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Kelli Barrett Is Wicked’s Newest Nessarose

first_img View Comments Barrett has previously appeared on Broadway in Baby It’s You! and The Royal Family. She originated the role of Sherrie in the off-Broadway production of Rock of Ages. Fun fact: Barrett is engaged to Beautiful Tony nominee Jarrod Spector, who was full of adorable puns and excitement for her new gig on Twitter. In addition to Barrett, Wicked currently stars Christine Dwyer as Elphaba, Jenni Barber as Glinda, Justin Guarini as Fiyero, PJ Benjamin as The Wizard, Mary Testa as Madame Morrible, Michael Wartella as Boq and K. Todd Freedman as Dr. Dillamond. Directed by Joe Mantello, the hit musical features music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and a book by Winnie Holzman. Related Shows Broadway favorite Kelli Barrett has joined the Great White Way company of Wicked, having begun performances as Nessarose on May 27. Barrett takes over for Catherine Charlebois. Wicked from $95.00last_img read more

09 Better peaches

first_imgVolume XXXINumber 1Page 9 By Kathryn TaylorUniversity of GeorgiaWhat can you do in five minutes with one tree, a piece of plasticand a pair of pliers? For one thing, you can get bigger, sweeterpeaches. Research conducted at the University of Georgia has shown thatgirdling peaches with plastic cable ties effectively increasesthe size and total sugars in the fruits without hurting the tree.The traditional girdling method involves removing a thin strip ofbark from around the trunk or scaffold of a fruit tree. Thiskeeps the sugars made by the leaves in the upper part of the treewhere the fruit is.A better wayThe problem with this method is the formation of wounds thatinsects can infest or diseases infect.Using cable ties to girdle the tree, though, doesn’t cause anyinjury. Besides making this year’s peaches bigger and sweeter,cable-tie girdling advances the maturity and possibly improvesthe quality of fruiting wood for next year’s crop.Refining the best method for this practice is still a work inprogress. UGA researchers are continuing their work to learn asmuch they can about the technique’s effectiveness.For example, the method relies on having enough time afterplacing the cable tie for the tree’s girth to grow enough for thecable tie to constrict the sugar movement down the tree’s axis.It appears that it doesn’t work as well for early-maturingcultivars as later ones.How it worksCable ties are placed on the trunk or scaffold branches 4 to 6inches below or above the crotch. A rolling motion with pliers isused to completely tighten the ties.The first research used two 3/16th-inch plastic cable ties perscaffold or trunk. But subsequent tests have switched to a single1/3- to 1/2-inch cable tie. Black ties appear to hold up betterthan white ties.You have to remove the ties at or just after harvest so the treecan recover.Studies have been done only with applying ties to fully dormanttrees during the winter. Studies are under way to see if applyingties in the fall, before the leaves fall, will make it moreeffective on early varieties.In Georgia, the method works best on irrigated trees andvarieties that ripen in early June or later. It works best, too,on tree trunks that aren’t damaged or otherwise misshapened,which keeps the tie from making tight contact around the wholetree.(Kathy Taylor is a horticulturist with the University ofGeorgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

Workplace Health Promotion Business opens for all of Vermont

first_imgMain Wellness Works, L.L.C., is a new business based in South Burlington to help improve health in the workplace. Main Wellness Works provides health promotion presentations on behavioral health issues such as workplace stress management, exercise motivation, weight management, and smoking cessation.Presentations put research at the heart of practice and are designed to motivate better self-care, as well as help build practical skills to make, and maintain positive changes in lifestyle. These changes translate into noticeable improvements in quality of life and work, fewer sick days, reductions in health care dollars spent, and improved morale.“Main Wellness Works is available throughout Vermont and can work with business groups for as little as an hour, or spend more time allowing for deeper development of ideas, group interaction and team building,” says company founder Heather Main. “Companies often need health promotion services to energize staff as part of a company –wide or department business meeting where a health promotion workshop is used to infuse energy and fun into the day.”Presentations typically focus on improving individual health care and the interactive, upbeat nature of the work contributes positively to team building and department productivity. Prices are established to be affordable, and flexible depending on client needs. Discounts apply for non-profits and schools, and programs are available for student groups as well as staff. For more information contact Heather Main at sends e-mail)last_img read more

