellent for the value you spend it feels pretty delicate and the foundation is quite very good s properly. Would suggest extremely really.She say its super gentle & super high-quality texture of hair that is why it sheds a minor. . My spouse ordered this hair.Its a pretty colour and great lenght, even so it tangles far too quickly. Its a lovely color and excellent lenght,however it tangles too quickly. Because of to the material it sheds a ton. It calls for exertion for it to glance decent all working day. Only way i can preserve it all set to wear is a very good brush,place some item on it and place on wig stand when not in use.And i truthfully was not anticipating it to be as wonderful as it turned out when it arrived but i’m. So i received this as a surprise gift from a spouse and children member and i honestly was not expecting it to be as wonderful as it turned out when it arrived but i am so glad it is. The wig i acquired looks exactly like the impression above which when you’re purchasing wigs on the internet is a rarity with slight shade distinctions but it was place on.For what you fork out for this is awesome. For what you pay back for this is wonderful . This is additional of a ‘fashion’ piece than an day-to-day have on piece, if you want to change your look, i would definitely suggest this wig.Has lots of white strands in the hair.last_img read more

10 months agoNo chance! Bournemouth boss Howe rules out Wilson joining Chelsea in January

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your say No chance! Bournemouth boss Howe rules out Wilson joining Chelsea in Januaryby Freddie Taylor10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveEddie Howe has once again denied reports Callum Wilson will join Chelsea in January.The Blues got a good look at Wilson in Wednesday night’s 1-0 win over the Cherries.Asked about his top striker after the game, Howe was adamant he was not for sale.He said: “Callum’s our player and very, very focused on us. I think you could see that with his performance.”Asked if there was any scenario in which Wilson could be sold in January, Howe replied: “Not from my perspective, no.” last_img

10 months agoPochettino hails Spurs thrashing: Fantastic effort

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Pochettino hails Spurs thrashing: Fantastic effortby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveTottenham thrashed Bournemouth 5-0 on Wednesday to go above Manchester City into second in the Premier League.Christian Eriksen, Son-Heung Min (2), Lucas Moura and Harry Kane found the net at Wembley.Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino stated, “The effort was fantastic. To have one day less after Everton, I am very pleased with the performance.”It is important to manage confidence in the right way, victory make us believe. Of course, think step-by-step and be ready to arrive at the next game in the best condition.”We are only halfway to end of the season, we need to replicate the same second-half of the season. It is up to us, if we show the same quality and same belief and behave in the same way, then maybe at end of season I’ll talk in a way that maybe we fight for big things.” last_img read more

10 months agoArsenal midfielder Guendouzi reveals big World Cup ambitions

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Arsenal midfielder Guendouzi reveals big World Cup ambitionsby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveArsenal midfielder Matteo Guendouzi is determined to break into the France squad.The Gunners revelation has only just been capped at U21 level by France, but already has bigger ambitions.Guendouzi declared, “My dream is to win the World Cup one day. “Wearing the A’s jersey is the Grail, it’s above all. If I continue to work like I do with Arsenal, I’ll get there.”It’s been an eventual few months for Guendouzi, who has turned down Morocco to pledge his international future to France. last_img

Photos/Videos: SMU Had To Push Bus Out Of Snow To Make It To Practice In Philadelphia

first_imgSMU players push bus after it gets stuck in snow.Instagram/sterlingbrown3 Duquesne isn’t the only college basketball program to run into some serious blizzard-related bus problems in Pennsylvania. Undefeated SMU is in Philadelphia for tomorrow’s game against Temple, and the team had to push its bus out of the snow in order to make it to practice this afternoon. #PhliiyChroniclesA video posted by SB (@sterlingbrown3) on Jan 23, 2016 at 8:55am PST Our Bus got stuck.— Ben Moore (@JaminTheFiend) January 23, 2016Things aren’t nearly as dire for the Mustangs as they are for the Dukes, however. SMU was able to make it to the gym.Oh the weather outside is frightful But the gym is so delightful And since we’ve no place to go Let It Snow #PonyUp— SMU Basketball (@SMUBasketball) January 23, 2016Not even a blizzard can beat SMU. Bus stuck until players helped push. Practicing now. SMU-Temple 11am CT ESPN2— Ted Emrich (@tedemrich) January 23, 2016“We’re talking about PRACTICE?!” … Not even #blizzard2016 can stop us! SMU vs Temple – Noon Sunday #ESPN2 #PonyUp— Jay Duncan (@JayDunks) January 23, 201618-0 SMU faces Temple at noon tomorrow.last_img read more

The Latest Russia says critics politicizing Interpol

first_imgLONDON — The Latest on the Interpol general assembly and leadership election (all times local):1p.m.Russian authorities are accusing unnamed Kremlin critics of trying to politicize the upcoming election of the Interpol president.Kremlin foes including financier Bill Browder, Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Alexei Navalny have warned that naming a top Russian police official to lead the international law enforcement agency will undermine Interpol and politicize police co-operation across borders.In a Tuesday statement Russian Interior Ministry spokesman Irina Volk lashed out at critics, which she did not name, accusing them of running a “campaign to discredit” the Russian candidate Alexander Prokopchuk. She said that Prokopchuk, who is an Interpol vice-president, is a respected professional, and, if elected, he will be leading the organization “in the interests of the international police community.”Interpol’s general assembly is expected to elect its new president on Wednesday.___10:30 a.m.Kremlin critic Bill Browder says naming a top Russian police official as president of Interpol could undermine the international law enforcement agency.Browder says President Vladimir Putin has tried to use Interpol to hunt down critics and electing a Russian to lead the agency could intensify such efforts. Browder, who runs an investment fund that had operated in Moscow, has campaigned for sanctions against Russian officials charged with human rights abuses after his former lawyer died in custody.Alexander Prokopchuk, a general in the Russian Interior Ministry, is the front-runner to become Interpol’s next president.Browder told the BBC on Tuesday that Interpol shouldn’t put a Putin subordinate “in charge of the most important law enforcement” institution at a time when Russia is charged with using chemical weapons and hacking elections.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Trans Mountain protester arrested one day after court grants injunction

first_imgBURNABY, B.C. – Burnaby RCMP say they arrested a woman who chained herself to a work truck Friday morning, one day after the B.C. Supreme Court granted Trans Mountain an injunction against demonstrators.Just before 8 a.m., Mounties received a report of a demonstrator who had chained herself to a work vehicle, impeding its movement.Police say the 19-year-old woman was asked to remove the chains, but she refused and they arrested her for mischief. The RCMP say they want to remind those involved in the ongoing demonstrations that police are an impartial party and they are there to ensure the safety of everyone involved.On Thursday, a judge granted Trans Mountain an indefinite injunction aimed at preventing people from entering within fivemetres of work sites at the Burnaby and Westridge Marine terminals.(THE CANADIAN PRESS)last_img read more

Fort St John Fire Department to purchase new special operationshazardous materials vehicle

first_imgCORRECTION – An earlier version of this article said the total budget for the project was $850,000.  That was incorrect, the budgeted amount for the truck was $1,248,000.FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Fort St. John City Council has approved the purchase of a special operations and hazardous materials response vehicle for the Fort St. John Fire Department.The Fire Department received only one bid for the project from Safetek Emergency Vehicles of Abbotsford.  The bid for $1.4 million including taxes will be funded from money carried over from the 2017 budget and money budgeted in 2018 and 2019 since the vehicle takes 400 days to build. The Fire Department had budgeted $1,248,000 for the purchase, but due to the decline in the Canadian dollar, the price of the response vehicle increased to $1.4.last_img read more