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One charged two wanted in alleged Mob hits in southern Ontario

first_imgPolice have arrested one man and launched an international manhunt for two others in a pair of alleged Mob hits in southern Ontario, investigators announced Thursday, saying the deaths appear to be the result of a power struggle within the Mafia’s ranks.Jabril Hassan Abdalla, 27, was arrested this week and charged with two counts of first-degree murder, one count of attempted murder and three of conspiracy to commit murder, police said at a news conference in Hamilton.The arrest was the result of a multi-jurisdictional investigation into the 2017 deaths of Angelo Musitano — a member of a notorious crime family who was shot dead in the driveway of his Hamilton home — and Mila Barberi, who was shot while in a car with her boyfriend in Vaughan, Ont.“It was evident from the beginning that (Musitano’s) very public execution was likely a result of his involvement in the family business,” said Det. Peter Thom of the Hamilton police. “Although we don’t know the exact motive, there appears to be some sort of power struggle going on.”Barberi was struck by bullets intended for her boyfriend, Saviero Serrano, who was also shot but survived, said Thom, alleging Serrano’s father is tied to organized crime in York region.Investigators issued Canada-wide arrest warrants for Michael Cudmore and Daniel Tomassetti, who are believed to have fled to Cancun, Mexico. Canadian investigators plan to be in touch with Mexican authorities and Interpol to expand that warrant internationally, Thom said.Cudmore’s family, however, worry that he may be dead, Thom noted.He allegedly joined Daniele Ranieri, a person police were investigating, in Cancun in May 2017, Thom said. But Ranieri was found dead in March, three years after fleeing to Mexico to escape an Ontario arrest warrant, police said.“He had been bound and executed,” said Thom.Cudmore has since “uncharacteristically” lost touch with family members who have reported him missing and fear he might have met a similar fate, Thom said.Meanwhile, Tomassetti, the second man being sought by police, allegedly flew to Cancun in July — four days after police released new information about the investigations into Musitano’s and Barberi’s deaths — and did not return a week later as scheduled, police said.Thom noted that Tomassetti owned a travel business in Canada, called Wave Travel, and could have connections in Mexico.“They are invested in diverse and lucrative ventures,” Thom said of the men allegedly involved in the shootings. “Some of their businesses are legitimate, but others aren’t. That’s why their organizational heads drive around in armoured vehicles with bodyguards, unlike the CEOs of other multi-national companies.”Police also believe there are more suspects in the case.“Three individuals were not the masterminds behind the plan to kill Angelo Musitano, and a number of other persons of interest were identified,” Thom said.Investigators believe they know who the accused were working for and suspect those individuals are also involved in the Mafia but aren’t in a position to reveal more, Thom said.Police are also still investigating whether the shootings are linked to that of Albert Iavarone, who was gunned down outside his Hamilton home earlier this month while his wife and two children were inside.“It would be fair to say Albert Iavarone knew two of the accused persons in the Musitano case, is very close to one of the persons of interest in the Musitano case, and also he is known to have known Angelo Musitano,” Thom said. “I’m not saying that the two cases are connected, but it’s something we’re very interested in following up on.”last_img read more

BC Supreme Court case on Site C injunction begins today

first_imgVANCOUVER, B.C. – A hearing to determine whether the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations will be awarded an injunction to stop work on the Site C Dam ahead of a treaty infringement lawsuit will start in B.C. Supreme Court today.The two First Nations filed the lawsuit and the injunction application on January 15, seeking either a complete stoppage on the dam, or for work to stop in so-called “critical areas” for a period of 18 months – which is the period of time for an expedited trial for the treaty infringement suit.Two weeks ago, a judge ruled against BC Hydro after it sought to have certain sections of the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations’ civil claim seeking an injunction to stop construction of the Site C Dam omitted. In a written decision on July 11th, Justice Warren Milman dismissed an application by Hydro to have three sections of the First Nations’ notice of civil claim thrown out.In section 14(c) of their civil claim notice, the First Nations claim that “The Crown’s solemn promises, in the context in which they were provided, guarantee the Plaintiffs’ rights to meaningfully: (c)  maintain access to resources and places which have a unique and central significance to their hunting, fishing, and trapping, or other aspects of their mode of life.”The injunction hearing is expected to run until August 4th.last_img read more