China’s Hubei, excluding Wuhan, reports no new coronavirus cases

first_imgQinghai, a northwestern province in China that had reported no new infections for 29 days as of March 5, said it would stagger the start date of different school days from March 11 to March 20, according to a notice posted on an official website on Friday.Separately, the southerwestern province of Guizhou, which reported no new infections for 18 days, had said at the end of February that schools would start from March 16.Outside of Hubei, there were 17 new confirmed cases, bringing the total new infections in mainland China to 143 on Thursday, up from 139 cases a day earlier.Of the 17 new cases, 16 were imported from outside of China – 11 in Gansu, four in Beijing and one in Shanghai. A total of 311 passengers arriving at Gansu’s provincial capital of Lanzhou from Iran were quarantined, state television reported late on Thursday.Last month, Gansu became the first province to lower its emergency response measures from level I to level III, reflecting the lack of new infections.Beijing’s four cases were from Italy.As new cases dwindle in China, attention has turned to potential infections arriving from overseas.Authorities in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong have all vowed to quarantine travelers from countries hit the hardest by the coronavirus, which Beijing identified as South Korea, Japan, Iran and Italy.The overall accumulated number of confirmed cases in mainland China stood at 80,552 as of Thursday.The death toll from the outbreak in mainland China was 3,042 as of the end of Thursday, up by 30 from the previous day.Hubei reported 29 new deaths, while in Wuhan, 23 people died.Topics : China’s central province of Hubei, excluding the provincial capital Wuhan, reported zero new cases of coronavirus over 24 hours for the first time during the outbreak, as authorities continued to contain imported infections in other parts of the country.Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic, reported 126 new confirmed cases on Thursday but there were no new infections in the province apart from those, the National Health Commission said on Friday.Elsewhere in China, schools in provinces reporting no new cases for a number of days, started to set their opening dates in a sign of the country returning to normal.last_img read more

Panama protest over lifting of quarantine

first_imgThey accused the government of seeking to reform labor laws to benefit employers and demanded more aid for suspended workers and for small and medium sized companies. Topics : Panama, the Central American country worst-hit by the virus with 13,000 infections and nearly 350 deaths, reopened the construction industry on Monday, as well as some mining operations, closed for months as part of a nationwide shutdown. Mendez said the government’s decision to lift the quarantine measures after 74 days was premature and taken purely out of economic considerations and “above people’s lives.”Protesters outside the Labor Ministry’s headquarters in Panama City said workers were being “sent to the slaughterhouse” because employers and public transport systems had failed to ensure social distancing measures and workplace protection.The unions called on the government to more gradually ease confinement measures to lessen the possibility of a fresh spike in infections.center_img Trade unions took to the streets of Panama City on Tuesday in protest at the government’s decision to reopen the country’s economy, claiming it will lead to a spike in infections and deaths from the coronavirus.”We all know that the number is going to skyrocket, both in terms of infections and deaths,” said Saul Mendez, secretary general of the country’s largest union Suntracs.”It’s like throwing everything the people have suffered into the trash,” Mendez told AFP.last_img read more

