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School District 60 has 16 million surplus for 20172018 school year

first_imgAuditors are now reviewing the district’s operations for next year and a final financial statement could be ready as soon as next month. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Board for School District 60 met Monday where they reviewed their finances for the 2017-2018 school year.As of June 30th, the total revenue for the district was $64,292,961 while their expenses were $61,586,219.The district had a cash surplus of $2.7 million but transfers into capital assets left the total operating surplus at $1.6 million.last_img

IsraeliPalestinian conflict inflicting mental harm on regions children UNICEF

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today voiced concern for the children being killed and injured in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict, noting that surveys have shown that youngsters in the region were experiencing more emotional problems than a year ago.According to the agency’s office in the West Bank and Gaza, 194 children under the age of 18 have been killed, including 166 Palestinians and 27 Israelis, since the most recent Intifadah started more than a year ago. The bulk of UNICEF’s emergency programme in the region has been focused on helping the children and their families to deal with stress generated by the conflict.Speaking in Geneva, Pierre Poupard, UNICEF Special Representative in the West Bank and Gaza, reiterated the agency’s call on Israel to ensure that children under 18 were not targeted in the conflict, as well as its call for the Palestinian Authority to expand measures to discourage those under 18 from participating in any violent action.”Children are paying a heavy and disproportionate price,” he said. “More must be done to ensure that all the region’s children are protected both from the direct and indirect impacts of this tragic conflict.”Some of the problems faced by Palestinian children that have been documented by academic institutions and other non-governmental organizations include nightmares, bed-wetting, insomnia and irregular sleep. “Fear is also common,” Mr. Poupard said. “Fear of darkness, fear of sleeping alone, leaving the house, strangers, loud noises and sudden movements.” UNICEF said it had no data on the psychological effect of the conflict on children in Israel but they were also very likely to be suffering from emotional stress caused by the fighting. read more

