WMA Sport Mens Metal Alice Football Running Hair Headband Hairband : You get what you pay for

first_imgWma sport mens metal alice football running hair headband hairband. Got this for my son, i can see his face now. Effective at controlling the hair. Would recommend it to others. This product works well and is value for money. Band is sprung steel and the fingers bend to desired position for comfort. Excellent hair band for serious workouts. This hairband is really excellent. I needed something to keep my hair off my face during boxing classes and had previously tried elasticated headbands but these kept slipping off or were too warm. This metal hairband grips very well without being too tight or painful behind the ears. It is so good i am thinking of ditching elasticated headbands until the winter when i need something to cover my ears. I use these for tiara making and they are fantastic and fast delivery aswell xxx thank u xxx. A man-band at last.WMA Sport Mens Metal Alice Football Running Hair Headband HairbandNot bad for the priceExcellent hair band for serious workoutsYou get what you pay forArrived late, very small.WMA Sport Mens Metal Alice Football Running Hair Headband HairbandEnter your model number above to make sure this fits.These hair bands have become a firm favorite with football players including Beckham, Berbatov, Torres, Drogba, WoodgateManufactured to the highest standard this product is durable and comfortableSuitable for Ladies and Gentlemen.Keep even the most unruly hair in checkTeeth on the band help to grip the hair firmly in place. Keep your hair away from your face during sport and increase concentration.Size: 14*12.5*1.5cm/Keep even the most unruly hair in check! Ok, so a 58 year old bloke with a huge mane of hair looks a bit odd. It looks even more odd when the only hair-bands you can find are all very, very “girlie”. Hoo-blooming-rahi had to take a miniature file to the ends because i found them to be a bit sharp and uncomfortable, but otherwise its a great product. It took 5 weeks for it to arrive. It is thin and not up to much. I have a feeling it won’t last long. But having said that it wasn’t expensive. Bought this ages ago, been using it ever since, not only does it keep my hair back, but slicks it back each time i remove it. Arrived at least 3-4 days late. Not sure if it was worth the money as it seems to be much smaller than necessary. This is a good product & does stay in place but it’s quite big on my head so was uncomfortable behind my ear. I use them for sports and need to wash them as they get a little sweaty & they get a little rusted after a few months, i guess if you put them in the hot water cupboard after drying, or you could just not wash them. This headband is dope, it looks great and feels great on my hair, i’ll recommend it to anyone that has long hair. Bought for my husband when he goes to the gym as his hair falls onto his face. He was unsure to wear it in the beginning but after seeing another guy wearing something similar he has never looked back for his work out routine without it. Looks masculine and all the blocks are wearing them in the gym now because of it. I mean my husband is pretty cool. I bought this to wear at work as i have a long one length bob. Once in it isn’t going anywhere but can become uncomfortable after a few hours. Taking it out can be a chore as often you hair is tangled around the combs so i would suggest that it is better for shorter hair hence the word ‘mens’ in the description. This is my second headband of this style so comfy to wear and the price is incredible would definetly recommend. It holds my hair in place whilst doing my karate its a good item to have,. For the price i am very pleased and it fits very well. I am a woman but have a large head so i dont know what other reviewers are talking about when they say it doesnt fit well. It fits like a glove, doesnt dig in behind my ears and keeps tyhe hair out of my face. Simple, but does the job :). Imagined i would mature my hair, wanted to have lengthy hair after in advance of i go bald. Labored a deal with with out any difficulties.Very good to use, strong and lasts extended than anticipated. Only damaging is the paint arrives off if you sweat in any other case superior.last_img