HP TouchPad Veer and Pre 3 confirmed as new webOS devices

first_imgIn just a few hours, we will finally all know the new fruits that will come from HP‘s acquisition of Palm last year. We’ve already heard tell of two new webOS tablets called the Topaz and Opal, but it appears those are code names, as it’s now been confirmed by two separate sources that the Topaz will actually be launched as the HP TouchPad… and one of those sources is HP’s own website.The first indication that the HP TouchPad is coming comes to us via PreCentral. The blog got on the site of HP’s webOS announcement early and overheard mention of the HP TouchPad, confirming that it’s a 1.5 pound tablet that is 13mm thick and runs a new version of webOS. AdChoices广告Unfortunately, the PreCentral guys were moved on by security before they could overhear any more details, but what they did hear is now being confirmed by HP’s official website. On HP’s Home and Home Office shopping page, a dro-down under “Deals and Offers” not only maes mention of the Touchpad, but also the HP Veer and the Pre 3… three devices which are slated to bring webOS in “S, M and L” flavors to users.The Pre 3 is obviously the successor to the Palm Pre and Pre 2, but what’s the Veer? HP filed for the name back in December, but if I had to guess, it’s the launch name of the Opal.Very interesting stuff. The afternoon should give us full details on HP’s new webOS offerings, but it certainly appears that they’ve got a trifecta of touchscreen devices to woo us all with.Read more at PreCentrallast_img