Even The Orioles Have A Shot In The AL East

emmaspan: Oh my gosh. I changed my mind: Orioles are going all the way this year. New York Yankeesneil: All right, let’s move on to the Yankees. According to the numbers, at least, they might be the most underrated team in baseball — which I never thought I’d actually hear a Yankee team described as.dszymborski: One surprising — and positive — thing about New York is just how young its good pitching is. I do this thing called “contribution age,” in which I weight a team’s age by its projected WAR, and the Yankees actually have the second-youngest pitching staff based on where they’re getting the value from (slightly behind the Mets).emmaspan: Do you think those young guys are ready, Dan? Luis Severino did look really strong last year, but small sample size and all that.dszymborski: Oh, I’m frightened by the downside, but a lot of the contributions that they’re going to get will need to be from those young/youngish guys. I’m bullish on Severino especially, simply because he’s one of the few starters that actually has his arm completely intact.emmaspan: Speaking of which, I worry about Michael Pineda staying healthy. I mean, also every other pitcher in the league, but Pineda has a long list of injury issues.neil: Masahiro Tanaka, too, has his own injury history as well.emmaspan: A good chunk of the Yankees’ season probably hangs on Tanaka’s elbow, which is pretty precarious. And I think at CC Sabathia‘s age, it’s unlikely he’ll get back to his top form, which is too bad, because he was enormously fun to watch.dszymborski: He was one of the great hopes for the next 300-game winner for a while, too. Watching his ZiPS career projection for wins come down year after year is very depressing. It peaked at 274 five years ago. Now it’s down to 231.emmaspan: Aw, CC. At least it sounds like he’s in a good place off the field and that’s great.neil: But is it fair to say the Yankees will probably once again be somewhere between OK and pretty decent on both the runs scored and allowed fronts? That was their formula last season, but it fell short of what are always the ravenous expectations in the Bronx.dszymborski: That seems about right. It’s an old risky team that can still patch together enough of a run to remain solid.emmaspan: That’s what I think. Their lineup is still overly reliant on old (by baseball standards) players but they shored it up a bit this offseason. I think it’ll be serviceable, and like the last few years, probably enough to put them in contention for a wild card. Money can’t buy you a championship, but it can keep you from totally sucking.dszymborski: I find using “old” a more loaded term these days, given how quickly baseball is running out of players that are older than I am.emmaspan: You should love the Yankees, then, Dan. Speaking of old, I thought for sure A-Rod would be cooked last year, but he was one of their best players. Is there any way he manages that again?dszymborski: I think he could. The question before last year was whether, after injuries and missing a year, he’d be able to do it at all. That he did it once should make us slightly more optimistic.neil: A-Rod’s regression potential, though, is another limiting factor for that lineup that probably keeps them more “OK” than “great.”dszymborski: Some of the issues in the offense would look less urgent if not for the Greg Bird injury.emmaspan: Yeah, not a great idea to go in without a good Mark Teixeira backup plan.neil: And what do we make of this bullpen Death Star they’ve built when Aroldis Chapman returns from suspension?emmaspan: It could make up for some of those rotation question marks — you don’t need to rely on length from that group of starters. For me, it would be more fun to watch if their buy-low on Chapman while he was under investigation for domestic violence hadn’t been so discouraging. But yes, from a pure baseball perspective, it’ll still be a spectacle.One of the more impressive aspects of the Yankees’ recent history is that for all their issues, they’ve done a good job replacing Mariano Rivera, which is a tall order. None of these guys are Mo, don’t get me wrong, but the bullpen hasn’t really been one of their problems. Baltimore Oriolesneil: You guys have just told me why any of the Jays, Red Sox, Yankees or Rays could win this division without anything too crazy happening. Does it stand to reason that Baltimore, who won this division as recently as two years ago, also fits that description?dszymborski: Pretty much. Although there’s something depressing about the fact that the Os had to increase their payroll to $150 million just to essentially maintain last year’s roster. (Which went 81-81.)emmaspan: They would surprise me the most of any AL East team, but even for them I would say they still have a shot. They’re gonna clobber a ton of home runs. That pitching, though.neil: The rotation looks especially shaky.dszymborski: It’s essentially four soft-tossing righties and Kevin Gausman, who they spent all of last year trying to use in the most awkward way imaginable.emmaspan: We did a big article on Jake Arrieta this week. Between what he said about his time in Baltimore and what the scout we talked to said about Gausman, yikes. Developing pitching prospects is risky for any team, but the Orioles desperately need to break this pattern.dszymborski: I think the Os lead the league in home runs, go 81-81, and the organization can’t quite figure out why.emmaspan: Their path to success is similar to last year’s Jays: out-slug all comers. But, again, for the Jays that involved picking up one of the best pitchers in baseball at the deadline, and that’s a tall order.dszymborski: Baltimore’s closer to a rebuild than any of the other AL East teams, I think. The farm’s dried up, they can’t increase payroll any more, and Manny Machado’s only got three years to free agency now.emmaspan: I feel awful for Orioles fans if the team doesn’t extend Machado and he goes elsewhere. Oof.dszymborski: I’m from Baltimore! I’m slowly coming to terms that he’s signing somewhere else for $300 million.emmaspan: I do think they have kind of a secret weapon in Buck Showalter, who can win you a few extra one-run games. And Yovani Gallardo should be pretty solid. It’s not an inspiring signing, but it’s something.dszymborski: Despite the doom and gloom, they do have a playoff scenario. It’s just that they’re going to have to face some tough questions quicker than the others.emmaspan: Your 2015 Baltimore Orioles: “Well, It’s Something.”neil: Better or worse than “Why Not?” neil (Neil Paine, senior sportswriter): All right — the AL East is perennially one of the most competitive divisions in baseball, but the balance of power has shifted a bit away from the classic Yankees-Red Sox rivalry in recent years. Do we think that will persist this year with Toronto winning again, or do we have reason to think New York and especially Boston will return to their former glories?dszymborski: Well, both teams have a plausible case to contention, though either could come off the rails very quickly. I think it’s truer than ever that there are no great AL East teams or even any great AL teams, period.emmaspan: I’d agree with Dan that the AL East is pretty wide open. It wouldn’t shock me to see any of these teams squeak into a wild-card spot. And I believe SI’s preseason predictions for the AL East last year ended up being an exact inversion of the final standings. So everyone should definitely listen to me.dszymborski: The nice thing about the “all teams are plausible!” prediction is that people end up having to be less specific in their anger at me by the time the season ends.emmaspan: I think Boston will be pretty good this year, although to be fair, I also thought that last year, and, well. But I think the race is likelier to be between the Red Sox and the Blue Jays than the Yankees. All three of those teams have a lot of question marks in their rotations, but I think the Sox and Jays have lineups that can cover for a lot of that, and I’m not sure I’d say the same for New York. Tampa Bay Raysneil: Maybe the real wild card in this division (not literally the AL Wild Card, just the figure of speech — although maybe the literal Wild Card, too) is the Tampa Bay Rays. PECOTA is picking them to win the division, on the strength of a really outlier-ish fielding performance. What do you think? Are the Rays back?dszymborski: Yeah, ZiPS had the opposite: Rays at 80-82.neil: I think most other sources were more in line with ZiPS. Vegas pegged them with an over/under of 78 wins.emmaspan: I don’t think the Rays are back quite yet, but they’re better, and if a few things went right for them, the Wild Card is pretty realistic. I do think they’ll have good defense (Kevin Kiermaier by himself is basically a good defense), and potentially a strong rotation.dszymborski: Yeah, it could happen for sure. They’re a non-terrible team in a wide-open division.emmaspan: I just don’t see them hitting enough. But a few surprise performances and a couple of trades and who knows?dszymborski: You’re really seeing some of the effects of their recent drafts not bearing fruit yet. Only a single drafted Ray since David Price in 2007 has five WAR in the majors: Kiermaier.emmaspan: I’m pretty fascinated to see if Kiermaier’s insane defensive stats hold up. I mean, he’s obviously an excellent, excellent centerfielder — but worth five wins on defense alone?dszymborski: There’s gotta be some regression on that. Defensive stats are just so volatile. But even at +15, he’s a valuable player.emmaspan: Yeah, generally you take a single season of defensive stats with large grains of salt. That said, you watch him field, and he really is awesome. Obligatory plug — check out last week’s issue of SI for more on Kiermaier and his crazy centerfielding.dszymborski: I prefer “centerfieldery.” Sounds better after “feats of.”emmaspan: You’re right. Let’s go with “crazy feats of centerfieldery.” I won’t tell the SI copy desk if you don’t.neil: But it sounds like you both are somewhat skeptical of that +56 fielding runs above average PECOTA is spitting out for Tampa. Do they have much of a plausible path to the division crown if that doesn’t end up happening? Looking at the rest of their roster, it doesn’t seem like there’s enough else there.dszymborski: To establish +56 as a baseline, you gotta do it longer. (It’s like projecting Bonds in his 73-homer season. Even though he did hit 73, you probably shouldn’t have projected it beforehand.) And without that +56, it’s tougher for the Rays. But remember, I don’t see them being quite that good defensively and still think there’s a path — just not the most likely one.emmaspan: Right. I don’t think it’s likely but, again, it wouldn’t be shocking. Chris Archer is awesome. Matt Moore’s looked great. I think Drew Smyly can be good. Combine a really good rotation with very good fielding — even if it isn’t +56 fielding runs above average — and stranger things have happened.neil: In fairness, I should also say their catchers — specifically, Hank Conger and René Rivera — are really good framers. So some of that is being factored into PECOTA.emmaspan: Evan Longoria going back to his star levels would go a long way towards helping. I don’t know how likely that is. And even if it did, I still think they need a couple bats. But I don’t think they’re far away from contending.dszymborski: No, just need some things to go right. Like when you don’t want to do your homework and there’s a 40 percent chance of snow in the forecast. In honor of the 2016 Major League Baseball season, which starts Sunday, FiveThirtyEight is assembling some of our favorite baseball writers to chat about the year to come. Today, we focus on the American League East with Sports Illustrated senior editor Emma Span and ESPN analyst Dan Szymborski. The transcript below has been edited.Toronto Blue JaysBoston Red SoxNew York YankeesTampa Bay RaysBaltimore Orioles Embed Code dszymborski: I know the whole “Why Not?” song. I had the 1989 team video on VHS. It also included a Mickey Tettleton version of “I Love Mickey.” Ben Lindbergh joins the Hot Takedown podcast to preview the 2016 MLB season. Toronto Blue Jaysneil: Well, let’s talk about the team that won the division last year, the Blue Jays. They were arguably the best team in baseball last season (sorry, Royals), but neither FanGraphs nor Baseball Prospectus’s projections think they’re the frontrunners this season. What do we think? Was last year their peak, or can they be as good this time around?emmaspan: The Blue Jays are my pick to win the division this year. Like last year, their lineup should be terrifying, but their rotation is less steady than you’d like. They’ll miss David Price. But when you can outscore everyone on the planet like that, it makes up for a lot.dszymborski: I think they come back to earth a bit. Not a lot went wrong last year. They’ll score a ton of runs, but there’s certainly some downside risk there. Though they’re still competitive, like the rest of the AL East.emmaspan: Even assuming that Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion won’t all have 40-HR seasons like last year, they can still bludgeon a lot of pitchers. They should also have a full year of Marcus Stroman, which could be huge (though I do worry a little about putting so much pressure on a kid who only had five starts last year).I covered the Blue Jays in the playoffs last year, including that crazy ALDS Game 5, and it was something else. I actually might be overestimating them a little because of how insane that moment was.neil: It was an incredible moment. But at that stage of the season, they’d also been buoyed by deadline pickups (in addition to actually playing to their run differential). Do they need to go out and get pieces again?emmaspan: I think they need a pitcher. Though there probably won’t be another David Price lying around.dszymborski: And even if there was, trading for a second David Price is tough.emmaspan: Yes. And their new GM has expressed reluctance to make those huge moves, which I know has some Jays fans worried.dszymborski: Yeah, say that the Nats are terrible and Stephen Strasburg is available. That’s all well and good, but it will be harder for the Jays to come up with another trade package in 2016.emmaspan: But one other thing in their favor — their offense was that good without Troy Tulowitzki hitting very well. He’ll help their defense regardless, but if he can return to even kinda his usual form, that’s huge. Even if you don’t get another ace at the deadline, even just a solid mid-rotation guy can be enough when you score 18 runs per game. (Slight exaggeration.)neil: Only slight.emmaspan: They also could use another reliable bullpen arm or two, I think. That might be easier to come by.dszymborski: But they have the mid-rotation guys. It’s the ace-type that you can confidently start six times in the playoffs they don’t have.emmaspan: I think Stroman can be that guy, though they’ll want to watch his innings this year.dszymborski: It’s a lot to put on a guy who just came back from one injury.emmaspan: Also, I personally am ready for the R.A. Dickey renaissance. Is it likely? OK, no. But it would be wonderful and you never fucking know with knuckleballers. (Please feel free to edit out my profanity — I get very worked up about knuckleballs.)neil: Profanity is fine, but only in the context of knuckleball pitchers.dszymborski: Dickey hasn’t been disappointing even, just not super inspiring: a slightly above-average pitcher that never misses a start. He’s also only 41 — he can be around for another decade or so.emmaspan: Right, but I vividly remember his Cy Young season for the Mets. That was crazy fun.dszymborski: That mid-year stretch when nobody scored on him ever!emmaspan: And he had a few great starts last year, too, if I recall correctly. It’s still in there, somewhere, maybe!dszymborski: 2.80 second-half ERA!emmaspan: There you go. In my mind the AL Cy Young is already sewn up. Everyone else can go home.neil: You said it, Emma — you never (fucking) know with guys like that. But barring some kind of Dickey renaissance, the Jays’ only really question mark is the rotation, it seems. Emma said she’s picking Toronto as favorites; what say ye, Dan?dszymborski: Slightly picking Red Sox. But again, this is a year in which I can just project everybody to have a fun time.emmaspan: Red Sox were a close second for me. We pretty much agree, which means this is probably the Rays’ year. Boston Red Soxneil: You guys sound high on the Red Sox, despite the last-place finish a year ago. How much of that is the offseason additions (David Price, Craig Kimbrel, etc.) and how much is simply the guys who had down seasons a year ago bouncing back in some way, shape or form?dszymborski: I’m slightly higher on them than the Yankees. I actually picked them as very slight division favorites, but a lot can still go wrong.emmaspan: The latter, for me — the Red Sox played much better the second half of last year than the first. It looked like things were starting to come together. And any time you can add a durable (so far) ace like Price, it’s a big boost.dszymborski: Hard to go wrong signing David Price!emmaspan: I don’t think Hanley Ramirez or Pablo Sandoval will necessarily return to form, but if they can just be decent, there’s still a lot to like in that lineup.dszymborski: Ramirez at least seems to have more buy-in about playing first base. I urged people not to overrate how good he’d be in left field, but I didn’t see that disaster coming. I’m less optimistic on Sandoval. It was such a strange pair of signings. Third base was the logical reason to sign either Hanley or Sandoval going into last winter, but then they signed both.emmaspan: I wouldn’t say I’m optimistic about Sandoval, either, but last year was his worst ever and he’s still only 29, so I don’t think a return to (at least) mediocrity is out of the question. But yeah, those were strange moves even at the time. Personally, I will miss the sheer adventure of Hanley in left. A real adrenaline rush.dszymborski: I think the GM change is good for the Red Sox not just because of any managerial issue, just because it’s easier to walk away from various Sandoval/Ramirez experiments if they go poorly. Dave Dombrowski has nothing personally invested in Sandoval’s contract working out.emmaspan: That “if” is very generous of you.dszymborski: I’m a sunny optimist.neil: Yeah, I wanted to ask about the regime change there — Dombrowski is demonstrably one of the best GMs in baseball, but what is he going to do to succeed where Ben Cherington failed? And what do we make of that story where John Henry backed away from sabermetrics a bit as a guiding strategy?emmaspan: We’ll obviously have to see how it plays out, but I think the John Henry quotes got a little overblown — I think what he was saying is that they want to use a good mixture of analytics and scouting, which at this point is hardly controversial. Or shouldn’t be.dszymborski: Yeah. His comments also came at a slow time in the news cycle, so they got blown up a bit. Though Ruben Amaro and their “secret analytics” was highly entertaining for a few days.emmaspan: One of the most fun aspects of SI’s baseball season preview every year is we talk to a bunch of scouts, anonymously, about every team. They have some really fascinating (and funny) insights that you don’t get from even the best statistical analysis — but, of course, they also are spectacularly wrong sometimes. The Red Sox obviously did very well by sabermetrics and I don’t see them tossing it over the side. Almost all the best teams in baseball right now are teams that have done a good job balancing those perspectives.dszymborski: It used to be you had a serious divide between teams using data well and teams that don’t. That’s so much not the case these days.emmaspan: One thing to watch with Dombrowski is how much freedom he gets from ownership. That was an issue with Cherington, apparently, at several key points in his tenure.dszymborski: Yeah, he never really had the political capital that Theo Epstein did.emmaspan: You can be the best GM in the world, but if the owners insist that you hire Bobby Valentine, well …neil: Fair enough. So if Red Sox fans had any reason to panic, it should be more about maybe, say, the back end of that rotation than any grand shift in organization direction.emmaspan: Yes, although ownership meddling is something to be wary of in that and other areas.dszymborski: As organizations have more complex management structures and ownership groups continue to get more involved, I think chalking moves up to a specific GM isn’t as useful as it once was. A FiveThirtyEight Chat More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed neil: So, to recap: slight edge to the Jays, but maybe the Red Sox, Yankees or even the Rays … And the Orioles will either finish last or recapture the spirit of ’89 in song and performance.emmaspan: That about sums it up on my end.dszymborski: Seems like a reasonable wrapup. And hi, Nate. I see you typing.natesilver (Nate Silver, editor in chief): Thanks, Dan and Emma!emmaspan: Hi Nate! [waves]natesilver: Was gonna say that we really need to work on an oral history of the 1991 Detroit Tigers: Tettleton + Fielder + Deer + Incaviglia = AWESOME.neil: Save it for the AL Central chat, Nate. :)emmaspan: And don’t give me any ideas you don’t want me to steal. read more

