EHF EURO 2014 STILL AN OPTION Lauge two months out

One of the best DAnish young players, Rasmus Lauge Schmidt (22) will be out between 8 and 10 weeks after he got seriously injured during match against Croatia at “Golden League” in Oslo. THW Kiel’s playmaker didn’t broke knee ligaments, so he won’t go under knife, but after four weeks break, Rasmus would begin with medical treatment in order to come back to the court in January. EHF EURO 2014 is still in doubt, but what is for sure is that Lauge won’t play until the end of 2013.He won’t be able to help his team-mates in big derby of DKB Bundesliga against Rhein Neckar Lowen on Wednesday – 20.10 hrs.Denmark already stayed without Nikolaj Markussen… DenmarkRasmus Lauge SchmidtTHW Kiel ← Previous Story Alexandra Do Nascimento about WCh 2013: Time for Brazilian medal – Norway is favorite for gold! Next Story → Viktor Szilagyi to stay in Bergischer until 2015! read more

Telekom Veszprem win in Zagreb to come closer to TOP 8

Telekom Veszprem are on the way to another EHF Champions League quarter-final after minimal victory in Zagreb over home team – 23:22 (12:10). The finalists of the EHF CL Final4 2015 and 2016, showed domination at Arena Zagreb, in encounter with domestic squad, who was forced to be behind during 60 minutes.PPD Zagreb – Telekom Veszprem 22:23 (10:12)PPD ZAGREB: Stevanović 10 saves, Skok; Kontrec, Vori 3, Cingesar 1, Šebetić 2, Marković 2(2), Horvat 1, Šušnja, J. Valčić 4, Jotić 1, T. Valčić, Mandalinić 3, Miklavčič 1, Markoski, Pavlović 4. Trener Silvio Ivandija.TELEKOM VESZPREM: Mikler 1 save, Alilović 9 saves; Gulyas, Ivancsik, Schuch, Ilić 2, Palmarsson 1, Gajić 2(1), Nilsson 3, Nagy 1, Ugalde 4, Marguč 4, Chema, Terzić, Sulić 4, Lekai 2. Trener Xavier Sabate.  ← Previous Story EHF CL TOP 16 weekend: Veszprem in Zagreb, PSG in Nantes Next Story → No winners in French derby in Nantes read more

BUGOJNO 2017 Slovenia win trophy

← Previous Story LIKE TWO DECADES AGO: TBV Lemgo beat THW Kiel Next Story → Bielecki and Lijewski firefighters of Polish campaign fo EURO 2018 Slovenia are the winners of the fifth youth tournament “Handball is my future” in Bosnian city of Bugojno. Eight national teams in generation 1998 played at Bosnia and Herzegovina – Slovenia and Poland reached the final, in wich team of Janez Klemencic won 23:22 (16:10). 

Killybegs to be cheered on by Seamus Coleman as they chase county

first_imgTODAY HE’LL BE in action in Goodison Park in Liverpool while playing for Everton against Hull.And tomorrow afternoon his focus will be on MacCumhaill Park in Ballybofey while supporting his native Killybegs against Glenswilly.It’s a unique sporting weekend for Seamus Coleman but the Ireland international’s interest in Sunday’s county senior final is a recognition of his roots to his home in the fishing town on the Donegal coast.David Conwell is a key defender in the Killybegs side and was a neighbour of Coleman’s when the pair were growing up.“Seamus only lived across the road from me”, Conwell told ”His brother Frances played underage with me all the way up in GAA.“Seamus was three years younger than me and we played a wee bit of senior football together. He’d the same mentality as what you’re seeing now with Everton and Ireland.“He was full hearted, very committed and what you see is what you get. He played in the full back line but was dynamic enough to be in the half back line as well.“I played more soccer with him for the local team St Catherine’s. He was no different than most of the lads around here who all grew up in the housing estates. We played five a side soccer games and that’s where you created your character.”YouTube: JacksonsmediatvColeman was home a fortnight ago to cheer on Killybegs as they claimed a Donegal county semi-final win over Malin.Then last Friday night, the people of Killybegs cheered Coleman on as he captained Ireland in their World Cup qualifier against Germany in Cologne.“Without doubt it was a big thing for the town”, says Conwell. “It meant a lot for the people that know him. It’s not often you get to know someone who has that honour.“As far as I know he’s coming in to watch us tomorrow. He wouldn’t want to miss it. I know he’d love to be out there with us because he’s a great supporter of Killybegs.”Big DayFor the Killybegs players the focus is on attaining silverware. Three years ago they were left disappointed in the final against Naomh Conaill.This year they have shown their resilience. Killybegs have amazingly lost all 15 of their Division 1 football league games in Donegal this year. But the championship has been a success story.“It’s a strange one alright”, laughs Conwell. “The way we look at is that we get ourselves up more for championship games. We were also short players who were in the States for various league games this year.“And we’d a lot of guys who were playing soccer at the start of the year as well. Killybegs breed championship players and our boys have stood up this year when it matters.“The build up for the game is within the people in the town. We’re a wee bit more laid back. Hopefully we’ve learnt a lesson from 2010.“We got swamped by hype then but we’re focused now. We’re playing a very good team in Glenswilly who have an exceptional player in Michael Murphy. But I’m a confident player and I’m really looking forward to it.”Michael Murphy celebrates Glenswilly’s county final win in 2011.Pic: INPHO/Kieran Murray VIDEO: Seamus Coleman celebrates Killybegs county semi-final win6 Talking Points before this weekend’s GAA club actionlast_img read more

