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AutFest Film Festival Announces Final Program Lineup

first_imgAutFest International Film Festival announced its official program selections for its second annual film festival celebrating autism awareness “From Spectrum to Screen.”Presented by The Autism Society, AutFest will screen over 16 feature films, short films and television programs that promote autism awareness and/or are made by autistic filmmakers. As previously announced, AutFest will also honor Netflix’s hit show “Atypical” and ABC’s “The Good Doctor” with Spotlight Awards for their special portrayal of lead characters who are on the autistic spectrum. The Visionary Award will be presented to SONY Pictures Entertainment’s JEFF FROST, President of Sony Pictures Television Studios, and Co-Presidents of Sony Pictures Television CHRIS PARNELL and JASON CLODFELTER. AutFest takes place Saturday, April 28 – Sunday, April 28, 2018 at the Writers Guild Theater in Beverly Hills, CA.The 2nd Annual AutFest International Film Festival is proud to present the following features, shorts and television programs to play in its 2018 program. For AutFest full schedule, please click hereATYPICAL / USA – Netflix (71 min.)Sun. April 29, 3:30 PMCreated by Robia RashidFollowed by Panel with Creator Robin Rashid (The Goldbergs, How I Met Your Mother); Actors Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight), Brigette Lundy-Paine (Downsizing, The Glass Castle), Keir Gilchrist (It’s Kind of a Funny Story), Anthony Jacques, Layla Weiner and Nikki Guttman; Executive Producers Mary Rohlich (Baywatch, Identity Thief) and Seth Gordon (Identity Thief, Pixels); Author David Finch (The Journal of Best Practices) and Autism Consultant Michelle Dean.Atypical is a coming of age story from the point-of-view of Sam (played by Keir Gilchrist), an 18-year-old on the autistic spectrum searching for love and independence. While Sam is on his funny and emotional journey of self-discovery, the rest of his family must grapple with change in their own lives while exploring the questions: what does it really mean to be “normal”?BARFI by Disney (2012) / IndiaSat. April 28, 8:00 PMDirected by Anurag BasuFollowed by “Love & Relationships” Panel with Lindsey Nebeker, Alex Plank, Dani Bowman, Tammy Klein, Chris Tenney, and Autism Consultant Tara ReisbaumHis parents named him Murphy, but everyone calls him Barfi. Always ready with a prank up his sleeve, he’s quite the charmer, especially with the ladies. In Darjeeling, Barfi is the talk of the town. Even though he can neither speak, not listen. His bittersweet relationship with two beautiful young ladies, Shruti and Jhilmil sets in motion a chain of events that will turn his life upside down. UTV Motion Pictures and director Anurag Basu invite you to witness the amusing, naughty, and sometimes crazy antics of Barfi. A heart-warming tale of selfless love and about finding happiness in the smallest things in life; that tells you no matter how tough your life may be, “Don’t worry. Be Barfi!”BIG MOUTH by Spectrum Laboratory / USA (Short)Sat. April 28, 10:00 AMWhen you just can’t handle your friend’s gossip, rambling on, and negativity anymore, do what Domonique Brown does, write a song about it.CIRCUMSTANTIAL / USA (Short)Sat. April 28, 10:00 AMDirected by Jesse RapaportAs Kevin (Jesse Rapaport), a young, autistic homeless man, wanders through a Southern California beach community, he crosses paths with another TRANSIENT MAN (Mark Strohman), with whom Kevin trades goods, and later a young TRANSIENT GIRL (Mair Mulroney), who steals food from Kevin and assaults him.DINA (2017) / USASat. April 28, 3:45 PMDirected by Dan Sickles and Antonio SantiniDina’s getting married in a few weeks and there’s still so much to do. Shehas to move her boyfriend, Scott, from his parents’ house to her apartment, and settle him in to only the second home he’s ever had, all while juggling his schedule as an early morning Wal-Mart door greeter. She has to get her dress, confirm arrangements with the venue, and make peace with her family, who remain nervous for their beloved Dina after the death of her first husband and the string of troubled relationships that followed. Throughout it all, in the face of obstacles large and small, Dina remains indomitable. She’s overcome tragedy and found the man she wants and, at age 48, is bent on building the life for herself that she believes she deserves. Dina is unstoppable, a force of nature, and as the star of her own life story, she’s an unconventional move protagonist the like of which hasn’t been seen before.EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE / USA (Short)Sat. April 28, 10:00 AMDirected by Laura Hart McKinny and John McKinnyExtraordinary People chronicles a business that inspires its staff, families and neighborhood with the belief that meaningful jobs change lives. It explores the lives of six young adults, diverse on the autism spectrum, in paying jobs that maximize their unique individual skills while building their confidence and community.THE GIRL INSIDE by Spectrum Laboratory (Short)Sat. April 28, 10:00 AMThe struggle of a young autistic girl dealing with her two different personalities. The Girl Inside represents the voice of Abbey’s autism and how she sometimes wants to “rip it out of her head and give it to someone else.” She just wants to have what typical kids have.THE GOOD DOCTOR (2017) ABC (43 min.)Sun. April 29, 5:50 PM Developed by David ShoreFollowed by Panel with Creator David Shore, Richard Schiff (Dr. Aaron Glassman), Nicholas Gonzalez (Dr. Neil Melendez), and Autism Consultant Melissa ReinerDr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore), a young surgeon with autism and savant syndrome, relocates from a quiet country life to join the prestigious St. Bonaventure hospital’s surgical unit. Alone in the world and unable to personally connect with those around him, his only advocate, Dr. Aaron Glassman (Richard Schiff), challenges the skepticism and prejudices of the hospital’s board and staff when he brings him in to join the team. Shaun will need to work harder than he ever has before, as he navigates his new environment and relationships to prove to his colleagues that his extraordinary medical gifts will save lives. The series is from David Shore House, and Lost, and Hawaii Five-O star Daniel Dae Kim.MY GROWN