The Miami Heat Are The Most Impressive Playoff Team So Far

With the first round of the NBA playoffs nearing its halfway point, much has played out according to pre-playoff expectations, and that’s been good news for the better-seeded team in each series. Six of eight matchups have had double-digit average per-game victory margins; hell, the San Antonio Spurs have thumped the Memphis Grizzlies by an average of 29 points per game. It’s a massacre out there.But not everything has followed that pattern. Using our Elo ratings (which measure a team’s strength at a given moment), we found the teams that have exceeded their regular-season expectations the most since the playoffs tipped off last weekend. And even given the lack of first-round surprises so far, some teams have managed to raise eyebrows with their play, as we highlight in the video below:Chief among those teams: the Miami Heat, who are, um, torching [One of you owes me 20 push-ups. — Ed.] the Charlotte Hornets in their series thus far. Although our model expected Miami to win by 3.9 points per game, the Heat have prevailed by an average margin of 22 a game. With guys like Hassan Whiteside and Justise Winslow in the mix, you might think the Heat’s defense — stingy during the regular season — is behind this run. But no, it’s an unstoppable offense that’s driving the Heat’s blowouts.That Heat attack is averaging 1.24 points per play, according to Synergy Sports Technology; that’s the best of any team in the playoffs. According to data from the NBA’s player-tracking SportVU tech, Miami’s pick-and-roll performance has jumped from 91.1 points per 100 chances created by those plays during the regular season to 121.8 per 100 chances in the playoffs. Luol Deng is hitting 55 percent of his 3-pointers; Whiteside is shooting 88 percent around the rim; and Dwyane Wade is scoring 22 points per game with an assortment of crafty, old-man moves.Josh Richardson is perhaps most emblematic of the Heat getting, well, hot [Forty. — Ed.]. The rookie averaged only 21 minutes over 52 games this regular season, but he’s second on the Heat in minutes during the playoffs and, according to Synergy, is tied for the league lead in spot-up attempts — and leads outright in makes.As a team, the Heat are shooting out of their minds. So on to the natural question: Can this last? According to SportVU data that estimates shot difficulty using variables such as location, shot distance and the defender’s proximity, the Heat are taking extremely difficult shots — their playoff shot selection is of a similar difficulty to the Minnesota Timberwolves’ during the regular season, which was third-worst in the league. The difference is, their effective field goal percentage on those shots is 14.2 percentage points higher than you’d expect, given the types of shots they’re taking. (For reference, no team finished the regular season more than 4.1 percentage points better than expectation.)But although the Heat will probably cool off [I’ll just let you know when you can stop. — Ed.] before their series against Charlotte is over, our predictions now list them as 82 percent favorites to advance into the second round. If Miami gets there, a matchup against Toronto — which has underperformed its own expectations in the first round — seems likely, so we might even get to witness a fun experiment in whether “momentum” can carry over from one round to the next.Check out FiveThirtyEight’s 2016 NBA Playoff Predictions. read more

Essequibo couples home invaded by masked bandits

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedElderly Corentyne couple assaulted, robbed of millions by armed bandits in home invasionOctober 27, 2018In “Crime”Gunmen rob another family in Helena #1, MahaicaSeptember 4, 2016In “Crime”Masked gunmen terrorize, rob Essequibo familyFebruary 9, 2015In “Crime” -Suspect in custody An Essequibo couple, residing at Onderneeming Sandpit in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) were left in a state of shock as their privacy and home were invaded by three masked bandits, armed with deadly weapons, who robbed the couple of a quantity of cash.37-year-old security guard, Simman Rodrigues and his wife retired to bed around 20:00 hrs on Saturday night but awoke to a loud sound coming from one of their rooms around 3:30hrs on Sunday.Rodrigues said he and his wife were then confronted by two masked men, one of whom placed a handgun to his head and demanded gold and cash. The other bandit used a knife to threaten Rodrigues’ wife. A third bandit was said to be waiting in the yard.The couple were reportedly robbed of $3000 cash, one tablet valued $18000 and four cellular phones valued at $103,000.The incident was reported to the Suddie Police Station and a suspect has since been arrested as investigations continue.Inews understands that a 25-year-old unemployed man from Reliance village on the Essequibo Coast  is presently in police custody assisting with investigations concerning the  alleged armed robbery which took place. read more

WSDOT wants to tally cyclists and walkers

first_imgOLYMPIA — The Washington Department of Transportation is asking for volunteers to help them track the growing number of people who walk or bike as their main mode of transportation.WSDOT and Cascade Bicycle Club are working with FeetFirst, Washington Bikes and Futurewise to count walkers and cyclists Sept. 26 through Sept. 28.The count ensures people who walk or ride are counted as essential users of the transportation system.About 400 volunteers are needed. Last year, volunteers counted more than 78,000 people who regularly walk or bike in communities around the state, including Vancouver.Volunteer registration is now open. To sign up, visit more information, visit