Poll Have you started your Christmas shopping

first_imgIT IS EXACTLY seven weeks until Christmas Day.That means you have 49 days to make sure there are gifts wrapped under the tree when the family wakes up.How are you doing with that?Today we want to know: Have you started your Christmas shopping? No (3935) Poll Results: Yes, I’ve started (1555)center_img Yes, AND I’m finished *smug* (191) Yes, AND I’m finished *smug*Yes, I’ve startedNoVotelast_img

Paris Mayor calls for ban on controversial comedian accused of antiSemitism

first_imgTHE MAYOR OF Paris has joined France’s interior minister in calling for comedian Dieudonne, whose vitriolic brand of humour targeting Jews has caused outrage, to be banned from the stage.Dieudonne has been part of France’s comedy scene for years, but while he started out with a Jewish comedian in sketches that mocked racism, he gradually veered to the far-right and alienated some fans with anti-Jewish comments his latest being a joke about gas chambers.Speaking on Europe 1 radio, Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe likened Dieudonne to a criminal who “defends crimes against humanity”.“We must ban the performances (of the comedian),” he said, echoing recent comments made by Interior Minister Manuel Valls.Dieudonne has been fined several times for defamation, using insulting language, hate speech and racial discrimination, and a provocative arm gesture he makes has been described as an upside down Nazi salute.Dieudonne argues that the horrors of the Holocaust are given too much focus to the exclusion of other crimes, like slavery and racism, and says his “quenelle” gesture merely represents his anti-establishment views.The gesture has landed several personalities in hot water, including footballer Nicolas Anelka, who used it to celebrate a goal.“SOS Racisme”, an organisation that fights racism, announced on Sunday it would take to court anyone who spread pictures of or did the “quenelle” in locations such as synagogues or Holocaust memorials “that leave no doubt” as to the anti-semitic nature of the gesture.Valls, meanwhile, has said he is examining options to ban performances by a man he brands as a “little trader of hate”, outraged by Dieudonne’s latest jibe against Jewish radio presenter Patrick Cohen.“When I hear Patrick Cohen speak, I tell myself, you know, the gas chambers… A shame,” Dieudonne had said in comments filmed secretly at a show and then aired on French television.Valls has also asked Dieudonne to pay some €65,000 euros he has run up in fines.Officials in several cities where Dieudonne is set to perform during a nationwide tour this month have also said they are trying to ban his show.And veteran Nazi hunters Serge and Beate Klarsfeld have called for a protest on Wednesday at a theatre in the western city of Nantes, where Dieudonne is due to perform.The controversy comes at a sensitive time for France, where racism has shot to the fore after the country’s black justice minister was the victim of a series of racial jibes — prompting President Francois Hollande to pledge intransigence on racism in his New Year’s address.© – AFP 2014Read: Anelka defends ‘quenelle’ gesture, says he’s not anti-Semitic >last_img read more

Asylum applications in the EU surged to 435k last year

first_imgClick here to view a large version. (Image Credit: Eurostat)THE NUMBER OF people seeking asylum in the European Union increased by more than 30 per cent last year, figures published today from Eurostat show.435,000 applications for asylum were received in 2013, compared to 335,000 in 2012.A total of 50,470 of these came from Syria, the largest amount from any country.The second and third largest groups were Russia (41,270) and Afghanistan (26,290).Click here to view a larger version. (Image Credit: Eurostat)Five EU states accounted for 70 per cent of applications.Germany – 127,000/29 per centFrance – 65,000/13 per centSweden – 54,000 / 13 per centUnited Kingdom – 30,000 / 7 per centItaly 28,000 / 6 per centIreland received 920 applications, making up 0.2 per cent of the total.130 of these were from Nigeria, 95 from Pakistan, and 70 from Zimbabwe.Of the 840 first instance decisions* made last year, 82 per cent were rejected.None were granted asylum for humanitarian reasons.*It should be noted that first instance decisions made in 2013 may refer to applications registered in previous years.Read: How a doctor had his asylum request rejected because someone ‘didn’t like him’ >More: Snowden offers Brazil help in investigating spying in exchange for asylum >last_img read more

