Tower Light providing safe lighting for the worldwide mining industry

first_imgTower Light manufactures what it says is “the world’s largest range of lighting towers.” It has introduced a new range of lighting sets made specifically for mining. It says “the Tower Light vertical mast systems are becoming more and more popular with mining, principally because the lighting towers currently used on some mining projects are the old style, hazardous, horizontal-vertical mast.Tower Light was the first company to introduce the vertical mast system, which immediately improved efficiency and safety for operators – this milestone innovation was formally recognised with a series of industry awards. The vertical mast of these lighting towers contributes to greater operational safety, yet remains competitively priced.They can be fitted with efficient, bright, metal halide lamps and at an extended height the mast will always guarantee sufficient illumination for a wide working area. A high capacity fuel tank ensures extended use of the lighting tower without the need for frequent refilling and with a robust, tough finish helps to reduce downtime. Tower Light can supply lighting sets that are fitted with an advanced light detection sensor and auto stop/start mechanism that automatically switches on the unit when the ambient light has descended to a predetermined level. In reverse, the sensor will close down the lighting set when sufficient brightness rises. This completely alleviates the need to employ a team of operatives, travelling around a mine manually starting and stopping each individual lighting set, at night and in the morning, saving both manpower and fuel.Also available are lighting sets fitted with LED lamps instead of metal halide floodlights. Environmentally beneficial LED lighting guarantees greater financial benefits as less fuel is consumed and maintenance is lowered because LED lamps can operate for up to 70,000 hours with replacement. In addition, the lamps are sealed inside a plexi-glass box ensuring that contaminates are unable to enter the floodlight casing giving a high resistance to breakage and explosion. An added benefit of using LED lamps is that unlike metal halide, LED lights will restart whilst hot.last_img