UCI Gets $4M Grant to Study Sediment Contamination in NY/NJ Harbor

first_imgThe Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute (UCI) has received a $4 million grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) to work with the Hudson River Foundation and other partners to study sediment contamination levels in New York/New Jersey Harbor.The research will focus on navigation channels that are periodically dredged by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to ensure they’re deep enough for container ships, tankers and other large vessels traveling to and from the Port of New York and New Jersey.Ultimately, the three-year project will help determine whether dredged materials in these areas are clean enough to deposit at sea, or when they will be in light of remediation efforts.Arrangements must be made to move sediments that do not meet ocean disposal standards to suitable sites on land, UCI said in its announcement.The project builds upon the work of a 2002 Contamination Assessment and Reduction Project (CARP) that modeled the rates in which remediation efforts and natural processes would improve the quality of sediments in these areas.This latest project, known as CARP II, would revisit the accuracy of the models based on new and recent sampling and consider how unforeseen factors such as Hurricanes Sandy and Irene may have impacted contamination levels. CARP II will produce new 15- and 25-year projections based on the findings.“This project will provide the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other harbor stakeholders the scientific information they need to plan future dredge projects in a manner that fully considers the health of marine environments,” said UCI Director Tony MacDonald, the project’s administrator. “With the Panama Canal expansion complete and the Bayonne Bridge being raised, New York and New Jersey can expect to see far larger vessels at their marine terminals. The maintenance of our navigation channels will be more important than ever to safely accommodate these megaships and ensure our ports remain economically competitive.”The UCI and the Hudson River Foundation will serve as co-principal investigators on the project. The team will also include researchers from Manhattan College, Rutgers University, the University of Rhode Island and two private consultants, Simon Litten and HDR, Inc.last_img read more

Lesbians legally wed

first_img Sharing is caring! NewsRegional Lesbians legally wed by: – June 4, 2012 Tweet Share 70 Views   5 commentscenter_img Share Share Nicole Dennis-Benn (left) and Dr Emma Benn jump the broom during their re-enacted wedding ceremony at Silver Sands in Duncans Trelawny on May 26. Looking on are close friends and family of the couple. – ContributedAn American couple who tied the knot on Jamaican shores last month has documented their experience getting married in a country whose laws have long been antagonistic to same-sex unions.But, what took place at Silver Sands in Duncans, Trelawny, was just a re-enactment of the actual wedding which took place in Brooklyn, New York weeks earlier.“All the paperwork was done here (in the United States). We know Jamaican laws do not support gay marriage, so we had all the legal matters settled before we came to Jamaica,” Nicole Dennis-Benn, who made sure her name in the marriage was made clear, told The Gleaner from the US yesterday.Dennis-Benn, who grew up in Jamaica, said she wanted to share the experience with her family and friends who could not make it to the US for the actual wedding.The couple’s loved ones were all open to the wedding, except for both their mothers who did not show up.“Our mothers accepted the relationship, but they said they could not deal with the wedding part of it,” Dennis-Benn said.Their story, which captured the couple’s “blissful” moment on the Jamaican north coast two Saturdays ago, has been documented under the heading ‘Revolutionary Love by Nicole Y. Dennis-Benn’ on her Internet blog.The article gave a flattering description of the scenery at the venue where Nicole Dennis and her partner, Dr Emma Benn, a US native, dared the unthinkable on Jamaican shores.Dennis-Benn, 30, grew up in Vineyard Town and left Jamaica for college after completing her studies at a prominent high school in Kingston. It was during her final years in high school that she acknowledged herself as a lesbian.“I found out in fourth form. When I was coming out, I wondered, ‘What the hell?’ because I know I couldn’t stay in Jamaica and be who I wanted to. I felt I was the only lesbian in Jamaica at the time and I grew up in a Christian home. I knew that most Jamaicans were Christian,” she said.But, despite what some might think, it was not homophobia that mostly fuelled her desire to move to the US, she told The Gleaner.Classism issues“It was for a lot of things, but mainly because of the classism. I grew up in Vineyard Town and when I went to (high school), I experienced real classism.”She left Jamaica for studies at Cornell University in New York City. Dennis-Benn, who has her master’s degree in creative writing, met Benn while working at Columbia University. The two tied the knot on April 6 before coming to Jamaica to relive the moment a little over a month later.In her blog, the career writer recalled the moment before the couple dared the unthinkable on Jamaican shores.“My partner joins me in the water and for the next hour, we swim and mingled with our guests who have also been baked and rejuvenated by the sun. ‘You ready?’ my partner whispers, swimming up behind me to encircle her arms around my waist. ‘Yeah, I’m ready.’ We smile at each other, aware in that moment that we’re about to do something big, bigger than us.The Jamaican native shared that it was her partner who helped her rekindle her love affair with the island after living a refugee life for many years.“In my vows, I mentioned that because of my partner, I fell in love with my country again. For a long time, I ran away from Jamaica, seeking refuge in the freedom that America offered. However, when I met Emma, she was adamant about visiting Jamaica,” Dennis-Benn said in her blog. ‘Why not?’ she asked when I turned her down a few times. I couldn’t tell her then how much I was hurt by the culture, stifled by the seemingly robust structures of colonialism.“However, when Emma and I finally returned to the island for our first visit as a couple in 2010, something felt different. At the time, I couldn’t place what it was. There were no words to describe it since my brain had not yet processed it. I felt beautiful, stronger, empowered.”She said her acceptance of self was part of the reason she decided to have her wedding in Jamaica. However, her decision was strongly criticised by friends in America who claimed to know about Jamaica’s anti-gay culture.“My friends began to question my sanity once I told them that I’ll be getting married in Jamaica, a country known internationally for its blatant homophobia. ‘Weh di backside yuh mean yuh getting married in Jamaica?’” she further recalled in the blog.“I had to reassure them that everything would be fine, simultaneously trying to convince myself too. I would constantly ask myself if I’m doing the right thing,” she wrote.No venueWith that decision out of the way, it now became an uphill task for the couple to find a venue in Jamaica that would be accommodating to their lifestyle.“My partner and I took turns calling resorts in Kingston, the south coast, and the north coast … . We clutched the receiver with sweaty palms as we prepared to come out as lesbians over and over again. ‘Yes, hello, we would like to inquire about hosting our wedding at your hotel. What’s the estimated cost for space? Great! Just one more thing you need to know … my partner is a woman. Yes, that’s what I said. A woman. Oh. OK. Uh-huh. I understand. Thanks for your time’,” read the blog.Next stop was at Villa where the two ended up saying “I do”.“I felt like I’d emerged from a dark tunnel, greeted by her radiating light. My father walked me down the aisle while my partner walked down the aisle with her aunt. We walked together as a couple paired with the most significant people in our lives to Whitney Houston’s My Love is Your Love, she said of her experience.Jamaica Gleanerlast_img read more