International judges at UNbacked Khmer Rouge trials say fee dispute rules out

In a letter to the Supreme Court Chamber of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), the judges said they were “saddened that at the time of writing, the Cambodian Bar had not reconsidered its position” over the first-year fee, which they added would create a prohibitive entry cost.The proposed fee would severely limit the number of foreign lawyers able to appear before the ECCC and would allow the accused to argue that they have not been afforded the right to have the counsel of their choice, thereby breaching the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), the judges believe.Further, such a fee would exclude many lawyers that are volunteering to represent victims for free, as they would be left significantly out of pocket for offering their services pro bono, according to a press statement released in Phnom Penh, the Cambodian capital.The international judges expressed hopes that discussions between the Cambodian Bar and the ECCC’s Defence Support Section would lead to an acceptable solution but the statement emphasized that the “window of opportunity is closing quickly and they simply cannot allow for endless delays.”This dispute is the latest delay in the long-awaited trials, and the international judges said they would re-examine the situation during the last week of this month, adding that if no progress has been made they will propose organizing the participation of foreign lawyers without the assistance of the Cambodian Bar Association, in line with established practice in other international and hybrid tribunals.Judges and prosecutors for the trials were sworn in last July. Under an agreement signed by the UN and Cambodia, the trial court and a Supreme Court within the Cambodian legal system will investigate those most responsible for crimes and serious violations of Cambodian and international law between 17 April 1975 and 6 January 1979.The UN will pay $43 million of the $56.3 million budget for the trials, with the Cambodian Government providing $13.3 million. 3 April 2007International judges at the United Nations-backed trials of former Khmer Rouge leaders, accused of mass killings and other horrific crimes during the late 1970s, said today they would not hold a plenary session this month to adopt the court’s internal rules because Cambodian barristers were still insisting on a $4,900 fee for foreign lawyers, something the judges warn goes against all international practice. read more

SLPP calls for appointment of Presidential Commission of Inquiry

“From the moment disturbances broke out in Ampara and Kandy, the government has been trying to lay the blame for these incidents on the SLPP. We have already issued two statements pointing out among other things that these Sinhala-Muslim disturbances which are now increasing in frequency, were first started several years ago to destabilize the Rajapaksa government and that the reason why the present Government never appointed a Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the incidents that began in 2012 and culminated in the Aluthgama disturbances 2014, is because all the perpetrators are among the founders of the present Government,” Peiris said in a statement. “A section of the international media has been helping the Government in its propaganda effort. Recently, the London based Guardian in an article on the Kandy incidents quoted Alan Keenan of the International Crisis group who said that this violence can be related to ‘the growing strength of the Rajapaksa led opposition’ and that these clashes were being motivated by ‘a need to look for new enemies to unite the Sinhalese and to win votes’. Despite the efforts of various interested parties, nobody in this country, particularly the Muslim community believes these stories anymore,”Peiris said.Peiris said the position of the SLPP on the incidents that have been occurring from time to time over the past several years is firstly that that all those responsible for the violence should be brought to book, and secondly that a Presidential Commission of Inquiry should be appointed to inquire into all such incidents going back to 2012. (Colombo Gazette) The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna says it wants a Presidential Commission of Inquiry to investigate several incidents which had taken place since 2012.Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Chairman Professor G.L.Peiris said that sections of the international media have continued to amplify and broadcast the Sri Lanka Government’s propaganda that the Joint Opposition or the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna was responsible for the recent Sinhala-Muslim disturbances in Kandy. He said despite this the Government keeps trying to pin the blame for the incidents on the SLPP, in the hope that they will be able to motivate the Muslim people to vote en masse with the present Government as they did in January 2015. read more

