Egas achieves a judicial action to protect against the FEF Board of Directors that agreed to its dismissal

first_imgThe former president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF), Francisco Egas, achieved this Thursday a judicial protection action against the Board that removed him from office last Friday, which is in addition to the decision of FIFA and Conmebol of still recognize it as the owner.“Judge Cristian Silva, of the Civil Judicial Unit based in Pichincha, whose capital is Quito, today granted a protection action with precautionary measure requested by Francisco Egas against the FEF Board of Directors “, indicates the measure of the Civil Judicial Unit.The decision occurs one day before the Extraordinary assembly summoned by the new directive to study the institutional crisis that has occurred since the motion of censure who deposed Egas and installed the new president in office Jaime Estrada. The former president announced Sunday that would take legal action against what he considered “a coup d’état” and today he has managed to Ecuadorian Justice back for now his stance.The judicial measure adds to a joint letter of the South American Football Confederation (CSF) and of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) in which they assure that they will not validate any decision of the new presidency of the FEF, until the case is clarified. Nor will they recognizeAccording to the writing, the decisions that come out “of Extraordinary Congress of this Friday until receiving clarifications on the unforeseen change of owner last week. “ Furthermore, FIFA and CSF report that neither of the two organisms are currently in a position to recognize the intended agreements adopted by the FEF Board of Directors on last April 24. They were referring to the resolution of the FEF Board, for six votes in favor out of a total of nine members, depose Egas, and name instead the then Vice President Estrada.The vote went ahead after the six managers argued in a resolution that Egas I had ignored a Board decision in December not to exceed 4 million dollars in the recruitment of the new coaching staff of the national team, headed by Antonio Cordón and Jordi Cruyff.And also that they exposed that a course agreement for the salary reduction of both by 70 percent, due to the coronavirus crisis, it was not really but one “restructuring” of debt, instead of a “reduction”; that is, that the salary difference would be collected in 2021.Thus organisms reaffirm which, for the moment, follow recognizing Egas as president of the entity, and that will not be valid to decisions to be adopted, not even within the framework of its Extraordinary Congress, of which they say to have found out by means of press. Not until I “know proceed to an evaluation of the agreements adopted and its compatibility with the principles of good governance determined in the Statutes of FIFA and Conmebol. “last_img