Koeman tracks Ajax star as his first Barca signing

first_img Loading… However, according to the front page of Friday’s edition of Mundo Deportivo the former Everton manager wants to bring American full back Dest to Catalonia. The reports adds Koeman is unconvinced by current right back Nelson Semedo, and wants Dest to replace the Portuguese international in the La Blaugrana back four in the coming months.Advertisement Read Also: Messi, Ronaldo missing from Champions League awards shortlist The 19-year old United States international enjoyed a strong breakthrough campaign after making his first team debut at the start of 2019-20. Dest agreed a new deal in Amsterdam in September 2018, with his current contract tying him to Erik ten Hag’s side until 2023, and Barcelona would need to pay €20m to bring him from the Johan Cruyff Arena. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Barcelona boss Ronald Koeman is rumoured to be tracking Ajax defender Sergino Dest as his first signing at the Camp Nou. Koeman has been linked with moves for Dutch international pair Georgino Wijnaldum and Memphis Depay before the transfer window closes next month. Promoted Content8 Things That Will Happen If An Asteroid Hits EarthDeepika Padukone’s Most Memorable LooksWho’s The Best Car Manufacturer Of All Time?Birds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them11 Most Immersive Game To Play On Your Table TopWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?8 Infamous Mistakes That Cost People BillionsPortuguese Street Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic 3D Graffiti8 Superfoods For Growing Hair Back And Stimulating Its Growth2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearBig Actors Who Started Off With A Part In A Soap Opera10 Risky Jobs Some Women Dolast_img read more

Gleneagles on the march for Sussex

first_img Press Association Joseph O’Brien is looking forward to dual Classic winner Gleneagles brushing shoulders with some of Europe’s best older milers in the Qatar Sussex Stakes at Goodwood on Wednesday week. “He’s in good form at home. He seems to have come out of Ascot really well and we are hoping he can run another solid race,” the jockey told At the Races. “We’ve always held him in very high regard. He’s never going to be a horse that go and wins by half a furlong, but he’ll always get the job done. He’s got a lot of speed and class and he lets his racing do the talking. “Really looking forward to it. It will be a huge race and the build-up will be massive.” center_img Gleneagles, trained by his father Aidan, is hot favourite to take his unbeaten run this year to four in the Group One showpiece despite facing talented rivals such as Freddy Head’s Solow, winner of the Queen Anne Stakes at Royal Ascot. The three-year-old colt has already shown he is the best of his generation over a mile with wins in the English and Irish 2000 Guineas and the St James’s Palace Stakes. last_img read more