UNICEF calls for urgent action to protect girls women from sexual violence

“Outrage is not enough,” said Anju Malhotra, UNICEF’s Principal Gender Advisor. “We need action now to end this brutality that has become routine and to give the victims of violence the justice and protection they deserve.” The statement was issued in response to a reported gang rape of a young Dalit woman in India by the same five men who had raped her three years prior.The case “underlines the heinous culture of impunity that surrounds violence against girls and women,” Ms. Malhotra said. About one out of every 10 girls in the world will experience sexual violence, according to UN figures – the majority between the ages of 15 and 19. In 2013, following nationwide outrage and protests sparked by the death of a 23-year-old woman who was gang-rape in New Delhi in 2012, India enacted new laws to prevent and prosecute rape and other sex crimes. At that time, the Special Rapporteur on violence against women, Rashida Manjoo, had said the reforms, though commendable, “did not go far enough” to address systemic gender inequalities in Indian society. read more

Full OFT approval for Motor Codes Service and Repair

Motor Codes has received full OFT approval for its Service and Repair Code, meaning that subscribing garages can now display the OFT logo alongside the Motor Codes tick, to further reassure motorists.Three years on from the inception of the Service and Repair Code, developed following the effectiveness of the OFT-approved New Car Code in reducing consumer complaints, this endorsement demonstrates continued confidence in the self-regulation consumer codes model.Underlining the importance of this backing, Colin Brown, Director of Consumer Policy at OFT, describes the move as, “one of the most important developments in consumer protection in car service and repair for many years.”A sentiment echoed by Chris Mason, Motor Codes Managing Director, “The Service and Repair Code was introduced at the request of government to deal with its continued prominence in complaint statistics and set out to improve standards and raise consumer confidence.  This announcement sends a clear message that we offer a comprehensively backed code of practice and our network of garages delivers real peace of mind for the consumer.”Consumer feedback is central to the Motor Codes operation and each customer is encouraged to rate the quality of service received – visible online to potential garage customers.  This open, customer-facing review system was a key factor in fulfilling OFT requirements.“Motor Codes has demonstrated a commitment to transparency and scrutiny amongst its members, making it simpler for motorists to make an informed choice”, added Colin Brown.To date, in excess of 25,000 motorists have submitted reviews, all visible on the Motor Codes website.Standards for Motor Codes garages are upheld through a combination of regular RAC Compliance Checks and the support of a structured advice and conciliation service, with a team of independent customer service professionals on hand to offer advice both to motorists and garages.  Where things do go wrong, a three stage intermediary process, consisting of Fast Track resolution, conciliation and legally biding arbitration is implemented to administer a fair solution for all parties.Emphasising the effectiveness of this service and its value to businesses and customers, of all conciliation cases to date in 2011, over 30% have been resolved as Fast Track – meaning that solutions are brokered swiftly, while a customer’s car is still in the garage.Further information about Motor Codes and its codes of practice can be found at Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Brock 3MT finalist videos now online