UP FAMILY AND AUTISM / UK (Short)Sat. April 28, 10:00 AMDirected by Fran LandsmanFifteen years ago I made an award-winning film about an extraordinary family. Jacqui Jackson lived alone with her seven children, five of whom had a form of autism. I wanted to return to find out what becomes of autistic children when they become adults. What I discovered was both a heartbreaking and heartwarming story of love and determination.THE ODD ONE IN (Short)Sat. April 28, 10:00 AMDirected by Georgia PfascialeThree individuals with autism share their stories about their desires, challenges, and accomplishments. The documentary also questions what it means to be aware of autism versus understanding it.PLEASE STAND BY (2017) / USA (93 min.)Sun. April 29, 10:30 AMDirected by Ben LewinFollowed by panel with Director Ben Lewin (The Sessions), Writer Michael Golcamo and Autism Consultant Elaine HallA young autistic woman runs away from her caregiver in order to boldly go and deliver her 500-page Star Trek script to a writing competition in Hollywood. On an adventure full of laughter and tears, Wendy, played with exquisite delicacy by Dakota Fanning, follows the guiding spirit of Mr. Spock on her journey into the unknown. “It is there for us to conquer, not to fear.”POWER RANGERS (2017) / USA (164 min.)Sat. April 28, 12:45 PMDirected by Dean IsraeliteFollowed by Panel with RJ Cyler (War Machine) and John Gatins (Flight)The story follows five ordinary teens who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove—and the world—is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so, they will have to overcome their real-life issues and before it’s too late, band together as the Power Rangers.PURSUIT OF JUSTICE (2018) / USA (Short)Sat. April 28, 10:00 AMDirected by Greg Byers‘Pursuit of Justice’ tracks the advocacy of civil rights attorney Thomas F. Coleman, clinical psychologist Nora J. Baladerian, and a growing network of activists as they travel the country promoting reforms in adult guardianship proceedings involving seniors and adults with various disabilities.RANDY’S CANVAS (2018) / USA (102 min.)Sat. April 28, 5:50 PMDirected by Kevin SchmidtRandy’s Canvas tells the fictional story of a young man who was abandoned by his birth parents at a very young age who lives with his “brother from another mother” Henry, in the big city. Randy is an incredibly talented artist, has a kind heart and autism. When he falls in love for the first time, his life begins to spin out of control as he tries to deal with a roller coaster of emotions and first-time experiences.ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ (2017) / USA (162 min.)Sun. April 29, 1:00 PMDirected by Dan GilroyRoman J. Israel, Esq. is a dramatic thriller set in the underbelly of the overburdened Los Angeles criminal court system. Denzel Washington stars as a driven, idealistic defense attorney whose life is upended when a turbulent series of events challenges the activism that has defined his career. Colin Farrell costars as the ambitious, monies lawyer who recruits Roman to his firm.SISTERLY (Short)Sat. April 28, 10:00 AMDirected by Nina ValladoNina and Lisa are two sisters destined to be the best of friends. When Lisa is diagnosed with autism at the age of two, Lisa’s voice disappears, and she is unable to communicate. Nina and Lisa search for connection, intimacy, and sisterhood despite the challenges of autism.AutFest will conclude with a Closing Award Reception on Sunday, April 29 at 7:30 p.m. at the Writers Guild Theater. As previously announced SONY Pictures Entertainment will be receiving the Visionary Award presented to JEFF FROST, President of Sony Pictures Television Studios, and Co-Presidents of Sony Pictures Television CHRIS PARNELL and JASON CLODFELTER. ABC’s The Good Doctor joins Netflix’s Atypical to receive Spotlight Awards, honored for their exceptional portrayal of autism in a positive light to help increase understanding and acceptance of people on the spectrum. Additional Festival awards include Best Film, Best Director, Best Documentary, Best Actor, Best Actress as well as an Audience Award and will be presented to filmmakers at the AutFest Closing Reception. Past AutFest honorees include BEN AFFLECK (The Accountant) and Pixar’s PETE DOCTER and JONAS RIVERA (Inside Out). For complete festival screening and event schedule and more information, please visit The Writers Guild Theater is located at 135 South Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills.Celebrating autism awareness “from spectrum to screen,” AutFest Film Festival is now in its second year. Its mission is to further advance the well-being of all with an autism diagnosis, as well as to educate the nation about autism and the important need to fully respect and value each person with autism. AutFest celebrates films and television programs that promote autism awareness and support autistic filmmakers and artists that have chosen film as their profession.AutFest also invited student graphic designers to create a festival poster that depicts the festival’s theme “from spectrum to screen.” The winning artwork, created by Cynthia Abigail Romero, will be used as the festival’s official poster as well as for official materials such as t-shirts and postcards.AutFest Honorary Committee Members include seven-time Emmy winner and autism advocate Ed Asner, actress Kristen Bell (House of Lies), actor Dax Shepard (CHIPS), Emmy-winning actress comedian Sarah Silverman, Golden Globe-nominated actor Matthew Modine (Stranger Things), Emmy-nominated actor Gary Cole (Veep), Autism Speaks co-founder Bob Wright, The Suzanne Wright Foundation president Liz Feld, Warner Bros. president and CCO Peter Roth and Autism Society’s VP of Development Matthew Asner.AutFest 2018 is proudly sponsored by GOLD: Hyundai, State of Qatar, Sony Pictures Entertainment; SILVER: Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, Lindamood Belle, Netflix; FRIENDS OF THE FESTIVAL: ABC, Autism Pie, Bob Wright, Center for Developing Minds, ICM, Saban, SAG-Aftra; TRIBUTE BOOK: PCW Props, Shuman Management; MEDIA SPONSORS: ABC, Variety, INKIND: Foreo, MAC Cosmetics, One-Hope Wine, Penta Water, Runway Tech, Sevenly, Sprouts; GIFTBAG: Art by Luis, Designs by Siri, Lindamood Belle, Thikkun Spa.TICKETS AND COMPLETE AUTFEST SCHEDULE: To purchase festival passes or tickets, please go to read more