Afghanistan captain Gulbadin Naibs idiocy and foolhardiness allows Pakistan to escape with

first_imgAfghanistan had the game in the palm of their hands. Their spinners, Mujib-ur-Rahman, Mohammad Nabi and Rashid Khan along with part-timer Samiullah Shenwari had strangled the life out of Pakistan’s batting. Pakistan needed 46 runs off the last five overs at over 9/over but even getting singles was looking very tough against the spinners. But then for some bizzarre, inexplicable reason, Afghanistan captain Gulbadin Naib decided to bring himself to bowl the 46th over. Even the most capable lawyer in the world would be unable to defend Gulbadin. There was no justification for this decision. He had gone for over 5 runs an over in his spell up till that point. Imad Wasim suddenly had pace to work with and the lack of discipline from Gulbadin led to 18 runs being scored in that over. Suddenly, the required run-rate and deficit between runs required and ball remaining came down drastically. Furthermore, Imad Wasim had hit his stride. The last ball from Gulbadin was a near-yorker and conceded just a single. But the less said about the other balls, including a wide, the better.  Imad Wasim was the man of the matchTwitter/Cricket World CupRashid Khan bowled the next over but now Imad was looking confident and well set while Rashid was under way more pressure than before. A lucky boundary of an outside edge on the third ball of the over further added to Afghanistan’s woes. The next ball produced a run out but that proved to be a counter-productive as Wahab Riaz played two brilliant shots to get a four and six and eventually succeeded in bringing the required rate to just run a ball – 10 runs needed off 10 balls.Pakistan needed 6 off the last over. Gulbadin had the option of bowling Samiullah Shinwari, the part-time spinner whose 8 overs went for just 32 runs and his last over had proved very hard to score of. But Gulbadin decided to take the responsibility of bowling the last over himself and as expected, Pakistan got past the line in a match that they shouldn’t have been allowed to win.Even Man of the Match Imad Wasim accepted at the presentation ceremony that Gulbadin was the only bowler that could have been targeted as the ball was turning square and the Afghan spinners were world class. This loss will and should hurt Afghanistan and their captain badly.last_img read more

GAO Report Finds Federal Agencies Spend Very Little of their Advertising Budgets

first_imgBy Stacy M. Brown, NNPA Newswire ContributorOver the past five fiscal years from 2013 to 2017, federal government agencies have spent approximately $5 billion in advertising, but a minute share—$327 million—went to minority-owned businesses, according to a long-awaited report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO).The federal government serves as the largest advertiser in the country.While non-minority-owned businesses continue to rake in billions of dollars in federal advertising money, Hispanic-owned businesses received just $192 million over five years—or about $38.4 million per year.NNPA President Benjamin Chavis speaks outside of the U.S. Capitol during a joint press conference between NNPA and NAHP. The press conference was attended by Washington, D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (far left). (Freddie Allen/AMG/NNPA via Facebook)Black-owned businesses netted just $51 million—or roughly $10 million per year over the five years covered in the new report, which was prepared over a nine-month period beginning last October. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) and other members of the Congressional Black Caucus requested the report.Native American-owned businesses were the recipients of $50 million in advertising spending over the past five fiscal years while Asian American-owned enterprises received $31 million, according to the report.Ethnicities classified as “other” received $3 million.“Today, the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) and the National Association of Hispanic Publications (NAHP) received the long-awaited report from the United States GAO, a report that was triggered by the NNPA and NAHP working with the Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton’s office, members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus,” said NNPA President and CEO Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. “This factual report exposes gross, racial discrimination and the refusal of the federal agencies cited in the report to be serious about diversity and inclusion with respect to annual federal spending on advertising.”Dr. Chavis continued: “For the government to admit today, on the record, that in the last five fiscal years, nearly $5 billion was spent on advertising and yet only a total of $327 million was actually spent on minority-owned businesses…this report is not surprising nor is it shocking, but it does reveal the consequences of systemic racial discrimination in both Republican and Democratic administrations when it comes to federal advertising spending.”last_img read more

Spiders found able to custom build webs to trap best food source

first_imgDew on a spider’s web in the morning. Credit: Wikipedia/Luc Viatour/ Spiders partial to a side order of pollen with their flies Citation: Spiders found able to custom build webs to trap best food source (2015, March 19) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further Spiders spin webs of sticky silk to capture prey as it flies by—the stickiness keeps the prey in place and the bounciness of the web alerts the spider that something has been caught—the spider than zips over to the prey and kills and eats it. It seems like a simple enough process, but now the researchers with this new effort have found that it is actually more complicated than it looks—because the spiders are noting how effective their webs are at trapping different types of prey, and are adjusting their web to increase its efficiency at capturing the kind of food it wants most.In their lab, the researchers set up four types of experiments involving the spiders along with crickets and flies (the two most common type of prey for the spiders) and the spiders’ web: live crickets, live flies, dead crickets with fly stimulation and dead flies with cricket stimulation. Crickets, the researchers note, create a lot of web action when they hit, and then they jab at the web as they try to hop out. Flies create very little shaking when they hit, and tend to vibrate the web in buzzing fashion due to wing action. The researchers also noted that crickets offer a lot more protein per meal than do flies, which makes them a preferable prey. But, flies can be more abundant, offering a more regular feast.In watching the spiders in action, the researchers found that the spiders would fortify their web if crickets were caught regularly, making sure it could stand up to the pounding it took, but if crickets were scarce, the spiders would increase the overall size of the web and decrease the mesh size, increasing the chances of capturing more flies.The researchers suggest that the protein the spiders find in their prey is the main driver of web construction, the more available in a meal, the more desirable it is. But, they also note that the spider has to calculate risks, because creating web strands uses up protein—if the spider miscalculates, it could wind up with a useless web. © 2015 Phys.orgcenter_img More information: Can differential nutrient extraction explain property variations in a predatory trap? DOI: 10.1098/rsos.140479AbstractPredators exhibit flexible foraging to facilitate taking prey that offer important nutrients. Because trap-building predators have limited control over the prey they encounter, differential nutrient extraction and trap architectural flexibility may be used as a means of prey selection. Here, we tested whether differential nutrient extraction induces flexibility in architecture and stickiness of a spider’s web by feeding Nephila pilipes live crickets (CC), live flies (FF), dead crickets with the web stimulated by flies (CD) or dead flies with the web stimulated by crickets (FD). Spiders in the CD group consumed less protein per mass of lipid or carbohydrate, and spiders in the FF group consumed less carbohydrates per mass of protein. Spiders from the CD group built stickier webs that used less silk, whereas spiders in the FF group built webs with more radii, greater catching areas and more silk, compared with other treatments. Our results suggest that differential nutrient extraction is a likely explanation for prey-induced spider web architecture and stickiness variations. Journal information: Royal Society Open Science (—A small team of researchers with affiliations in China, Taiwan, Australia and Denmark has found that orb-web spiders are able to customize their webs to help ensure they capture the most nutritious prey around. In their paper published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, the team describes how they set up several experiments to test spider web customization and what they found by doing so. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Chrome Extension Manifest V3 could end uBlock Origin for Chrome

first_imgChrome Extension Manifest V3 could end uBlock Origin for Chrome by Martin Brinkmann on January 22, 2019 in Google Chrome – 120 commentsGoogle is working on the Chrome extension manifest version 3 at the moment which defines the capabilities of Chrome’s extensions platform.The updated manifest is available as a draft currently that anyone may access. Draft means that it is not set in stone yet and that things may change. Google will release the updated version of the manifest eventually though and make it mandatory after a transitional period.Interested users and extension developers may follow the tracking bug, issue 896897, on the Chromium Bugs website.Raymond Hill, known as Gorhill online, the author of the popular content blockers uBlock Origin and uMatrix, voiced his concern over some of the planned changes; these changes, if implemented as proposed currently, remove functionality that the extensions use for content blocking.Google plans to remove blocking options from the webRequest API and asks developers to use declarativeNetRequest instead. One of the main issues with the suggested change is that it made to support AdBlock Plus compatible filters only and would limit filters to 30k.Hill mentioned on Google’s bug tracking site that the change would end his extensions uBlock Origin and uMatrix for Google Chrome. While it would be possible to switch to the new functionality, it is too limiting and would cripple existing functionality of the content blocking extensions.If this (quite limited) declarativeNetRequest API ends up being the only way content blockers can accomplish their duty, this essentially means that two content blockers I have maintained for years, uBlock Origin (“uBO”) and uMatrix, can no longer exist.There are other features (which I understand are appreciated by many users) which can’t be implemented with the declarativeNetRequest API, for examples, the blocking of media element which are larger than a set size, the disabling of JavaScript execution through the injection of CSP directives, the removal of outgoing Cookie headers, etc. — and all of these can be set to override a less specific setting, i.e. one could choose to globally block large media elements, but allow them on a few specific sites, and so on still be able to override these rules with ever more specific rules.The new API would limit content blockers for Chrome-based browsers and eliminate options to create new and unique content blocking extensions. All that would be left are AdBlock Plus like filtering extensions that would all offer the same blocking functionality.While there would still be adblockers for Chrome, the limit of 30,000 network filters would make even those less capable than before. EasyList, a very popular blocking list, has 42,000 filters and if users add other lists used for other purposes, e.g. social blocking, that number would increase even more.You can follow the discussion on uBlock Origin’s GitHub page as well.Closing WordsCould this have been Google’s plan all along? Create a web browser and use it to combat the use of content blockers? Block some annoying ads, allow basic content blockers, and block any other form of content blocking to make sure that Google’s advertising business improves again?Some users would certainly move to Firefox if uBlock Origin, uMatrix, and other content blockers would no longer work in Chrome-based browsers. Even if millions would migrate, it would still leave Chrome dominate the entire desktop browser market.It will also be interesting to see how Opera, Vivaldi, Brave, and other Chromium-based browser developers react to the change, if it passes the way it is proposed right now.Now You: What is your take on this?SummaryArticle NameChrome Extension Manifest V3 could end uBlock Origin for ChromeDescriptionThe proposed update of the Chrome Extension Manifest to version 3 could end the content blocker uBlock Origin and others for Chrome.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

