Wolfenstein 3D perfectly recreated inside Minecraft

first_imgIf you were to ask any PC gamer over the age of 30 what title help them to cut their teeth with the first person shooter genre, most of them would immediately respond with the 1992 classic Wolfenstein 3D from id Software. With the runaway success that it still enjoys as one of the most played games of all time, it was only natural that someone would attempt to recreate the Wolfenstein gameplay experience inside of Minecraft, everyone’s favorite voxel sandbox.The first video above shows the work of one David Ruzicka, a fan of both games that decided to tackle a 1:1 reconstruction of the E1M1 level using a Wolfenstein texture skin to achieve his goal. Comparing his work to a run-through of the original level, we have to say that Ruzicka did a darn good job! He certainly spent a lot of time working on this.Trying to create the most authentic experience that he could, Ruzicka created the level to include the sights and sounds that are most likely burned into your brain from spending many long hours in front of your old PC. The background music alone will have you peeking around corners for mutant Nazi soldiers looking to to capture and kill you.While this isn’t the first recreation of the classic video game, this is one of the first that has been done using Minecraft as a platform and has even garnered the attention of Notch himself! Not too shabby to get a nod from the creator of one the most popular games around today. Currently this modified level isn’t available for download, but Ruzicka states that he’s planning to release it in the future, and is even contemplating a full recreation for public enjoyment. Let’s hope that he decides to move forward as it would be a bit of nostalgic fun to run through the game again in this way!Read more at Ruzicka’s blog.last_img