Bank of Canada governors communication approach under scrutiny at conference

OTTAWA — The central bank governor’s communications style is under a microscope — but the jury is still out on whether he needs to change his strategy.Experts shared a range of views Thursday at a Bank of Canada conference about governor Stephen Poloz’s messaging ahead of his interest-rate decisions, which included a hike last week that caught some analysts by surprise.The rate decision attracted open criticism from forecasters over the fact the bank didn’t offer more-explicit signals about its intentions beforehand.Others, however, have dismissed the concerns. They’ve argued that stronger-than-expected economic numbers released before the rate increase provided more than enough information to persuade markets that, despite the bank’s silence, a hike was on the way.The debate over central bank communications emerged as a central theme at the Bank of Canada headquarters, where dozens of the country’s top economic experts gathered for a conference on monetary policy.Attendees offered different opinions as well as some advice on the issue.Some suggested the bank offer a consistent level of public transparency when it comes to its expected interest-rate path, while others recommended senior officials spend more time updating the public.But those perspectives were countered by experts who insist there’s no need for the bank to give more signals to markets, which economists often refer to as “forward guidance.”The issue made headlines in recent days after BMO chief economist Doug Porter wrote a paper to clients calling the central bank’s pre-decision communications an “epic” failure.Porter said he had no problem with the rate hike itself, because the stronger economy had made a solid case for it.But he argued the bank caused significant uncertainty and a “fairly violent” market reaction by not making any public remarks for about two months before the rate increase.In contrast, critics have also noted that, ahead of the bank’s July rate increase, Poloz sent clear signals he had shifted to a rate-hiking path.Porter’s criticism caught the central bank’s attention, which responded with a detailed defence.The bank argued that a large percentage of traders had correctly read Poloz’s most-recent messaging in July, which had indicated future rate decisions would be guided by economic data. Market expectations in the days before the announcement showed the odds of a hike were about 50-50, bank spokesman Jeremy Harrison said.Harrison also pointed to the unexpectedly strong numbers for second-quarter growth released less than a week before the rate announcement — during the bank’s pre-decision blackout period. The bank has a policy of avoiding any external communications about the economic outlook and monetary policy in the week before rate decisions are announced.With so much attention paid to the issue in recent days, it became an unofficial theme of a conference on the renewal of the bank’s inflation-targeting commitment in 2021. The issue popped up on stage during panel discussions and on the sidelines of the event.After the conference, senior deputy governor Carolyn Wilkins said she’d like to study transparency and communications suggestions that could add clarity that’s useful for credibility, anchoring expectations and avoiding unproductive volatility.“My hope is that there’s some way to interact that makes it easier for people to understand how we think about the economy, what information is important to us and how that might be evolving,” Wilkins told reporters.“My hope is that we will continue to improve that. My assessment is that, in general, it’s OK. It’s pretty good.”Wilkins said if the bank decides to increase the number of speeches and news conferences, those changes could be implemented soon.During one session, panellist Michelle Alexopoulos, a University of Toronto economist, said the debate over how the bank communicated — or did not communicate — its thoughts before the July and September hikes suggests that forward guidance should become a regular tool to ensure consistency.“If we don’t want to give it all the time, that’s fine, but we should give some guidance as to when we’re going to use the guidance so that we’re not actually caught in some situations where individuals are guessing,” Alexopoulos told the audience, which included Poloz himself.She suggested the bank introduce a form of “conditional” forward guidance to leave it some wiggle room in case of sudden economic changes.But others said Poloz doesn’t need to adjust his communications.Don Drummond, a Queen’s University professor, said he didn’t think the recent rate hike hinged on the strong growth number released just days before the decision.The economy, he added, had been showing strength for a while.“I think the onus is on everybody else — why wouldn’t they raise interest rates?” said Drummond, who sat beside Poloz in the audience at conference.“I would have been shocked if they had not gone ahead and taken that as an opportunity to raise interest rates. So, I think there’s some misunderstanding about how monetary policy is geared.”Drummond, a former senior official with the federal Finance Department, also said there’s an incorrect notion out there that monetary policy is a precise science.Poloz did not address the conference, which included many international experts.About three years ago, Poloz announced the bank would move away from forward guidance, which was adopted by the bank in the wake of the financial crisis.At the time, he said forward guidance reduced uncertainty for markets about the path of interest rates when they were already at a very low level.However, Poloz noted guidance could also create significant volatility when markets perceived the bank was preparing to change its position.Follow @AndyBlatchford on Twitter read more

Land mine blast in Jaffna

A land mine explosion in Jaffna today injured a mine clearence worker attached to a foreign agency, reports from Jaffna said.The explosion had taken place at Nagar Kovil when land mines were being cleared from a marked area. An employee of Halo Trust sustained facial injuries in the explosion and was taken to hospital.He was admitted to the Jaffna hospital for treatment. (Colombo Gazette)

Student of Lankan origin manhandled at Madras Uni

Resuming her speech by reiterating that the government machinery was really prepared for any disaster in Chennai, Ms. Nirmala said “there is hue and cry, putting the blame on others. Everybody knows who is responsible. The rains are responsible.” Even as Ms. Nirmala tried to answer his questions, senior university staff forced Pulendrarasa to sit down. A student of political science, a French national of Sri Lankan Tamil origin, was manhandled by Madras University staff when he raised questions about flood relief operations at a seminar organised by the educational body, The Hindu newspaper reported.Jonas Anton Pulendrarasa, a PG student of International Relations at Madras University, questioned IAS officer S.Jothi Nirmala, who was delivering a lecture on ‘Managing disaster: A case study of Chennai Floods 2015.” read more

Army says screening issues of UN Peace Keepers will be resolved

The Sri Lanka Army said that it would always cooperate with the HRCSL for clearance of the backlog since information that had been produced by the Army for screening in some cases could also contain shortcomings, complications, discrepancies, due to operational commitments, change of residential addresses, etc.The Sri Lanka Army while assuring its best cooperation all the time to the HRCSL for implementation of its mandate expects the bilateral understanding and coordination would enable both parties to sort out the pending issues amicably as early as possible.At present, Sri Lankan troops, majority being from the Sri Lanka Army have been deployed in Lebanon (UNIFIL), South Sudan (UNMISS), Mali (MINUSMA), Abyei (UNISFA), New York (UNHQ), Central African Republic (MINUSCA) and Western Sahara (MINURSO), either as military observers, liaison officers, staff officers, staff officer assistants or general contingent troops for peace keeping. To-date a total of 450 Sri Lankan peace keepers are serving 7 UN peace keeping overseas missions under the UNDPKO. (Colombo Gazette) Accordingly, the national process of screening which needs the fullest cooperation of both the HRCSL and the armed forces for vetting UN bound own members came into effect early this year, although previous such clearance procedures were executed by authorities in the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva. To be in line with the UN Secretary General’s decision No. 2012/18 on 11 December 2012 in relation to ‘screening of UN personnel for Human Rights’, the Sri Lanka Army, consequent upon discussions with the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNDPKO and the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) resolved that a national mechanism be followed with respect to independent screening of personnel through the HRCSL. The Army today said that it was confident the screening issues of UN Peace Keepers to be deployed from Sri Lanka will be resolved.Sri Lanka, as one of the Troop Contributing Countries (TCC) to the United Nations (UN) since the year 2004 has been in the practice of sending troops for UN Peace Keeping assignments in large groups in close collaboration with the UN Department of Peace Keeping Operations (UNDPKO). “The Sri Lanka Army, much more contented to have been screened by our own independent authority, i.e HRCSL, particularly at a time Sri Lanka is expanding its participation in UN assignments, accordingly began submission of details of Army personnel, selected for UN missions for HRCSL’s independent vetting. In the meantime, UNDPKO in constant touch with the Sri Lanka Army has been inquiring into reasons, attributable to delayed dispatches of Sri Lankan troops for scheduled rotational releases as agreed upon,” the Army media unit said today.The Army said that a round table conference to this effect, attended by the Secretary to Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chairperson and Commissioners of the HRCSL, visiting UNDPKO officials of the UN, New York, Commanders of the Army and Navy, Air Force Chief of Staff, Director General of the Directorate of Army Overseas Operations, STF officers and Ministry of Defence officials took place as recent as Thursday (21) in Colombo. read more

