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Monthly Archives: December 2020

New safety equipment bolsters Greater Binghamton Airport

first_imgTOWN OF MAINE (WBNG) — It may look like a space roving vehicle, but the new Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) vehicle at the Greater Binghamton Airport has finally arrived. “It’s modern technology for us, it’s a quicker response for us. It helps us because we’re not fumbling around, like I said before, looking for switches and buttons. It’s all right there, it’s within reach of the driver.” The purpose of the vehicle is to contain a fire or emergency situation until additional help arrives. All equipment on board assists in doing that, including new technology that makes the job easier. Crew members know just how much this new vehicle will help them accomplish their job of keeping everyone safe. “This was part of our entitlement funding from two years ago. The vehicle takes a long time to actually put together because it’s so specific. We just got it in stock this week and we’re using it,” said Broome County Commissioner of Aviation Mark Heefner. Compared to the older model truck, still on-site and available for use, the newer model allows crews to efficiently keep the runways safe.center_img Airport officials say this is incredibly important, especially since a select few are a part of these safety crews that do so much. “It’s meant to be a one man show. One person here can operate this truck and apply 1,500 gallons of water in about two minutes time,”said Rosenbauer Delivery Specialist Karlo Groeneweg. “The equipment was out-dated. So finally we’ve got on board push button controls. We have forward facing infra-red cameras,” said Airport Operations Specialist Michael Norton. “Our team is very professional and very good, but they don’t do the firefighting every single day in, day out, like the actual professionals do. They also have their other duties like snow removal, like ensuring the security at the airport,” said Heefner.last_img read more

UE technology and engineering community 3-D prints face shields

first_img“I really feel like since this is a community problem, it needs a community solution,” said Winans. Abigail Winans is a junior at Union-Endicott who is also a member of the Tiger Tronics club. But the teachers are not doing the work all alone. Winans has a 3-D printer at home and with access to the files she is also able to help print the shields. A small group of Union-Endicott High School teachers are using their time at home to make a difference not only for their students, but for the community, 3-D printing face shields for health care workers. “This is something that we do a lot with our students. We design different projects, 3-D printer projects, we kind of thought this would be a great way to show them the usable, tangible, feature of their education,” said Union-Endicott High School engineering teacher Corey Munn. Many admit it’s put them to the test, especially with hands-on subjects like technology and engineering. Union-Endicott High School technology and engineering teacher Mike Wichowski called it a change of pace. ENDICOTT (WBNG) — Teachers around the Southern Tier are adjusting to online learning. “I always did like technology but I feel like my love for technology started there,” she said. The teachers involved were able to bring home the school’s 3-D printers and found free files from the Budman Industries website to make the shields.center_img Helping her play a small part in making a big difference for those in our own backyard. “Even though I’m so busy because I’m trying to keep my life filled and enriching despite school being closed, like I said, it has come down to being the press of a button. If I can help someone stay safe by pressing a button, then I’m going to do that all day long,” said Winans. “It’s been a great community effort printing these out and getting them to our healthcare workers,” said Munn. If you know someone with a 3-D printer and are able to donate supplies, filament, transparency pages, and elastic are all helpful. They’ve already cranked out dozens, donating them to local EMS crews and the supply drop off location at the Oakdale Mall. “Where we’re finding issues is being able to bridge that gap between what we’re able to do in school versus what students can do at home with different resources.” said Wichowski. For more on the coronavirus, click here. “We are currently in the process of making another 50. And then hopefully after that another 50. Try to meet the need for what is out there,” said Wichowski. It’s a process she says isn’t hard.last_img read more

The B-Devils season that could have been

first_imgB-Devils coach Mark Dennehy said he was holding out hope the season would be able to resume, and he’s disappointed for his players, and Binghamton. “It’s not often they have a playoff team and not only were we a playoff team, I thought we were a team that might be able to go deep.” Both Dennehy and Seney pointed toward the veteran leadership on the team for being the main reason they developed a winning culture this season. The team will look similar next season, and coach Dennehy said he is confident the “winning standard” will carry over. “I think we’ll have a number of guys coming back next year who will have an understanding of what that standard is now. The best teams I’ve ever coached have a level of accountability that comes from the players, but that only works if the players understand what the true standard is and they’re willing to hold each other accountable to that.” BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — The Binghamton Devils 2019-2020 season officially came to an end today, after the American Hockey League announced the cancellation of the remainder of the season and the Calder Cup playoffs. “Like” Nicole Menner on Facebook and “Follow” her on Twitter.center_img This marked the first season the franchise ended with a winning record (34-24-4-0) and was likely to make the postseason. When the season was put on pause on March 12, the B-Devils were riding a seven-game win streak – one of many win streaks the team had this season. The team was sitting in fourth place in the North Division, continuing a push toward playoffs. For now, coach Dennehy said he is planning as if next season will start on time, in October. For more information on the cancellation of the 2019-2020 season, you can visit the Binghamton Devils website. For information regarding tickets and refunds, click this link. Forward Brett Seney was in the midst of his second full season playing on the B-Devils, and said the team’s chemistry led to its success. “Every guy just willing to play the way we needed to play, and buying into what we were trying to do, and going into every game with the thought you were going to win.”last_img read more

Person who worked at meal site in Tioga County tests positive for virus

first_imgSymptoms of COVID-19 include coughing, fever and shortness of breath. The department asks individuals who were at the library at that time are asked to self-quarantine until Aug. 18. (WBNG) — The Tioga County Health Department has issued a public health statement after learning a person who worked at the Summer Meal Site at the Berkshire Library tested positive for the coronavirus.center_img The person worked at the site from 10 a.m. to noon on Aug. 4.last_img