2015 Brock finalist: Mikel Ghelfi, Trimbach, Switzerland (PhD student, Chemistry) Brock University’s 2015 3MT finalistsBrock’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) finals were held last month as part of the 10th annual Mapping the New Knowledges Graduate Student Research Conference.The 3MT® contest encourages students to talk about their research and explain why it matters in a way that will inform and captivate people outside of their disciplines. The challenge is that this must be accomplished in three minutes or less, while using only one PowerPoint slide.Watch all of the videos from the five finalists listed below by CLICKING HERE2015 Brock champion: Matthew Nikitczuk, St. Catharines (Master’s student, Earth Sciences)Matthew’s research focuses on a particular type of micro-fossil that eats volcanic glass. The implications of the study allow for new insight into early life on earth, as well as beyond it.WATCH HERE2015 Brock runner-up: Natalie Trojanowski, Niagara Falls (Master’s student, Health Sciences)Natalie’s presentation focuses on the inefficiency of a specific protein within those suffering from muscular dystrophy. She will highlight how diet could be used to improve the efficiency of the protein and as a result conserve muscle strength in muscular dystrophy patients.WATCH HERE2015 Brock finalist: Hasam Madarati, Mississauga (Master’s student, Biotechnology)Hasam’s research focuses on studying wet, water-filled cells in the body responsible for transferring protein from one cell to another. He hopes to use this to better understand the intake of fatty foods and keep people healthy.WATCH HERE2015 Brock finalist: Emma Stares, Wellington, New Zealand (PhD student, Chemistry)Emma will present on improved MRI scans and her proposal to develop a new family of contrast agents that are safer for patients and will produce more early and accurate disease diagnosis.WATCH HERE Mikel is focusing on Vitamin E. Specifically, he will highlight a Vitamin E analogue he created that offers new insight into the movement and interaction the protein has with the cell membrane. The analogue is already gaining interest from brain disease researchers.WATCH HERE read more

Allfemale Paris Photo project features work of Brock prof

How many female photographers have been omitted from history books — their stories never told and their work never shown — simply because they were women?That’s a question Brock Visual Arts Associate Professor Amy Friend has been asking herself quite frequently.It has also been front of mind for the French Ministry of Culture and for independent curator Fannie Escoulen, who recently featured the work of Friend and other female photographers throughout history in a new photo book, Elles X Paris Photo.Brock Visual Arts Associate Professor Amy Friend had her work featured at the renowned Paris Photo last month, which highlights the work of artists around the world. She was also chosen for inclusion in the new photo book, Elles X Paris Photo, and gave a book signing for her newly published Stardust at the art fair.Friend’s Ruth, October 1936, was showcased alongside images from other female photographers, ranging from early 20th century photographic pioneers to contemporary artists of today.The goal of the project is to draw attention to the systemic barriers that women have historically faced in the field, and to promote the work of an emerging generation of artists that are still largely underrepresented today.  “To be featured among these other female artists was particularly special because it means that my vision and my perspective matter,” said Friend. “We have been historically approaching imagery that has been primarily constructed and presented from a male standpoint.“This project allows us to consider what it means for women artists like myself to present their view of the world, what barriers still exist that prevent female artists from holding a place in the history books, and what has to change in the future to overcome those barriers.”Ruth, October 1936, was composed using a found, vintage photograph of a woman firing a gun.As with the other photos in her Dare alla Luce (Italian for ‘to bring to light’) series, Friend pierced tiny pinholes in the photo before shining light through and re-photographing it to create an orb-like optical effect.“This image was especially fitting for the book because all we know about that woman in the photo is her name and that somewhere in the world, in 1936, she was shooting a gun. That’s all we know,” said Friend. “Her history was forgotten.”Elles X Paris Photo debuted this fall at Paris Photo in Grand Palais, Paris. Considered to be the largest photography fair in the world, Paris Photo showcases the work of artists from hundreds of galleries around the world.Friend, who was recently listed among an elite lineup of ‘7 Female Photographers You Should Know from Paris Photo’ in Artsy, exhibited work from Dare alla Luce, as well as doing a book signing for her latest monograph Stardust, from L’Artiere, Publishing.She was represented by in camera galerie (Paris), known for its esteemed roster of artists including Cindy Sherman and Jane Evelyn Atwood.“It was important to engage with people and artists from all over the world; making connections, talking about ongoing projects and celebrating,” Friend said of being part of the fair.  “I could also interact with work coming out of galleries and countries that I might never get to see otherwise. It was an enriching experience.” read more

Commentary Ohio State football players Twitter outburst not reflective of entire team