India arrests key accused attempting to flee via Sri Lanka

The three terrorists had infiltrated into India from Kathua-Samba sector of Jammu and Kashmir in the intervening night of 27/28th November 2016 and carried out an attack on 166 Medium Regiment Camp, Nagrota, Jammu in the early hours of 29th November 2016. The Army had neutralized three Pakistani terrorists in retaliatory action. As per the release, Ashraf Khandey was a co-conspirator in facilitating, harboring and transporting a group of three heavily armed Pakistani terrorists belonging to the proscribed terrorist organisation Jaish-e-Mohammad. In its investigation, the NIA unearthed a well-planned conspiracy and busted a network of Over Ground Workers of Jaish-e-Mohammad which was responsible in facilitating this attack.Three accused, namely Sayeed Munir-ul Hassan Qadri, Tariq Ahmed Dar, and Mohd. Ashiq Baba have already been arrested in the case. India’s National Investigative Agency (NIA) has arrested a key accused absconding in a terror attack case, while he was preparing to flee to Saudi Arabia via Sri Lanka, the Financial Express reported.Ashraf Khandey, a resident of Jammu and Kashmir’ Pulwama, was arrested from the New Delhi’s IGIA Airport, the NIA said in a press release. The investigation has established the role of all the accused in providing shelter and transportation to the terrorists on the directions of leaders/handlers of Jaish-e-Mohammad based in Pakistan for carrying out the terrorist attack, the NIA said in its release. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Man charged with uttering threats impersonating officer on Facebook

A Kelliher man has been charged after allegedly making racist and threatening comments on Facebook while claiming to be an RCMP officer.Melville RCMP received complaints about the Facebook interactions on Thursday afternoon.Patrick Kuhns, 45, was arrested the same day and charged with uttering threats and impersonating a peace officer.In screenshots provided to the Leader-Post, a profile with Kuhns’ name says he is working with Yorkton RCMP and “can get away with anything.” The account threatens the message recipient with “rape” and says he will “punch ur (sic) teeth out.” In screenshots posted to a Facebook page advocating on behalf of missing and murdered Indigenous women, the account with Kuhns’ name also says “I should make all the gurls (sic) on here disappear without a trace.”Kuhns is scheduled to make his first court appearance in Melville Provincial Court on Sept. 16. read more