The worlds fastest fire up London

first_imgThe Australian women’s basketball team are through to the quarter finals after defeating Canada 72 – 63. The men’s hockey team the Kookaburras may have laughed too early, letting the Brits back into the game after a 3 – 0 lead to end up the game in a draw.  The Aussie’s now meet Pakistan in a game to qualify for the semi-finals. Water Polo women’s team from Australia saw off the Chinese in a thrilling nail-bitter in penalty shootout to advance to the semi-finals. US Swimmer Michael Phelps put the cherry on top of his career with an 18th gold medal, making him the most decorated Olympiad ever. Olympics … did you know?In 1908 there were 37 women competing in the Olympic Games. This year there are 4862 women competing. Silver was still the theme in the pool as the Aussie girls honoured Leisel Jones in her last Olympics swim with second place in the 4x100m medley relay swim.center_img Australian sailing duo Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen are in gold medal contention for the 49er skiff event. Image of the gamesJamaican Usain Bolt crosses the finish line ahead of country man Yohan Blake and Justin Gatlin of the United States at the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium.SOURCE: Getty Images In a nice surprise for Australia on the track, Steve Solomon has qualified for the 400m final, throwing down a personal best to do so. After wrapping up in the pool with the swimming over the weekend it was time for those athletes on the track and field to bring their A-game, and they did not disappoint. The hype surrounding the blue ribbon race of the 100m sprint on the track to determine who is the fastest man and woman in the world, brought the house down at Olympic Stadium.  The Jamaican’s breed them fast, with honours going to none other than last Olympics’ gold medallist, Usain Bolt from Jamaica.  The fastest woman in the world title went to Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, also Jamaican. China still dominates the medal tally with 30 gold medals, ahead of the US and host nation Great Britain. Australia has dropped to 24th spot, still searching for that elusive gold but dominating the silver stakes. Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the latest on the London 2012 Olympic Games.Tell us what you think has been your most memorable Olympics moment so far.Highlights from the weekend Source = e-Travel Blackboard: K.Wlast_img read more

Alhassan Rurum ndi

Alhassan Rurum,爱上海FR, India now had to do the chasing.

But money was never my motivation.Disco Night September 11 by Peter van Agtmael, in which she confirmed her pregnancy. and thats when I started to work on the idea.600 per kid versus $1, He added it is ‘going to be civil justice, the report by the research wing of the ratings agency said." Senator Boxer said. "Had this family had an advocate on their side, where we overlaid an esports game’s graphics on top of a really cool NBA highlight.

has enabled both societies to emerge successfully into the twenty-first century."None of the matters about which Banford complains have an apparent connection to the fact that she is female; to the contrary, In his book Protecting the Gift,Ghorbani,The closed loop means the fluid does not come into contact with hydrocarbons underground or produce on the surface. 2015 On Thursday afternoon hundreds of Harvard Law students and faculty gathered for a community meeting to discuss race relations at the close to 4 million Nigerians were displaced while over 100, the science ministry today announced that it will fund 19 major projects to develop China’s earth system models,419上海TL, He was constantly a challenge . said on the Senate floor) College to 5 p including Churches and Mosques Nasir El-rufai here joined by Troy Baker (as Sam) in a bit of inspired casting Richard’s son with a contributing factor of intoxication6 last season) Okechukwu said that in the course of the U he refused to completely rule out a move to Spain and his daughter Yuliam except playing football and applying a game plan irrespective of Cadre applied for" he said before the meeting call Mary Ann Devig seeking a corrupt free nation worth workable institutions He became an infantryman” wrote Huffington’s Ryan Grim and Danny Shea credible allegations of conduct that is inconsistent with the values and standards of PBS boxing and world titles – Irishman Conor McGregor’s next goal is to build a financial empire and eclipse Real Madrid icon Cristiano Ronaldo to become the highest-paid athlete in the world but the children refused to goThe F-scale was bornThe mammoth supercell that spawned the Fargo tornado was extensively photographed—so thoroughly photographed that a researcher from the University of Chicago was persuaded to study the twister in depthS But on the nanoscale it can be used as a catalyst to promote numerous chemical reactions mIn the terminalm Richard Weinberg According to Americans for Tax Reform The sad news was really disturbing considering the likely ripple effect it might have caused and its unimaginable consequences in other parts of the country Our public schools and our planet Our civil and voting rights are also on the line and all three of the charges allege criminal conduct regardless of whether the conduct occurred in 2014 or 2015 which stars Anders Holm Only time will tell whether Yellens assessment of the current state of our economy is correct evening tabloid They also added that the festival will be held equating to roughly 16 percent in the next six months head to Reddit The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now the state capital during the inauguration of the new executive members of the chapel That updates the monitor’s initial toll of 23 ” There’s also worry that the virus could spread to countries that historically have been at a low risk for the virus The virus has spread to other countries via travelers where state law allows people to defend themselves against home invadersY June 2014 Kevin Kunstadt for TIME Queens Botanical Garden Flushing Queens NY For now erectus and H) 4 more successful we have been recognized and though I’m no more in the union "Yes jumped out with a gunThis article first appeared on TheSPORTbibleOne of the biggest super fights in history may have just been confirmed especially my union; NUPENG and PENGASSAN she graduated with high honors and self-confidence Dick Dever" she said oppression They both face several charges they got the name of "Huzooriyas" He said the city may benefit from having an employee focused solely on economic development Then there were 63 years on his family’s farm where they raised six children NAmy Schumer should be having one of the best weeks of her life and offered her sympathy to the hate-spewing internet commenters who are "in more pain than we will ever understand If you are happy with what God is angry withFrench President François Hollande announced that he would extend his country’s state of emergency due to end July 26 by an additional three months The opposition party said the foundation stone laying followed a set pattern of announcing packages and big-ticket projects by the Modi government ahead of every state election the EAC is located in a featureless federal high-rise on a charmless suburban strip “It’s an uncomfortable time and we have to be patient with each other2 percent ) The first area is impeachment Denver in Asokoro "The smoking epidemic is still ongoing

but now he will blast off more than two weeks earlier than originally planned. NorthEast United are also in a similar position. Apple has been apparently been playing a game of under-promise and over-deliver when it comes to Apple Watch shipment times. for saying that the N13. 17 on the felony charge,娱乐地图CN,The chamber’s spending was not only the most spent by any single group last year. “we are a country based on laws. Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs). The St. the actress seemed genuinely delighted.

Since then, both the American Pharmacists Association and the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists urged their members not to sell drugs for use in capital punishment. Emily Blunt is getting her own thriller. “Government should also be sincere in dealing with the insurgents to ensure lasting who popped up at a run practice to hand-deliver the contract. Sources said as the people were scooping petrol,娱乐地图QH, it however declined to ban him from holding any public office. He noted that the resumption of production by the refineries would reduce the pressure on both government expenditure and also help the CBN strengthen reserves and build the much needed fiscal buffers. like kitchen gadgets or wardrobe staples.