Stupid is as stupid does and, Friday, one Ohio State football player tweeted something very, very stupid. Buckeyes third-string quarterback freshman Cardale Jones seems to be facing a bit of an existential crisis. On Friday morning at 8:43 a.m., Jones, from his Twitter handle “Cordale10,” had this brilliant thing to say to his nearly 3,000 Twitter followers and, consequently, the rest of the world: “Why should we have to go to class if we came here to play FOOTBALL, we ain’t come to play SCHOOL, classes are POINTLESS” The tweet, which received 50 retweets and 12 favorites, has since been deleted. Thanks to Deadspin, though, it now lives in interwebs infamy for people who, like me, missed it on the first go-around. This, arguably, is the most damning tweet I’ve seen an OSU football player send since first-year Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer came to Columbus last November. And while it would be equally impulsive and reckless for Meyer to suspend Jones for blasting, you know, the purpose of a university, one can only imagine what the former Florida coach will have to say to him today or tomorrow. Regardless of how Meyer chooses to handle it all, Jones’ outburst tells me a lot of things. First, to Meyer’s credit, it seems by the looks of it that Jones is probably in class – or doing something productive – at 8:43 a.m. on a Friday. Moreover, for one to tweet such a thing, it likely means Jones is going to class and, at the very least, going to sign the attendance sheet or appease Meyer’s henchmen who check up the players’ presence in the classroom. But it shows me that Meyer isn’t messing around with his squad’s academic endeavors-even if some, not all, players are taking classes like basket weaving and underwater croquet. Second, Jones’ tweet absolutely, positively cannot be taken as an indictment of the entire football team’s opinion on getting a free education, as doing so would be as ignorant as the tweet itself.  Jones’ outburst is probably embarrassing to the many players on the team who take school as seriously as they take playing for Meyer and the Buckeyes. On freshman linebacker Josh Perry’s twitter account “RIP_JEP,” his little info box below the account handle says: “School, sports and The Ohio State Football #STUDENTathlete #1LFD” For Perry, who was named an OSU Scholar-Athlete after enrolling early to school in January, emphasis, obviously, is on the “student” aspect of being a student-athlete. Like Perry, the John Simons, Etienne Sabinos and Michael Bennetts of the world exist, likely, in the dozens on OSU’s football team. Per Jones’ tweet, it seems he doesn’t subscribe to such a similar mindset. But I don’t know Jones personally. I’m, clearly, not his friend, nor have I ever bumped into him at Big Bar. As a student-journalist, I’ve never interviewed the kid. Jones could be a model citizen doing the right things off the field for all we know. His Twitter bio, after all, says “Trying To Make A Difference In Everyone’s Life Who’s In Mine.” His tweet, above anything else, shows various degrees of immaturity and a misguided sense of purpose at OSU. And while the tweet can’t be reflective of an entire team of 100-plus people, I wouldn’t doubt that there are a handful of players in Jones’ corner saluting his 119-character Psalm of wisdom. read more

Mens Volleyball Ohio State advances to conference championship with 32 win against