HSE introduces preferred drug initiative to save €15 million in budget

first_imgTHE HSE HAS today identified two ‘preferred drugs’ for prescribers in the first recommendation of this kind by the state in relation to medication.The two drugs recommended under a new preferred drug initiative are Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs), prescribed for patients with peptic ulcer disease and/or reflux, and Statin medication which is for high cholesterol.The preferred PPI is called Lansoprazole and the preferred Statin is Simvastatin.The HSE is asking doctors to prescribe these preferred drugs in order to save money, both for patients who pay for their medication and to deliver savings of an estimated €15million for the taxpayer. PPIs and Statins account for up to 15 per cent of the HSE’s drugs budget.By changing existing patients to the preferred drug, and by prescribing these drugs for new patients, the HSE said “significant savings” can be achieved.SavingsIf 50 per cent of all PPI prescriptions were Lansoprazole, instead of the others the market, the HSE would save in the region of €7.5 million on the drugs budget in 2013. By switching 25 per cent of all prescribed Statins to Simvastatin, the HSE could save a further €8 million.Patients who do not have a medical card could save over €300 per annum if they switch to the preferred drugs and the HSE has recommended patients discuss their suitability for changing to the drug with their doctor.Currently there are five PPI’s on the market and a recent review found that three of these products differ significantly in price but little in terms of efficacy.There are also five Statins on the market at present which, again, can vary significantly in terms of price. Patients who do not have a medical card and who pay for their medicines, who are suitable for treatment using the preferred drug, could save in the region of €130 per annum by switching to the preferred Statin, Simvastatin.The preferred drug initiative is part of the HSE’s Medicines Management Programme which is aiming to secure €20 million in savings this year.Read: Pharmacists: Increased prescription charges may lead to people being hospitalised>Read: 94 per cent of consumers favour increase in use of generic medicines>last_img read more

Labour has been given a good smacking by the electorate Howlin

first_img Labour anxious for their Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn, after tallies show low support in his own area of Ranelagh #ie14 #ievote— Juno McEnroe (@Junomaco) May 24, 2014 GOING BY RTÉ’S exit poll, the Labour party received seven per cent of the national vote in this years local election. That is down by over seven per cent on the 2009 vote.Compared to the 2011 general election they are down by even further when they received 19 per cent of the popular vote.Speaking on RTÉ this morning, Labour’s Minster for Public Expenditure Brendan Howlin has already conceded that Labour has been ‘given a good smacking’ by the electorate.He said that the party had been “bracing itself” for a bad result but insisted that people understood that harsh measures had to be introduced. He insisted that he himself is not “pro-austerity” but that Government policies were forced upon them.Labour’s former national organiser Pat Magnier was also speaking on the same programme and said that it was obvious that there has been a ‘strong trend against the party’.Despite this he felt that Labour would stay the course in Government after going into coalition three years ago: Labour source describes the tallies so far in Dublin as “a f**king disaster”.— Hugh O’Connell (@oconnellhugh) May 24, 2014 LIVEBLOG: Local election results 2014 >Read: Early tallies put the Socialist Party in the lead in Dublin West by-election > Source: Hugh O’Connell/Twittercenter_img Labour’s performance in Dublin West also doesn’t look good on early tallies. Party chairman Loraine Mulligan was never expected to take the seat but she is polling under six per cent so far and currently trails Green Party candidate Roderic O’Gorman.There are also very concerns about Labour’s sitting Lord Mayor Oisin Quinn according to a number of reports. Source: Juno McEnroe/Twitter There was nothing in this for Labour Party but pain, but there was a responsibility to give stability among this extraordinary crisis.last_img read more

Three closed Garda stations have livein guardians heres why

first_imgTHREE GARDA STATIONS shut down in the last year have tenants who pay as little as €100 a month.The Minister of State for the OPW Brian Hayes revealed in the Dáil at the start of the month that he former stations in Dalkey, Stepaside and Kill of the Grange were being occupied because the telecommunications masts on top of them generated income.The closue of the stations were the subject of severe scrutiny, with Stepaside in particular causing huge controversy.Hayes told the Dáil:“The stations in question have telecommunications masts generating income from licence fees from the mobile phone operators. Accordingly, it has been decided that they will not be placed on the market at this time. The properties in question are considered to be commercially valuable and are not being considered for community use.”The company who organises the guardians, Camelot Property Management, says that the solution is used across Europe and suits all parties.“Camelot have a large client base across Europe, protecting a wide variety of buildings during the period prior to a sale, re-development, regeneration or demolition. Clients include government bodies and local councils, project developers, banks and receivers and estate agents and surveyors.”Under the system, guardians who fill three criteria are allowed to live in the buildings, as long as they maintain them.The criteria are:That they are in full-time employment, Have no children, And have no petsThe guardians are then given a discount, of between 40 and 60 per cent on the rent of the buildings. In this case, the Garda stations all have cells, but also have bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens.Camelot say that the guardians off “a low cost alternative to traditional security and minimise the risk of theft and vandalism”.They point out that the scheme “Keeps the building alive” by reducing the risk of dilapidation and the value of the site maintained.Individuals who want to take up the positions are thoroughly vetted and are told that they may have to leave at short notice. Read: Crowds gather for rally against Garda station closurelast_img read more