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Hilda’s hits back

first_imgStudents from St Hilda’s Collegehave this week reacted angrily after Cherwell’s Passé Notes last week contained irreverent commentsabout the College.The article, written by Simon Akam,Cherwell Features Editor, described thecollege as perennially placed “in the Vauxhall conference of the Oxford academic league”due to the fact that “they just haven’t got any boys to get Firsts for them.”The article also stated that “fewof the beasts grazing the banks of the Cherwell are particularly leggy orgraceful, unless they happen to be an errant deer from Magdalen.” Akam’scomments have provoked a barrage of letters to the Cherwell editors. In a joint letter SophieBrighouse and Sophie Griffiths, both students at St Hilda’s, described thearticle as “superficial, sexist and utterly pointless.”They added: “would like tosuggest that an OxfordUniversity college isperhaps more than an institution in which to find the ‘particularly leggy’. I wouldeven go so far as to claim that lumping people together by sexuality may not bethe most mature or politically correct thing to do.”Alice Ramsay, another student atsaid: “Last year, in Literature alone, seven people from got a First in theirFinals. So, it seems that students at St Hilda’s don’t need ‘boys to get Firstsfor them’ after all.” Georgie Edwards and Tamsin Chislett, Entz Reps, added “Obviously,we generally wish to avoid being hypocritical about expressing stereotypes, butthe author may wish to ask LMH what it feels like to be at the bottom of theNorrington Table, because frankly, we Hildabeasts wouldn’t know.”Akam also informed his readersthat “contrary to popular belief, and the pictures in the alternative prospectusof drunken girl-on-girl twister action, not all students are lesbians. Withsuch a foreign legion present many of them are bi…lingual.”To this, Edwards and Chislettretorted: “is it our fault that we enjoy the occasional naked pillow fight?! Ifwe didn’t feel that such activities were met with the current level ofnegativity within the University, we’d invite more of you to join in.”Simon Akam said “is unfortunate thatthe students of are perhaps not taking the column in the manner in which it wasintended. I, however, have absolutely no desire to get involved in furtherdiscussions.”Cherwell editors, Luke Alexander andGeorge Davies, defended their decision to print last week’s Notes, saying in ajoint statement: “Clearly the piece itself was just a bit of banter. Allcolleges suffer some form of stereotyping, for example Jesus as ‘sheepshaggers’,St Hugh’s for its close proximity to Birmingham, but apparently some take thesethings more seriously than others. We hope that at some point in the future,the good women of St Hilda’s will find it in their hearts to forgive us.”ARCHIVE: 6th week MT 2005last_img read more