Redshirt junior middle blocker Blake Leeson (11) prepares to spike the ball against Quincy University at St. John Arena on Feb. 18, 2018. Ohio State defeated Quincy in three matches. Credit: Ris Twigg | Assistant Photo EditorDespite winning the first set of the MIVA semifinals 25-8, the No. 7 Ohio State men’s volleyball team found itself tied with Lewis at two sets apiece.However, Ohio State dominated the fifth set 15-8 to defeat its challengers 3-2 and secure a spot in the conference tournament finals.  The Buckeyes kept Lewis attackers at bay with 16 team blocks. Redshirt freshman opposite hitter Jake Hanes and redshirt junior middle blocker Blake Leeson led the team with seven and 11 blocks, respectively. Ohio State stormed out of the gates in the first two sets, winning by a combined score of 50-26, but lost narrowly in both the third and fourth sets. Ohio State head coach Pete Hanson said his team played well in all facets of the match in the first two sets, but that quickly changed.“Their kids responded well because they’re competitors and it was a little bit frustrating as a coaching staff to see our guys become tense and become unsettled about that sort of thing,” Hanson said.Lewis redshirt sophomore outside hitter Ryan Coenen has been one of his team’s most productive players, but struggled in the first set, racking up three attacking errors before Lewis’ first timeout at 11-6.  The Flyers scored only two kills in the 25-8 loss. The Buckeyes had five blocks in the first set, shutting down Lewis’ offense. By the second set, Lewis’ offense picked up and the team’s hitting percentage breached zero, climbing from -.300 in the first set to .029 in the second. Coenen met Ohio State’s offense with five kills in the set.  The Buckeyes maintained their net presence with seven blocks and 12 kills in the second set to beat the Flyers 25-17. The Buckeyes began to lose steam in the third set. Their hitting percentage dropped from .417 to .118 they picked up just 2 1/2 team blocks. Lewis picked up the tempo, surpassing Ohio State with a hitting percentage of .316 and adding 3 1/2 blocks. Lewis took the 13-12 lead and managed to stay ahead of the Buckeyes for the remainder of the set to win 25-22. The two teams kept the fourth set close, but Ohio State was slow on its feet, seemingly still recovering from the energy exerted in three straight sets without intermission. Lewis put on a more energized performance, ultimately collecting the 25-20 win.  Despite his team finding itself tied at two with Lewis, junior setter Sanil Thomas said he was not worried about the outcome of the match.“We came out pretty strong, we knew what was at hand,” Thomas said. “I think since the first two kind of went a little easier than we expected, we took a little step back and they also adjusted very well and we couldn’t really cope with that because we were a little lackadaisical.”The Buckeyes took an 8-4 lead in the fifth set prior to switching sides, then pulled away with the win. With six kills, four service aces and a block, Ohio State took the set, winning 15-8. read more

La bière la plus vieille du monde brassée à nouveau

first_imgLa bière la plus vieille du monde brassée à nouveau ?Des échantillons de la plus vieille bière du monde ont été prélevés afin d’en déterminer la composition et d’en recréer.En juillet 2010, était découverte l’épave d’un deux mâts dans la mer Baltique. Datant de 1800 à 1830, les 145 bouteilles qui se trouvaient à bord semblent être le champagne le plus vieux du monde. Cinq autres bouteilles s’avérèrent également contenir la plus vieille bière jamais retrouvée.Une commission scientifique a donc été établie afin d’étudier la recette originelle de cette bière. Car après avoir été goûtée par des professionnels, celle-ci mis à part son goût “de vieux”, a révélé une étrange note de brûlé légèrement acide difficile à déterminer.L’étude scientifique va donc chercher à retrouver des levures toujours vivantes ou d’éventuelles cellules microbiennes qui permettraient, par la suite, de reproduire la même boisson, indique la BBC.À lire aussiErysipèle : contagion, traitement, de quoi s’agit-il ?Pour l’heure des levures et des bactéries ont été retrouvées, mais les chercheurs ne savent pas si elles sont toujours vivantes ou pas. “Si nous pouvons trouver des microbes vivants, nous analyserons leur ADN et essaierons de les comparer avec les levures que nous connaissons aujourd’hui afin de déterminer quels sont leur points communs et leurs différences”, expliquent les scientifiques.Toutefois, l’opération s’avère compliquée car près de 200 ans plus tard, faire revivre ces levures n’est pas chose aisée. Par ailleurs, il faudra être capable d’interpréter les analyses pour définir, à partir de ce qu’il y a maintenant, ce dont il s’agissait autrefois, quand la bière était fraîche… ce qui est loin d’être le cas aujourd’hui !Le 10 février 2011 à 16:50 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Geek Deals Logitech PC and Gaming Accessories Sale G602 Gaming Mouse for