OSU knocks off Syracuse 7770 for trip to Final Four

BOSTON – After the final buzzer sounded, the Ohio State men’s basketball team leapt high and far.  These were celebratory jumps and chest-bumps. They were higher than any attempt for a rebound or a basket, and the smiles that accompanied them unmistakable – they were the smiles of a team headed to the Final Four. Because that’s what the second-seeded Buckeyes were on Saturday at TD Garden in Boston – a team that defeated top-seeded Syracuse, 77-70, in the NCAA Tournament East Region Final to gain passage to the Final Four in New Orleans in a week. In a game marred by questionable officiating decisions and foul trouble for both the Orange (34-3) and the Buckeyes (31-7), OSU outlasted its opponent in the nervy, closing moments of the game. After missing most of the first half with foul trouble, sophomore forward Jared Sullinger ended the night with a game-high 19 points. Sophomore forward Deshaun Thomas added 14 points and fellow sophomore Lenzelle Smith, Jr., had 18 points of his own. OSU, which advances to the Final Four for the first time since coach Thad Matta led the team to the National Championship game in 2007, does not yet have an opponent for its next game.  The Buckeyes will play the winner of the Midwest Region Final between top-seeded North Carolina and second-seeded Kansas in the Final Four on Saturday. The Tar Heels and Jayhawks will tip Sunday at 5:05 p.m. in St. Louis, Mo. “Obviously, I thought a high-level college basketball game, probably the way it’s supposed to be in the Regional Finals,” Matta said after the game. “We beat a tremendous team tonight.” The Buckeyes bumped and hassled their way to an early 9-8 lead, which held through the first media timeout. Sophomore guard Aaron Craft had a hand in Orange senior guard Scoop Jardine’s face early and often. Buckeyes starters were falling fast, though – guard Smith Jr. took a blow to the head and went back to the locker room before the first media timeout. At the 13:42 mark, Sullinger was slapped with his second foul of the half and forced to retreat to the bench. Smith Jr. would return minutes later, but the significance of Sullinger’s absence from the court wasn’t lost on Matta. When play stopped at the 11:22 mark of the first half with the Buckeyes leading, 16-15, Matta walked across the court and shouted to the CBS television broadcasting team to see if the correct call was made. The broadcasters appeared to indicate the call was incorrect, and Matta stomped on the floor in frustration. Sullinger zipped his warm-up jacket up – he was in for a long break from the action. The player said he wasn’t expecting Matta to call him back to the bench. “These guys have played without me before, so they know what they have to do,” Sullinger said. “We just kept competing on the defensive end. I think that’s what won the basketball game.” Matta said the team pulled together after Sullinger was forced to the bench. “It’s something we’ve been preaching with this basketball team, and came down (in) the second half to guys making big plays,” Matta said. The game was called tight both ways, and each team had multiple players in foul trouble. Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim was called for a technical that led to a made free-throw for senior guard William Buford. Boeheim, who said after the game that he thought the technical foul was the first called on him about three years, declined to comment on the officiating decisions during his post-game press conference.  Boeheim wasn’t getting the foul calls, but his team’s famed zone defense was working just fine. The Orange forced OSU into a shot clock violation with less than four minutes to play in the half. The Buckeyes stumbled without Sullinger in the lineup, scoring just 13 points after his departure. Despite the lack of scoring, OSU held Syracuse in check and the teams went into half tied at 29. The Buckeyes shot just more than 34 percent, connecting on 10-of-29 attempts in the first half. The Orange were just as ineffective and shot at a clip of nearly 35 percent. Senior guard William Buford and Thomas each scored six points in the opening 20 minutes to pace OSU while the Orange were led by Jardine’s seven points. Officiating decisions continued to impact the game after the intermission as Orange freshman forward Rakeem Christmas was whistled for his fourth foul and had to leave the game. OSU took advantage and quickly built a five-point lead with less than three minutes gone in the second half, forcing an Orange timeout. OSU’s quick start became a 13-3 run that saw it extend the advantage to 45-36 with 13:51 to play. Sullinger was back, and the entire building knew it. The big man dumped six points on the Orange during that run. All the calls were going the Buckeyes’ way now. The many thousands of orange-colored T-shirts sat quietly as the Scarlet and Gray-clad OSU supporters that dotted the stands roared with approval at the very top of their lungs. But the fouls kept coming. Both teams were in the penalty by the 12:09 mark of the half, and OSU had only connected on 15-of-25 attempts from the charity stripe. Syracuse used its bonus free-throw attempts to narrow its deficit before back-to-back buckets by Jardine cut OSU’s lead to 52-50 with 8:01 to play. Then Smith Jr. and Orange junior guard Brandon Triche traded 3-point baskets with less than seven minutes to play. A crowd of 19,026 was rocking, the end was nearing and OSU held a one-point advantage. Given the high stakes of the game, some might have expected a back-and-forth slugfest down the stretch, but what fans got was a free-throw free-for-all. Sullinger made the most of the chances, though, and used the double bonus to push OSU to a 60-55 edge with 3:45 to play. A bucket by Thomas with less than two minutes to play pushed OSU out in front by seven. But it wasn’t over yet. Craft fouled out of the game with 48.8 seconds to play after he fouled to send Triche to the line. Triche connected on two free-throws to make the score 68-64. Before leaving the court, Craft said he issued instructions to each teammate that would remain in the game. “I had a couple words for everybody,” Craft said, “but I don’t know if they were too good. I was just trying to keep us all together (and) help everyone understand the game wasn’t over.” Smith Jr. made it a six-point game on OSU’s next possession, but Orange sophomore guard Dion Waiters completed a 3-point play to halve the deficit. Syracuse continued to foul after that point and it became evident that the Buckeyes would need to earn their ticket to New Orleans at the foul line. Trailing by four with the shot clock unplugged, Triche pulled up for a 10-foot jumped that clanked around the iron and was rebounded by OSU. Smith Jr. went back to the line and connected on two additional free-throws to make the score 73-67. The Orange missed their next shot. That was it. In what could have been his last game, Buford iced the contest with two more free-throws. And Thomas tacked on two more. Cue the celebration for Ohio State, and the leaping. And don’t forget the hoisting of the East Region Championship Trophy, and cutting the nets off the basket. Thomas said he planned to sleep with the portion of the net that he cut off.  “(The win) just feels great,” Thomas said. “We’re going to try to cherish this game.” Buford agreed. “It feels great,” he said. “Nobody on this team has ever made it this far. In past years, I got put on the Sweet 16. To make it this far is kind of a relief to know that hard work pays off. “We’ve been working hard throughout the summer and throughout the season, and to make it to the Final Four is just great for us.”  Start time for OSU’s National Semifinal game has not been announced. read more

Immersive Technologies helping Ok Tedi operators go Top Gun

first_imgSituated in Papua New Guinea, the Simulator Training Center at the Ok Tedi copper-gold mine is living up to its commitment to develop their most valuable resource – employees. The company has provided education and training to more than 10,500 employees since 1982, and simulator training has proven to be a valuable addition to their training mix.Utilising simulation equipment from Immersive Technologies, the site holds two PRO3 transportable simulators with numerous interchangeable modules, and a range of supporting technologies including SimMentor and Training System Integration (TSI). This technology is further enhanced by Immersive’s professional services and a successful Managed Service program along with another PRO3 Classroom in the township.Recently, as part of the Managed Service – a Continuous Improvement Project (CIP) has focused on reducing truck spotting time. Early reports indicate an average reduction of 8% in spot times. A separate project addressing shovel dig rates has also demonstrated improvements. “Developing our people and training them consistently in line with our business needs, is vital to our success. Immersive Technologies has certainly contributed towards these objectives, allowing us to train our operators safely and confidently while gaining Immersive’s best practices through their on-site Training Specialists,” says Peter Lewis, OHS Manager – Ok Tedi Mining.The site has extended their Managed Service program from Immersive Technologies to complete two truck CIP’s and kick off a shovel CIP on dig rates. In addition, a special “Top Gun” program has been implemented to recognise the most improved operators periodically. This program offers a healthy and transparent competition amongst machine operators to learn and refine new techniques in the simulators – techniques which operators subsequently transfer to the field. “The commitment to training and continuous development at Ok Tedi is significant. Their investment in people and safety is of the highest caliber and we are honored to be part of that goal. The positive results they have delivered speak volumes for the hard work and dedication they have placed into operator training and our hats go off to them,” says Greg Karadjian, Regional Vice President – Australia Pacific, Immersive Technologies.last_img read more

SEHA Bosna scores only 11 goals against Metalurg

Bosna Sarajevo hit a new low when it comes to goals scored against a club in the Regional Balkan League – SEHA. This time Metalurg showed just how hard it is for Bosna at the moment considering their financial crisis as they beat the Sarajevo team with 36:11 (16:15).Metalurg – Bosna 36-11 (16-5)Metalurg: Staniќ, Dimovski, Madžovski 4, Marković 6, Naumoski 2, Georgievski 6, Manaskov 5, Mirkulovski 1, Markoski 1, Z.Mojsoski 4, Mitrevski (13 saves), Stoilov, Angelov (7 saves), Stojčevski 4, Alušovski 3. Coach: Lino ČervarBosna: Jusufić (6 odbrana saves i 7m saves), Terza 1, Tatar, Zulfić 1, Polić, Velispahić 1, Alibegović 1, Burnazović, Demiroviќ, Efendić (6 saves), Hrbat 2, Bracković 3, Lingo 1, Dedajić 1. Coach: Kenan Magoda. ← Previous Story Bundesliga: Gummersbach with an important away win! Next Story → Mate Lekai two years in Celje PL! BosnametalurgSEHA read more

BUGOJNO 2017 Slovenia win trophy

← Previous Story LIKE TWO DECADES AGO: TBV Lemgo beat THW Kiel Next Story → Bielecki and Lijewski firefighters of Polish campaign fo EURO 2018 Slovenia are the winners of the fifth youth tournament “Handball is my future” in Bosnian city of Bugojno. Eight national teams in generation 1998 played at Bosnia and Herzegovina – Slovenia and Poland reached the final, in wich team of Janez Klemencic won 23:22 (16:10). 