Men’s volleyball downs No. 4 Pepperdine at home

first_imgThe Trojans entered the match ranked No. 13 in the nation, while Pepperdine came in as the favorite at No. 4. That said, the Trojans proved that they were not intimidated in the slightest, taking a 10-6 lead early in the first set, a deficit from which the Waves were never able to recover. USC secured the first set by a healthy margin of 25-19. When asked about how the team has performed in matches against highly-ranked programs, Hall took a mindful approach about how best to move forward. USC was led by senior co-captains Wyett and outside hitter Ryan Moss, who touted 16 kills and 21 kills, respectively. Moss also contributed an impressive 12 digs in the match. Fellow senior outside hitter Gianluca Grasso added 15 kills and 9 digs of his own. The third set began differently. USC was able to open with a 4-1 lead because of sophomore setter Chris Hall’s serves, but Pepperdine quickly clawed its way back as the teams went blow-for-blow throughout the remainder of the set. The Trojans were ultimately able to take the set with a 3-point run that was capped off by an impressive kill from senior co-captain Jack Wyett. Sophomore middle blocker Kyle Gear provided an astounding six blocks against the Waves high-powered offense, helping to hold them to just .256 hitting. As Hall mentioned after the match, the Trojans clearly did their homework in preparation for the Waves. In regard to the upcoming non-conference matches, Hall made it clear the team shouldn’t be comfortable with its victory over Pepperdine. “Obviously, tonight was a really good win,” Hall said. “We had a close one against Concordia a few nights ago, but … we know that we’re a really good team and we can compete at the top of the MPSF.”  Senior libero Matt Douglass earned 17 digs, a match high for either team, while sophomore setter Chris Hall set up his teammates with 42 assists and also got the crowd jumping with a highly impressive ace in the early moments of the third set. The final set was arguably USC’s most convincing performance of the four. The teams were tied 16-16 when the Trojans began to make their move. USC took the next 2 points, conceded 1 and then took the next 4, finding themselves up 22-17. The Waves were unable to overcome that deficit and the Trojans emerged victorious with a score of 25-20. “The [coaching staff] did a really good job of scouting for the match,” Hall said. “One of their big [outside hitters], Dave Wieczork… hits a lot of cross court, but we made that adjustment early … I think shutting him down was really good.” center_img “We just need to go out and value every point,” he said. “Sometimes we get caught up in the result, but we just need to focus on the process.” Senior outside hitter Jack Wyett rises up for a block against Pepperdine. Wyett’s 21 kills were crucial to the Trojans’ win. (Feitong Du/Daily Trojan) The USC men’s volleyball team beat Pepperdine 3-1 at Galen Center Saturday night in a convincing four-set contest. The Trojans rose to 3-3 against Mountain Pacific Sports Federation opponents and 9-7 on the season. “We had a big win against the No. 4 team in the country … but we could easily lose to Penn State or Ohio State if we don’t bring our [A-game], so we just need to go into this practice week with a good mindset and keep working hard [and] scouting well,” he said. Although it appears the team won’t be taking much time to celebrate its win, Saturday’s match was certainly a major victory for the Trojans who will look to add to their momentum this weekend. The sophomore setter also spoke about the feeling of coming away with a MPSF victory. At first, the second set appeared to mirror the first. The Trojans got out to an early 11-5 lead and held onto that margin as each team traded point for point. USC was up 18-13 when the Waves began to fight their way back, however, eventually tying the Trojans at 22 points apiece. After some more back-and-forth action, Pepperdine was able to capture the second set 27-25. The team will take part in the Pac-12/Big Ten Challenge this week. The Trojans will host Penn State Friday and Ohio State Saturday at Galen Center.last_img read more