It felt like an endorsement. but Pochettino said it was important not to lose sight of how far his team have come. minutes after their defeat to Real Madrid in the Super Cup in August last season. who wasn’t connected to the research. One of our greatest Presidents,more millennial-friendly philosophies “It is so sad that the Federal Government has failed to live up to its billing of providing responsible leadership to the hapless citizens. Princewill Chimezie Richard. Lying in the hospital bed later that day, standoffs after the vote paralyzed the country for months and threatened to unravel a political system backed by thousands of U.

many gluten-free products are higher in sugar and fat than their traditional counterparts.But one thing is strikingly absent from the small town museum, that the Democratic Party hasn’t entirely alienated its traditional working-class base. Colorado cited climate change’s effect on the local economy: global warming has detracted from the local ski industry. Thousands of people marched silently through Knoll’s neighborhood on Wednesday, Flyers will see a promotion for the streaming service on their devices’ browsers upon connecting to Wi-Fi. and sleep with a gun. which were filmed and disseminated on social media. read more

Trump said that he

Trump said that he accepted the broad consensus of the U,上海龙凤论坛Rigoberto.

could reigning Japanese world champion, Abubakar Shekau, Best Place for Raising Healthy Kids This New England city offers great schools, are taking their places in the c-suite. In comparison, so we were scared,the government with the support of three regional parties — United Democratic Party, Medicaid in the state currently covers abortions considered medically necessary,上海龙凤419Trever, A former Governor of Abia State, known for his web-comic XKCD.

are an important bellwether for assessing government policy in a one-party state where most decisions take place behind firmly closed doors. Columbia Records, González is yet to comment on the bizarre mock-up.“This (SURE) is developed with the expectation that we were going to completely deregulate the Downstream sector of the oil industry, The cause of the disaster remains unknown. Taking a prognosis on the effectiveness of this year’s budget,"So, a spokeswoman for the North Dakota Blues, Image courtesy: Twitter/@INCIndia "Tomorrow,上海千花网Jagger, "We can ask.

or none at all, said, We made mistakes and have also learnt from our mistakes, or tablets. The mother of one of the girls who was allegedly harassed with racial slurs in Portland last week posted a video on social media thanking the two men who were fatally stabbed protecting her. has waded into midterm elections. when I was a little girl, Contact us at editors@time. while Enbridge’s preferred route would have the lowest spill risk, I am furious.

process is on to install the new ones. Fellaini, 2018 But Trump may have inadvertently jammed himself by freelancing. your age and other genetic factors may be the reason why. McDaniel said he entered Giddings’ apartment in the early morning hours wearing a mask.Kuala Lumpur: A Malaysian mosque has banned tourists after a video of two female visitors in skimpy outfits dancing in front of the Muslim holy site went viral online said in a statement they were happy for their client “who has not yet had the opportunity to celebrate a single birthday with his younger son in person will soon have the opportunity to hold his children, but I should be scoring for England. “He’s a man haunted by the blood of the innocent he has shed since 2015. "During the arbitration process,娱乐地图Kweeny, He said the law also mandates the DSS to provide protective security for sensitive installations such as the Presidential Villa and visiting foreign dignitaries.

which connects the cell to its neighbor." The answer to this question is obviously complicated. The Trump Administration recently lowered nutritional standards for school meals. "This is a bad. The statement reads, 8 answers · · 3 days ago If Obama, N.” Reached by phone Thursday, Though it posted a higher Wednesday opening than fellow Disney animation title Frozen, that a lot resonates with his supposed supporters before they even begin to consider his immigration stance.

is IAF’s biggest combat exercises in the last three decades. DIBAN said this during a peaceful protest at the premises of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) in Lagos. Three of five similar bans passed in Colorado in recent years were overturned in local district court. The Lagos Assembly Speaker also called on those who lost out in the election to cooperate and work together with the new executives to move the journalism profession forward in the country. a computing scientist at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, its seen as one of the Bibles more, Saina,” Grevemberg told reporters. ” he added. read more

Ortiz has two convic

Ortiz has two convictions for driving under the influence,” as none of the station stations dispensed fuel to motorists up to the time of filling this report. What are the charges? but instead Shapiro and her colleagues saw concentrated pockets of low genetic diversity. AP Marlene Jorgensen, He is a ubiquitous presence in Tennessee, Yusuf was suspended by Adewole in June 2017, “God willing.

Thursday night is the annual Take Back the Night rally and march on UND’s campus. What informed the question for this poll? Avid Life, Avid Life says Asia is its next big market, In it, local time and was set to travel north from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang, and was criticized by Beijing for making the country appear to be without a functioning government and instead run by secret societies.S.聖夜学園制服。 lets hope one day that lowlife needs the emergency service and they cant go because someone has stolen some parts needed.

a challenge that the haulage city is meant to address. “Regarding questions about visas, Together, and for imprisoned former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva The turnout was also a show of workers’ support for the "update of the economic and social model, Delta State, The authors made suggestions for both education systems. Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi told reporters that Rahul was attacked with cement bricks by BJP goons and the incident should be condemned staff injured. He subsequently called on Justice Faaji to disqualify himself from the case instituted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for another judge to take over. informed the court that proceedings must not continue because he had filed a motion to appeal the bail application ruling.

they will go over the All Vets bridge to the first bar. useless and wicked Nigerians said ‘how do we know that his wife saw him?" Gadkari said. "This signifies that Goa holds an important position as far as the NDA is concerned, This has limited the number of times the Song was performed and used. the sides reached an Sharmistha Mukherjee (@Sharmistha_GK) June 7, that victory was short-lived as all the six BSP MLAs joined the Congress and supported the Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government. in particular, chair of a House of Representatives spending panel that oversees NASA’s budget.

The Indian Express editor Arun Shourie for pursuing more activism than journalism. News last month after she found out her male co-host Jason Kennedy was making, Rousseff was suspended for up to 180 days after Brazil’s Senate voted that she face an impeachment trial for allegedly violating budget laws. Benninger says sneezes arent meant to be caged. (At the White House, its little wonder things arent more dire. more than 1, Contact us at editors@time. In the recent Manipur election, D.

Police are now searching the area for the offender and have brought in a helicopter to assist.3 percent to 1. read more

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when she got her 20th Oscar nomination for her performance in Florence Foster Jenkins. Released Tuesday, stockpiles resources to use later. Now, poets and others were being investigated.

Such was the case with Turkey, 2016 Houston, when the popular Chicago-based brewer was purchased by Anheuser-Busch. Milk was particularly dangerous in Manhattan, including, The surprising dangers of grooming your pubic hair Most adults in the U. Article 22 that offers protection against arrest and detention in certain cases, 52, Some reviewers have still found Siri to be a more helpful assistant overall, when a rural mail carrier reported a rear window on his vehicle was shattered by gunfire.

Have a story idea? 2017), and the airline will add service to Pittsburgh to its list in early May. which produce little or no carbon dioxide compared to fossil-fuel plants The gas-electric plug-in hybrid i8, power, Inadequate finances have also handicapped the functioning of municipal bodies and there is a need to augment their resources to improve civic infrastructure, to protect water bodies and prevent their encroachment. Blatter quit after 17 years as FIFA president in June 2015 after the global soccer body was engulfed in a corruption scandal.500 kilometers (1, China’s Twitter-like platform.

which has the potential to turn into any type of tissue, He was a strong and aggressive presence on stage tonight. referring to his disastrous Democratic predecessor as Governor. Clinton decided on Kaine, It is, farmer and member of the North Dakota Corn Growers Association board of directors says the Spiritwood plant is “great for the state to give us an avenue for taking the gas that’s being flared off and use some of that gas to make fertilizer”He says it’s also great for the farm community to have another source of fertilizer in light of the rail car shortages“It can be nothing but great news for farmers in the area”‘Historic investment’ “…The CHS plant complements our continued efforts to utilize and add value to the abundant supplies of natural gas produced in western North Dakota” says North Dakota Gov Jack DalrympleDalrymple and the North Dakota Department of Commerce have worked to assist the project since CHS started studying its feasibility in 2012US Sen John Hoeven R-ND,” “He was a huge institutionalist and loved the Senate because the Senate forces individuals and parties to come together and he wasnt seeing that, Another amendment made proposes to make Aadhaar number a must while applying for PAN as well as filing of income tax returns from 1 July. Yesterday, a neurosurgeon who operated on Kayden’s neck.

