Moroccos ENSA to Host First Phase of 1 Million Hult Prize

By Shaquile GoffRabat – The National School of Applied Sciences (ENSA) in Khouribga, central Morocco, will see Moroccan entrepreneurs competing to represent Morocco in the $1 million international contest. The prize is jointly run by the Hult International Business School, headquartered in Massachusetts, and the UN. The annual competition awards $1 million to university students with the most revolutionary business solutions to global social issues like poverty, renewable energy, and food security. The Hult Prize competition is often called the “Nobel Prize of students,” and since it started in 2010, it has invested over $50 million dollars in various startups around the world.Boukhal Ferdous, the head of the Hult Prize intra-campus competition taking place in Khouribga, says she believes that his students have a good chance of advancing to the finals in New York to win this year’s Hult Prize.The interdisciplinary competition invites students from different areas of study like science, business, and engineering to submit ideas for start-up businesses that seek to eliminate specific global social issues. The winner of the competition in Khouribga will get the chance to try to move on to the second regional stage, and eventually to the global finals at the UN’s headquarters in New York.Former US president Bill Clinton, a presenter for the competition, remarked, “The Hult Prize is a wonderful example of the creative cooperation needed to build a world with shared opportunity, shared responsibility, and shared prosperity.”The multi-disciplinary faculty at ENSA hope to represent Morocco on the international stage this year and encourage any interested Moroccan students to apply.