Family of man who died tragically at St Columbas Hospital brings legal

first_img Thursday 28 Mar 2019, 6:20 AM The Four Courts Building in Dublin THE FAMILY OF a man who died tragically in St Columba’s Hospital is bringing a High Court action against the HSE. 30-year-old Karl Collins died at the hospital in Sligo on 3 April 2017 after seeking help for anxiety and insomnia, according to RTÉ.Collins, who had been living in Bundoran in Donegal, presented to St Columba’s on 1 April 2017, RTÉ reported. On 3 April 2017, a nurse found him unresponsive in his room and efforts to resuscitate him failed, according to RTÉ. An inquest, which returned a verdict of suicide, heard an apology from the HSE. The High Court proceedings were issued on Tuesday 26 March by John Collins against the HSE.John Collins is represented by solicitors O’Connor Johnson. In a statement, the HSE said: “It would be inappropriate for the HSE to comment as the matter is before the court.” Comments are closed as legal proceedings are ongoing. Image: Graham Hughes via No Comments Mar 28th 2019, 6:21 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlecenter_img Short URL 23,932 Views By Hayley Halpin Family of man who died tragically at St Columba’s Hospital brings legal action against HSE 30-year-old Karl Collins died at the hospital in Sligo on 3 April 2017. The Four Courts Building in Dublin Image: Graham Hughes via Share4 Tweet Email1 last_img read more

Technicality thwarts Mildura case

first_img“I’m very disappointed with this. I’m not giving up, I’m determined to explore my options,” a passionate Mary Bakopoulos told Neos Kosmos this week. After The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) denied giving a ruling on the discrimination case she brought against the Greek Orthodox Parish of Mildura, Ms Bakopoulos isn’t backing down on getting a membership in the committee recognised. Ms Bakopoulos claims the church’s financial committee, made up of more than 30 men, denied her application for membership because of her gender. The committee has never elected a female to its committee, instead pushing those interested to take up a role in the Women’s Philoptochos Auxiliary that has no administrative or financial power in the church. Based on the church’s constitution, everyone is free to apply to become a financial member but approval rests at the committee’s discretion. Ms Bakopoulos’ application was unanimously rejected by the committee, and was given no reason for the decision.The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal didn’t proceed with the hearing after finding the church committee isn’t considered a club in the eyes of the law.VCAT states that the church must have a liquor license to be defined as a club under the Equal Opportunities Act; but the church has only had temporary liquor licenses for social events and didn’t currently hold a license. While the case might have been derailed by a small technicality, the issue has drawn the attention of the Archdiocese and the media. “The church is not cleared, it’s inconclusive,” Ms Bakopoulos says.Ms Bakopoulos might have an ally in Bishop Iakovos of Miletoupolis who has voiced his concern over the matter.He told Neos Kosmos that he hopes to get in touch with Ms Bakopoulos and the committee in the hopes of mediating a resolution.He says the Archdiocese respects that the parish has its own constitution and they have their independence, but like other churches, it is still governed by the rules and regulations of the Archdiocese and will be answerable to them.He says the church will be in contact after Easter to amicably help the parties reach a resolution. Without a solid time-frame in place, Ms Bakopoulos is still uncertain she can fully rely on the church to find a solution and will exhaust all options available to her. “I’m happy if the Archdiocese comes down and they can resolve all this, but I can’t wait forever, because I have an elderly mother, I have elderly relatives and there are people that need Holy Communion on their death bed, I can’t wait any longer,” she says. She was compelled to become a financial committee member in 2012 after she was denied access to the church for her father’s memorial which she had booked months in advance. She says they argued there was no one available to open the church and hall because the committee was too busy preparing for a paniyiri at the time. Ms Bakopoulos had to travel more than 100km to the nearest Orthodox Church in South Australia to have her late father’s six month memorial. In the tribunal statement, Ms Bakopoulos was described as wanting to “play an active role” in the parish community after she had “spent a lifetime cleaning and cooking for the parish”. Bishop Ezekiel of Dervis, who supplied a statement in the case said the Archdiocese has “always encouraged publicly the inclusion of women in such committee and feels that such appointments enrich and balance the pious endeavours of the few who seek to serve the many”. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

