Windows 10 Anniversary Update wont let you turn off Cortana

first_imgIf there’s one thing that Microsoft really, REALLY wants you to do right now, it’s upgrade to Windows 10. If there’s a second, that’s to convince you to start using Cortana.They’ve come up with a pretty clever way to do it, too. They’re making it so that you can’t turn Cortana off any more. Microsoft offers several justifications for the move, the most obvious being that they think that Cortana’s “personality” and cloud-powered AI make for a greatly improved search experience on Windows 10.For most users, that won’t pose a serious problem. You can still hide the toolbar, and you can still restrict Cortana to performing searches only on your local machine — which keeps her from providing any Bing-generated results. You can also go in and flick off some other toggles to limit Cortana’s reach, but you won’t be able to shut her down completely.So that’s it then. You’re getting an intelligent personal assistant whether you want one or not. That said, I’ve been using Windows 10 pretty much since day one and I don’t think I’ve ever invoked Cortana once — accidentally or on purpose — so she appears to be more of a dutiful PA and less of an ever-present psycho hosebeast (to quote Wayne Campbell).Interestingly, Microsoft isn’t doing this on every version of Windows 10. In fact, there’s one version where they’re actually ripping Cortana out completely. Yep. Despite making it so you can’t turn her off on your Home or Pro edition, Educational copies of Windows 10 will be stripped of her presence.Why? Microsoft says it’s because they wanted to deliver the “most complete and secure edition for education environments.” So there you have it. The feature they’re not letting you shut off would make computers less secure. Oh, but only if they’re located in schools, so maybe don’t read too much into that.last_img