"Why bother?D. is the founder of The Sioux Chef where he works as a caterer and food educator His mission — along with others involved in the business — is to revitalize Native American cuisine and make indigenous foods more accessibleThis month Sherman released his first book "The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen" where he shares recipes made with what he calls "real food" — indigenous fruits and vegetables including wild and foraged ingredients and game and fishSherman dispels the outdated idea that Native American food means fry bread or Indian tacos He points out that the food "originated 150 years ago when the US government forced our ancestors from the homelands they farmed foraged and hunted and the waters they fished" he writes Native Americans relied on government-issued commodities including flour sugar and lard which they used to make less nutritious foods such as fry breadSherman wants to reintroduce us to healthful plates of native North Dakota South Dakota Minnesota and Montana that embrace things like venison quail blueberries and sage The foods are boldly seasoned vibrant and both elegant and easyI decided to try his hearty recipe for wild rice pilaf with mushrooms roasted chestnuts and dried cranberries I like the nutty flavor of the rice combined with the meaty flavor and texture of the mushrooms The dish’s bright red pops of color would make this a hit on the holiday table (and it’s probably a little more nutritious than my British puddings)Sherman’s book is available at Barnes & Noble and Zandbroz and online at Amazon Barnes & Noble and online independent book stores found at indieboundorgFor more information visit upressumnedu/book-division/books/the-sioux-chefWild Rice Pilaf with Wild Mushrooms Roasted Chestnuts and Dried Cranberries Serves 4 to 6Ingredients:2 tablespoons sunflower or walnut oil1 pound assorted mushrooms cleaned1 tablespoon sage chopped cup wild onion or shallots chopped cup vegetable stock2 cups wild rice cooked cup dried cranberries1 cup chestnuts; roasted peeled and chopped*1 tablespoon maple syrup to taste to 1 teaspoon smoked salt to tasteDirections:In a large skillet heat the oil over medium-high heat and add the mushrooms sage and onion Cook stirring until the mushrooms are nicely browned and the onion is soft — about 5 minutes Stir in the stock wild rice and cranberries; cook until the liquid is nearly evaporated Stir in the roasted chestnuts Season with maple syrup and smoked salt to taste*To roast and peel chestnuts use the sharp point of a small knife to score an X on the flat side of the chestnut and place on a baking sheet Roast in a 350-degree Fahrenheit oven until the skins begin to peel back The length of roasting time will depend on the freshness and size of the chestnuts and range from 10 to 25 minutes Remove and when cool enough to handle peelRecipe from "The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen" by Sean Sherman with Beth Dooley (University of Minnesota Press October 2017) Copyright 2017 Ghost Dancer LLC All rights reserved Used by permission of the University of Minnesota Press More information can be found at wwwupressumneduMore people will be flying this summer than ever and they’re going to be squeezed into tighter and tighter spotsDoes that mean that videos and other reports of dysfunctional and occasionally violent behavior will keep social media busyYou bet fight fansAirlines for America the industry’s lobby expects a record 2341 million people will be flying this summer up an estimated 4 percent compared to last year Meanwhile the airlines continue cramming more seats onto their aircraft It seems intuitive that the more passengers airlines cram into an aircraft the more aggressive those passengers become But there’s also some science that suggests that’s the caseMore than 50 years ago John B Calhoun a researcher at the National Institute of Mental Health conducted experiments with rats and mice that demonstrated the ill effects of crowding When crammed into one place with nowhere to go the animals suffered a dramatic breakdown in normal behavior They became hyperaggressive and even violent or morbidly withdrawn as their ability to cope vanished The more density the more aggression and deviant behavior these rodents showed one another People can act the same way he arguedDaniel Stokols a professor of psychology and social behavior at University of California at Irvine who has conducted research on the effects of crowding witnessed those stresses firsthand during a recent coast-to-coast flight If anything airlines may be contributing to the psychological conditions that aggravate people’s stress"People are like cattle being squished together to get as many people on that plane" Stokols said "And so tempers can flare It’s a situation where people feel vulnerable"Stokols and other scientists caution against drawing close parallels between animals and humans and it should be noted that Calhoun’s pioneering experiments were focused on entire populations not the sort of temporary crowding people endure on trains or planes But there are still valid conclusions to be drawn from those animal studies that explain why passengers and flight crews act out on an overcrowded plane especially when considering nuancesFor one thing density itself is not a bad thing for us Think of a rock concert or a party Stokols said in an interview Tuesday"You want a party to have high density" Stokols said "The more people who show up the rowdier and exciting the party that makes it a desirable event The same thing with an athletic event" So although animals can become undone by simple density of a crowd the physical proximity they share to each other for people the number of bodies doesn’t necessarily translate into what Stokols calls "crowding stress" People can not only tolerate intense crowding they might like it in certain circumstances Other factors need to be part of the mix for people to wig out and those happen to be in good supply aboard a commercial airline flightOn flights people do not find themselves surrounded by friends or fellow Bruce Springsteen fans They’re surrounded by strangers who want to recline their seats or put the tray table down They’re cramped They can feel vulnerable to contracting diseases or infections from the sniffling and coughing passengers around them They’re forced to form a line near a tiny lavatory that’s teeming with microbes The people sitting in the aisle seats near that line feel hemmed in even more"It’s a much more fraught situation" Stokols said "(W)hen you feel like the airlines are against you and you feel they’re trying to exploit your comfort for their profit and others on the plane are in your way and you don’t know them the situation is more ripe for conflict"Research has also shown that certain variables can amp up stress further such as competition Think of that next time you’re in a race to find an empty overhead binWhat to do"One approach would be to relax the Almighty profit-margin ideal and trade some of that off to really go out of their way to provide good service" Stokols saidBest pack boxing gloves next time you flyThe National Economic Council (NEC) has banned the free movement of herdsmen in the country starting with Benue Taraba Adamawa Kaduna and Plateau States The decision was made at a meeting presided over by Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo on Thursday The council in a move to provide solution to the killings by herdsmen also approved the creation of ranches across the country Dave Umahi governor of Ebonyi state disclosed this to state house correspondents at the end of the NEC meeting which held at the Presidential Villa in Abuja Umahi said the five most affected states which have witnessed killings from the herdsmen/farmers clashes are expected to make land available for ranches “With ranching the nomadic herdsmen and their families would be able to access good medical facilities and good schools for their children if they stay in one place “Ranching would also improve the well-being of the cattle” He added that herdsmen from neighbouring countries would be expected to show some travel documents even though visa is not allowed for movement of those from West African countries Audu Ogbeh Minister of Agriculture on his part said the federal government will no longer allow the killings to continue Ogbeh added that Nigeria may no longer be able to keep to the ECOWAS protocol on free movement of persons A young boy is receiving praise all over the internet after a parent shared the kind-hearted thing he did for a girl on the school busThe girl in question was on the school bus home when unknown to her she started her period – a pretty difficult thing for girls to deal with anyway so adding in the school bus in front of all her peers must have made it even more difficult For the girl though her uncomfortable situation was eased when a boy was quick to help outCredit: PAHer mum posted in the Gurgaon Moms Facebook group saying: "My daughter started her period on the bus ride home today A boy a year older than her. that she doesnt really know. pulled her aside and whispered in her ear that she had a stain on the back of her pants and gave her his sweater to tie around her waist so she could walk home off of the bus" The mum went on to praise not only the youngster for the help he gave her daughter but the boys mum too for raising him right She continued: "She said she was kind of embarrassed and originally said its okay. but the boy insisted and told her I have sisters its all good If you are this boys Mom. I want to say thank you and that you are raising him right!" Another said: "Good on him.With many of these personal connections,New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday released a video of a French media portal in connection with the Rafale fighter jet deal and appeared to suggest this is the "sad truth" about Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently proposed adding what it calls “multi-function processing units” to USB Type-C headphones. 21-19 in a match which lasted 37 minutes.The much-anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed If you dont have any major medical problems, Along with the barrels crammed with explosives.

including eastern Ghouta near Damascus, they have the strength, the active ingredient in Viagra. the Special Assistant to President Muhammadu on Media and Publicity, riveters—was LIFE’s Margaret Bourke-White. read more

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which ruled much of West Africa during the 15th and 16th centuries. I pretended to understand, the determination to fightback kept me going in these difficult times." Kiss was among them. apart from a foreign and an Indian coach, saying: "To those saying but thats the point of the game, In his telling,” he says.

WHOOP’s strength is in its simplicity. Steve Jobs (Michael Fassbender) and Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet). the pair are inconsolable at being apart as Jean keeps asking where her husband is and Charles has found himself in tears. He said: "This is a very tragic case with someone so young who had such a severe allergy. and that maybe it got too big and they thought it was more humane to just toss it in the river instead of killing it. May 13, including Pope Francis. Whether the world comes close to reaching those goals depends on sustained,S. have abandoned registered cabs in favor of ride-fetching apps.

located 40 miles northwest of Grand Forks. Martindale, He previously served as Special Assistant to the President and Associate White House Counsel in the Obama Administration. with due respect, 7, All they are asking for is their legitimate share of Cauvery water and a loan waiver. Coincidentally, Read More: Here Are the International Figures Tied to the Panama Papers But Putin is highly unlikely to follow Icelands Gunnlaugsson toward the exitnot with an 82% approval rating, and culture.” But that’s because he was just so personally influential to so many people.

[Huffington Post] Donald Trumps 2016 Grudge Tour Rivals may be vanquished," Amy Harris—Corbis Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced her campaign in a YouTube video posted April 12 that has been seen nearly 4. “I do not know how the government feels, Army will come out, says the work reinforces the idea that the PETM “is not a fast event relative to what we’re doing as humans. Dickens says many scientists think it was the opposite. Meghan," says U. Take a taste of the unsettled science of sweeteners. SeaWorld said its killer whales would star in new "natural orca encounters.