La comète C2013 A1 ne devrait pas percuter Mars en 2014

first_imgLa comète C/2013 A1 ne devrait pas percuter Mars en 2014Selon les scientifiques, la comète C/2013 A1 n’aurait finalement que très peu de chances de s’écraser sur Mars en 2014. Elle devrait passer à proximité de la planète rouge sans lui causer de dommages.2014 ne sera vraisemblablement pas l’année d’un cataclysme pour la planète Mars, contrairement à ce qui avait été suggéré au début de l’année. En effet, en janvier dernier, le chasseur de comètes Robert H. McNaught en a déniché une nouvelle qui a été nommée C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring). Or, d’après les premiers calculs réalisés sur sa trajectoire, les chercheurs avaient estimé que l’objet effectuerait le 19 octobre 2014 un très proche passage de Mars.Mais plus important encore : ils n’excluaient pas que la comète qui mesure entre 15 et 50 km de diamètre, entre en collision avec la planète rouge. Ce qui pourrait, d’après les spécialistes, creuser un cratère de quelque 500 km à la surface de Mars et causer un véritable cataclysme. Il y a quelques semaines, les chercheurs de la NASA avaient donc estimé qu’il y avait une chance sur 8 000 pour que la comète C/2013 A1 frappe la planète en octobre 2014. Mais depuis cette estimation a été revue à la baisse. Désormais, les chances qu’un tel impact se produise ne seraient plus que d’une sur 120.000. Néanmoins, les scientifiques jugent que Siding Spring devrait passer bien plus près de la planète rouge que certains ne le pensaient initialement. “Si on se base sur les données du 7 avril, le dernier placement orbital placerait la comète extrêmement près de Mars, légèrement plus près que nos premières estimations, à environ 110.000 kilomètres”, ont indiqué des spécialistes de la NASA vendredi dernier. Une comète pas facile à observer À lire aussiBoisson, météorite et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 5 septembreAvant cela, ils avaient estimé que la comète se rapprocherait à 118.000 kilomètres de la surface de Mars. Au vu de ces chiffres, les scientifiques estiment qu’il est possible que les vaisseaux de la NASA placés en orbite autour de la planète rouge puissent observer le passage de la comète bien que cela reste difficile. “Le problème avec Mars Odyssey et Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reste de les pointer dans la bonne direction ; ils sont prévus pour scruter vers le bas et non vers le haut”, a expliqué Jim Bell un scientifique spécialisé dans l’imagerie de Mars. “Les ingénieurs devront résoudre ce problème si cela est possible”.Même chose pour les rovers Opportunity et Curiosity qui devraient avoir des difficultés pour observer le passage de C/2013 A1. Comme l’indique M. Bell, “Opportunity fonctionne à l’énergie solaire ce qui l’obligerait à puiser dans ses batteries de réserve pour que ses caméras fonctionnent de nuit [ … ] D’un autre côté, Curiosity utilise une pile nucléaire ce qui lui donne davantage de chances de capturer des images de nuit”. D’ici la fin 2014, les chercheurs vont donc plancher sur la possibilité d’assister à cet évènement rare. Le 17 avril 2013 à 18:49 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Special counsels Trump investigation includes Manafort case

first_imgWASHINGTON — The special counsel investigating possible ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia’s government has taken over a separate criminal probe involving former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, and may expand his inquiry to investigate the roles of the attorney general and deputy attorney general in the firing of FBI Director James Comey, The Associated Press has learned.The Justice Department’s criminal investigation into Manafort, who was forced to resign as Trump campaign chairman in August amid questions over his business dealings years ago in Ukraine, predated the 2016 election and the counterintelligence probe that in July began investigating possible collusion between Moscow and associates of Trump.The move to consolidate the matters, involving allegations of kleptocracy of Ukrainian government funds, indicates that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is assuming a broad mandate in his new role running the sensational investigation. The expansiveness of Mueller’s investigation was described to the AP. No one familiar with the matter has been willing to discuss the scope of his investigation on the record because it is just getting underway and because revealing details could complicate its progress.In an interview separately Friday with the AP, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein acknowledged that Mueller could expand his inquiry to include Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ and Rosenstein’s own roles in the decision to fire Comey, who was investigating the Trump campaign. Rosenstein, who appointed Mueller as special counsel to take over the investigation, wrote the memorandum intended to justify Trump’s decision to fire Comey. Sessions met with Trump and Rosenstein to discuss Trump’s decision to fire him despite Sessions’ pledge not to become involved in the Russia case.Rosenstein told the AP that if he were to become a subject of Mueller’s investigation, he would recuse himself from any oversight of Mueller. Under Justice Department rules, Mueller is required to seek permission from Rosenstein to investigate additional matters other than ones already specified in the paperwork formally appointing Mueller.last_img read more

Police Teens mistakenly stole oregano from Colorado pot shop

first_imgCOLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (WSVN) — Police in Colorado are on the hunt for four teenagers who smashed a stolen van into a pot shop and stole what they thought was marijuana, authorities said.Officers responding to the Native Roots marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs early Wednesday morning found a stolen minivan smashed into the front of the store.Security video from inside the dispensary showed the teens stealing T-shirts and pre-rolled joints that – it turns out – did not actually contain marijuana.“We have pre-rolled joints on display in our packaging in our display cases,” Native Roots Communications Manager Kim Casey explained. “We do not put actual medicated product in them, so we use oregano to simulate the cannabis.”Colorado Springs Police said the suspects fled the scene in another vehicle, hitting an officer’s patrol car as they made their getaway. Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Suspects drove a stolen mini-van through the glass front doorway of Native Roots dispensary 3600 block Austin Bluffs Parkway. They took containers and one suspect clipped an approaching #CSPD K-9 vehicle as they were driving away. Police Blotter #26139— Springs Police (@CSPDPIO) September 26, 2018 last_img read more

VIDEO Watch Wilmington Librarys Revive Civility Launch Event

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Dr. Carolyn Lukensmeyer, Executive Director of the National Institute for Civil Discourse, was the keynote speaker for the Wilmington Memorial Library’s “Revive Civility” initiative on Thursday, September 6.Lukensmeyer explored the causes of incivility and disrespect that have been at play in America’s politics.  She shared the latest polling data about how Americans feel about the great divide and the impact it is having on their lives. Lukensmeyer also shared the signs of hope that the National Institute of Civil Discourse is finding, including actions taken by elected officials, new models and experimentation in journalism, and what ordinary Americans are doing to respond to this crisis.Approximately 85 people attended the 2-hour event, including Wilmington Town Manager Jeff Hull, Wilmington Selectman Jonathan Eaton, Wilmington School Committee Vice Chair Jennifer Bryson, Wilmington Town Moderator Rob Peterson, State Senator Bruce Tarr, State Representative Ken Gordon, and State Representative candidates Pina Prinzivalli and Dave Robertson.Library Director Tina Stewart, Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr, Keynote Speaker Carolyn Lukensmeyer, State Rep Ken Gordon (Precinct 3) & Asst. Library Director Charlotte WoodState Rep candidates Dave Robertson & Pina Prinzivalli showing bipartisanship support for Wilmington Library’s Revive Civility initiative after the keynote address.Watch the full lecture, courtesy of Wilmington Apple and Wilmington Community Television, below:—Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.—Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington Library Announces “Revive Civility” Events For September, Highlights Summer OfferingsIn “Community”LIBRARY LINEUP: The Truth About Chappaquiddick? On August 30; Library Seeks Teen VolunteersIn “Community”Town Manager Calls For More Civility When Discussing “Hot Button” Issues In WilmingtonIn “Government”last_img read more

Wilmington School Lunch Menus Week of November 11 2018

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below are the Wilmington Public Schools lunch menus for the week of November 11, 2018.Wilmington High School & Wilmington Middle SchoolMonday, November 12NO SCHOOLTuesday, November 13Hot Dog on a Wholewheat Roll; Baked Beans; Tater Tots; Apple Slices with CinnamonWednesday, November 14Meatballs on a Wholewheat Sub Roll; Green Beans; StrawberriesThursday, November 15Gobble Gobble Day – Turkey & Gravy; Wholegrain Stuffing; Whipped Potatoes; Carrots; Cranberry Sauce; CookieFriday, November 16Wholegrain Bagel Pizza (Smoothie & Wholegrain Pretzel option at High School only); Celery Sticks with Lowfat Dip; PearsLunch ($2.65-$2.85) includes: Entree (main or alternative); Vegetable, Fruit or Juice and 8 oz. Assorted Lowfat Milk or Skim MilkAlternate Daily Lunch Choices at High School: Salad Bar, Pizza, Soup & Choice of SandwichAlternate Daily Lunch Choices at Middle School: Pre-made SaladAlso Available Daily: Variety of Fresh Fruit, Side Caesar salad or Baby Carrots, WG Bagel with Cheese StickMenus Subject To Occasional ChangeParticipates in The Farm-To-School ProgramWest Intermediate, North Intermediate, Shawsheen Elementary, Woburn Street ElementaryMonday, November 12NO SCHOOLTuesday, November 13Hot Dog on a Wholewheat Roll; Baked Beans; Tater Tots; Apple Slices with CinnamonWednesday, November 14Meatballs on a Wholewheat Sub Roll; Green Beans; StrawberriesThursday, November 15Gobble Gobble Day – Turkey & Gravy; Whipped Potatoes; Wholewheat Dinner Roll; Carrots; Cranberry Sauce; CookieFriday, November 16Wholegrain Pizza Slice; Celery Sticks with Lowfat Dip; PearsLunch ($2.40) includes: Entree (Main or alternative); Vegetable, Fruit or Justice and MilkAlternate Daily Lunch Choices: Ham & Cheese, Turkey & Cheese, Tuna, Salad Bar (Woburn St. only), Premade Salads (North, West & Shawsheen only), Pizza (Mon & Wed only), Bagels (Tues & Thurs only)Also Available Daily: Assorted Lowfat Milk or Skim Milk; Assorted Fresh Fruit; Assorted Juice; DessertMenus Subject To Occasional ChangeParticipates in The Farm-To-School ProgramBoutwell Early Childhood Center & Wildwood Early Childhood CenterMonday, November 12NO SCHOOLTuesday, November 13Hot Dog on a Wholewheat Roll; Baked Beans; Tater Tots; Apple Slices with CinnamonWednesday, November 14Meatballs on a Wholewheat Sub Roll; Green Beans; StrawberriesThursday, November 15Gobble Gobble Day – Turkey & Gravy; Whipped Potatoes; Wholewheat Dinner Roll; Carrots; Cranberry Sauce; CookieFriday, November 16Wholegrain Pizza Slice; Celery Sticks with Lowfat Dip; PearsLunch ($2.40) includes: Entree (main or alternative); Vegetable, Fruit or Juice and assorted lowfat or skim milkAlternate Daily Lunch Choices: WG Pizza (Mon. & Wed. only); Whole Wheat Bagel & Cheese Stick (Tues. & Thurs. only); Turkey & Cheese sandwich on WG bread (Mon., Wed., Fri. only); Ham & Cheese sandwich on WG bread (Tues. & Thurs. only)Also Available Daily: Assorted snacks and baked goods ($0.50-$0.60)Menus Subject To Occasional ChangeParticipates in The Farm-To-School Program(NOTE: View these menus, plus the Gluten Free menus, online HERE.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedWilmington School Lunch Menus (Week of September 9, 2019)In “Education”Wilmington School Lunch Menus (Week of September 2, 2019)In “Education”Wilmington School Lunch Menus (Week of August 26, 2019)In “Education”last_img read more

BSE closes points 4725 down on Nov 7

first_imgBSE closes points 47.25 down on Nov 716K views00:00 / 00:00- 00:00:0000:00BSE closes points 47.25 down on Nov 716K viewsBusinessNew Delhi, Nov 7 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Stock Exchange today closed 47.25 points down to stand at 27,868.63. At the National Stock Exchange the Nifty closed 3.15 points up to stand at 8,342.30. BEL and CUMMINS INDIA LTD. were among the top gainers of Group A with an increase of 9.67% and 7.36% along with DLF and FSL with an increase of 6.40% and 6.15% respectively, while the top losers of Group A include ESCORTS and UCOBANK with a decrease of 8.28% and 6.58% along with BHUSHAN STEEL LTD. and JPPOWER with a decrease of 4.58% and 4.55% at the close of the markets. The Auto sector is down 85.14 points at 18,338.67 while the banking sector is down 17.84 points at 19,854.42 and the reality sector is up 39.04 points at 1,642.36. The Indian currency is up 0.34% at Rs 61.62 per dollar.Ventuno Web Player 4.50New Delhi, Nov 7 (ANI): Trading at the Bombay Stock Exchange today closed 47.25 points down to stand at 27,868.63. At the National Stock Exchange the Nifty closed 3.15 points up to stand at 8,342.30. BEL and CUMMINS INDIA LTD. were among the top gainers of Group A with an increase of 9.67% and 7.36% along with DLF and FSL with an increase of 6.40% and 6.15% respectively, while the top losers of Group A include ESCORTS and UCOBANK with a decrease of 8.28% and 6.58% along with BHUSHAN STEEL LTD. and JPPOWER with a decrease of 4.58% and 4.55% at the close of the markets. The Auto sector is down 85.14 points at 18,338.67 while the banking sector is down 17.84 points at 19,854.42 and the reality sector is up 39.04 points at 1,642.36. The Indian currency is up 0.34% at Rs 61.62 per dollar.last_img read more

Landslide kills 2 in Rangamati

first_imgLandslide kills 2 in Rangamati. Prothom Alo File PhotoTwo people were killed in landslide due to heavy rain in Karigar Para of Raikhali union in Kaptai upazila, Rangamati on Saturday morning.The deceased are identified as — Atal Barua of Rauzan’s Noapara, and Sujoy Maung Marma of Karigar Para.Station officer of fire service in Rangunia Abu Bakar Siddique said, “I’m at the spot now. The rescue work is going on.”The accident took place in Raikhali area of Rangamati-Bandarban road around 11:00am.Rangunia upazila nirbahi (executive) officer Masudur Rahman said he sent the fire service men for the rescue work.The victims were going by an auto-rickshaw when they were buried under the landslide.last_img