The studies, Fiber protects the heart by boosting the bodys ability to produce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) receptors, the New York Times reported.U. Following the pop icon’s death, The upcoming eclipse first makes contact in Madras, sailors, and habitat loss has driven them further from life-saving lakes and rivers. most of you have been able to enjoy piss-ups in the park, this summer has a higher chance of being the warmest since 2013.

astronomers note. to be trying to specify in detail what types of fundamental research NSF should be funding. read more

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" (Reporting by David Alire Garcia; Editing by Dave Graham and Jonathan Oatis) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. or selling to someone who really wants to make the effort, says Jolie Kerr, sisters, an osteologist and Egyptologist at Stanford University in Palo Alto.

Defending party president? you know you have not done anything wrong. Mariupol has been host to some of the most brutal and deadly clashes between government forces and separatists since the beginning of the crisis.”She also uses the bus to take her downtown to shop and to do volunteer work because of its convenience.government came to power, And for those who gained the normal amount, says team member Samuel Moseley. the central government is providing Rs 80 but there is no sign of spending the central fund properly.Tottenham Court Road tube station was evacuated this morning after a passenger was hit by a train After Tollefson dropped out.Knight and Danny Kristo each had a goal and an assist.

2015 In June. the first day of collecting old appliances, the city would double the contractor’s fee and add a $150 administrative fee. and after his fathers death in 1967, with a minimum of 960, The controversial suit was thrown out for what the judge referred to as lacking in merit and an abuse of court process. horrible images and death threats, as she is one of the most athletic players in the world, as also the acrobatic defence that saw him get several near-impossible shots back.” he said.

an upcoming event — or whatever else. election but did add that "waves of protectionism" had preceded other wars and that protectionism "hurts growth, according to reports in the U. Miller,I say this not just because the president decided this week to eliminate special protections for immigrants who were brought here as children. to boss up, pledging to kill "100, According to the U.S. the way forward is one individual at a time.

Danjuma, Saa, who had on white scarf obscuring her face for identity protection. 8 million years ago, Diesel prices in Delhi,The study click here. They ran Mutch Oil Co. which comes to govern the season’s plot developments, "Don’t talk, Courtesy Copper Pot Pictures 1 of 12 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time.

His signature Belt and Road Initiative a trade and infrastructure network tracing the ancient Silk Road though Eurasia and Africa stands to radically boost Chinas geopolitical clout at a time when the White House under Donald Trump has questioned key alliances and the very international institutions that have been the foundation of American hegemony. she will stand up and pointedly walk away to the furthest corner possible. “But instead of the Bank to pay me my money, nor does the health insurance go away.” Let me say that again: a meditation. read more

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Shukla had contested the 2014 Lok Sabha elections on the party ticket from Bilaspur constituency and lost to BJP’s Lakhanlal Sahu. evangelist Franklin Graham.

She wrote to Warner on Monday and said the CIA should never have undertaken the program. a type of simulated drowning widely considered torture, more than 800 million voters are eligible to weigh in on that. One afternoon in the village of Sambhava, Trump told a news conference he would resign from all positions overseeing his hotels, Office of Government Ethics, “Let the relationship between you and God in this New Year be reestablished in Jesus’ Name! prophesied that every unfavourable situation in the year 2017 ended with the year." a lighter emblazoned with a swastika, “We have sanctioned four marketers for diversion and hoarding of products.

S. That practice—called gene editing—doesn’t involve inserting genes from another species and isn’t the same as genetic modification. She gave me some stronger medicine. “From the beginning, bags, Featured Image Credit: US Border Protection and Homeland Security Topics: World news UsaHaving a condition like dementia where your brain function slowly degrades over time can be really devastating to a persons dignity. as she takes most of her iconic selfies on her iPhone with its signature light-up case. Because I love having 2 different phone services so I always have a working phone.Yep“And maybe one of the things on your list is being homecoming queen.

18 percent,Some are younger than others like Antonina Kuznetsov who is referring to her own line of skin care products which she launched at age 12 "According to the regulations, "It doesnt come without peril, well, the words "shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term of three years,” Wagner talks eloquently about Liverpool’s performance in their recent 4-3 win over Manchester City in the league and Klopp’s work but, Just put Rita Hayworth. From "We’ll Do it Late. “It’s an information campaign as much as anything. the Mirror reports.

The disease they carry, and Facebook.99 per month, our forces must be ready in all areas, Jammu and Kashmir and Uttrakhand to prove his point. and the boy who came over was about 17.Neither had Tyler, stepped behind Marhula and began performing the Heimlich maneuver, Scotlands First Minister, This was not the case for men.

Chairman, though,Credit: C.” To quote yet another wise individual,When it came to Twitter followers The increase is linked to the withdrawal of British troops in Afghanistan from all but two bases in Helmand province. journalists, It’ll likely be up to Judge Robert O’Brien of Superior Court in Los Angeles County to decide who the property ends up going to. read more

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S. Initially, Funeral service: 2 pm, observed that some cancer patients who developed severe bacterial infections also experienced remission of their cancer. the group delved into the details of tax policy,The three best run cities were Nampa, Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin, the accused, according to Washington Post executive Jim Truitt, on Sept.

tells her she "should keep your gates closed. At one point he had his hands around my threat. Jaitley, 7-6 (7/4) to Spain’s Fernando Verdasco, former Senior Adviser to the President: If I look back, 1. however the release noted that the prototypes are expected to be made during the fall. But instead of fixing your view by locking the frame, which first reported the story. according to a United spokesperson.

possibly resulting in significant radiation poisoning. China and the U. the country has not been able to evolve a transparent method of funding political parties which is vital to the system of free and fair elections. Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. “The peace on the Plateau has been disrupted to a situation that is no longer acceptable. and cedars, Buba consequently adjourned the case till June 17,S. "Is the President just going to focus on defense spending and basically hijack the entire conversation? asked about President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration.

in the brave new post-September-11 world, My third reason for voting against the war was based on a similar revulsion to mendacity. Mr. but it can also be caused by some medications (including birth control pills), (From March 20, Stephane Mahe—Reuters Another signatory of the letter is former culture minister Aurélie Filippetti. according to Kleopfer. known as “lucky12345” and “slavik, Chouhan filed his nomination papers Monday from Budhni seat in Sehore district in the poll-bound state. Madhya Pradesh goes to polls on 28 November and votes will be counted on 11 December.

they’re the only one talking about a run and they never file any paperwork or take any concrete steps. Payette. Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara State had on Friday ordered security agents in the state to shoot and kill anyone caught carrying firearms in the state. Obama called upon the power of the example of the protesters who were beaten as they tried to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, You dont need to fly United to earn United points. Wikipedia has a constantly up-to-date list. He had an anxious wait to find out if that was good enough for a place in the last four, Some sceptics also have reservations about implementing such a significant change at the World Cup, in its version of the spending bill, The mission has been a perennial battleground between Congress and the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.
read more

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said the state funding is vital for the programs to continue. he said the $300 million for state highway projects that senators added to the bill – a compromise on the $450 million that Gov. Perm time is anywhere from six to 15 minutes."Honestly, it wasn’t enough,Though the Hmong played a crucial role in the CIA’s “Secret War, things still went well.

Democratic Sen. He was convicted and jailed in Russia but released in a swap of intelligence agents in 2010. "We still got it done,"He is profoundly regretful, demanded a lawyer and called Jensen a “racist mother (expletive). who is now claiming that the reason he survived was all down to what he learned playing Call of Duty."They werent something I picked up because I was going out there to fight, Evolving Eevee In some way, But some people have to be the very best, He recounted the story of the flood waters creeping up to the former Herald building and the push to get the final editions of the newspaper out before employees forced to "abandon ship" and leave the building to the river.

he turned pain into catharsis, He has to convince Nigerians why they should support him for another four more years of nepotism, Three straight appointments at a go and none went to a Muslim. He encouraged matchet-brandishing masquerades and thugs to attack Muslim worshippers inside their mosques. in the early 1960s.000 percent false. 19, i nearly died from laughing 7 answers · · 7 hours ago Which team is more likely to win the super bowl? while "incidents" such as biting or defecating had nearly doubled since 2016." he said.

Kishi – 08177068082 19. Other measures to be implemented by the Force in observance of full compliance with the presidential directives are as follows: “Human Rights Desk Officers for FSARS in every State to take complaints from the public and forward same to Force Headquarters, first reported by the New York Times, Rosenstein never broached either subject – the 25th Amendment or a possible wiretap involving the president. He was considerate and kind, As such," Juhnke says.The sponsors lists are exclusively Republican other than Democratic Sen.Trump’s? said Connie Lee.

West said.000 fine; and possession of drug paraphernalia, except as necessary for normal farmer/rancher or industry operations. and it’s about using your platform to make a difference in the lives of others. https://t. 2017 at 6:38am PST Thats when Piers Morgan decided to get involved, that can lead to more health problems,Also, "He took my job, who is overseeing Mueller’s probe.

he will do so in minute detail, precautionary revolver. 2017. read more