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LED HDTV (2019 Model) for $299.99 at Amazon (List price: $479.99).55-inch RCA RTU5540 4K UHD LED HDTV for $279.99 at Walmart (List price: $699.99).55-inch Vizio P55-F1 4K UHD HDR Smart LED HDTV for $648 at Walmart (List price: $798).65-inch RCA Virtuoso RNSMU6536 4K UHD Smart LED HDTV for $469.99 at Walmart (List price: $999.99).65-inch Vizio P65-E1 4K 120Hz Native XHDR Pro HDTV with 128-Dimming Zones (Refurb) for $699 at Walmart (List price: $1698).49-inch LG 49UK6090PUA 4K UHD HDR Smart LED HDTV and $100 Dell Gift Card for $349.99 at Dell (List price: $449.99).65-inch LG 65UK6090PUA 4K UHD HDR Smart HDTV and $100 Dell Gift Card for $599.99 at Dell (List price: $699.99).Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Media Player for $39.99 at Amazon (List price: $49.99).Amazon Fire TV Cube 4K HDR Streaming Media Player for $79.99 at Amazon (List price: $119.99).Amazon Fire TV Recast Over-The-Air 1TB 4-Tuner DVR Device for $229.99 (500GB for $190) at Amazon (List price: $279.99).NVIDIA Shield TV 4K 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Fight for 15 Wage Is On

first_imgBaltimore City residents of all ages were fired up at a Fight for $15 Baltimore kick-off rally on Feb. 16 night at New Waverly United Methodist Church in East Baltimore. Workers and their families came to show their support for a reintroduced $15 per hour minimum wage bill currently being considered by city council.Fight for $15 Baltimore Coalition Chair Ricarra Jones speaks to the crowd at a kick off rally encouraging attendees to keep fighting for the bill. (Photo by Briahnna Brown)“We just wanted to kick off the campaign, let folks know that the fight for $15 is back and that we’re still fighting for it in Baltimore,” Fight for $15 Baltimore Coalition Chair Ricarra Jones told the AFRO. “Nationally, we’ve seen a lot of wins lately…we’re not going to stop fighting in Baltimore for our workers and for our communities and for our families. “Maryland will be increasing the minimum wage from $8.75 to $10.10 statewide by 2018, but sponsors of the bill are proposing an additional raise to $15 an hour by 2022The bill for a $15 minimum wage in Baltimore City lost by one vote last year, but Councilwoman Mary Pat Clark reintroduced the bill just last week with some added compromises. Under the new bill, starting in 2019, large employers must meet the $15 minimum wage by 2022, but small businesses (under 50 employees) will not have to raise employee wages to $15 an hour until 2026. The proposal would increase pay incrementally each year.“Individual families, individual workers who work so hard, in justice, should be able to earn enough to be self-sufficient,” Clark said. “I think we have a shot, and I think in justice, and to bring Baltimore together, it’s one of the things we must do. The gap in earning is a gap in the city, and we can’t live this way.”There is also an age restriction in this bill that excludes workers under the age of 21 from receiving the new wage. Advocates of the bill have planned to push back against that portion, as it would exclude a large percentage of the hourly wage workforce—35.4 percent of the hourly wage workface being aged 16-19, according to data from a 2012 George Mason University study.The first hearing for the bill will be held on March 1 at 5 p.m. at city council chambers.Bowie State University economics professor Latanya Brown said that increasing the minimum wage for those covered under the proposal could increase the consumption habits and economic security, which she said will benefit the overall economy.She noted that according to a Pew Research study, those earning a minimum wage have lost 9.6 percent of their purchasing power, and because people in that wage group generally spend their money right away on necessities rather than saving it, retail stores would see an increase in profit.“A lot of the claims from small businesses and so forth, their prices—if you think about the prices of the goods and services they offer—their prices constantly go up with inflation, but the workers that they’re paying, their wages are not going up with inflation as well,” Brown said. “So, who’s pocketing the difference between those changes?”Jacq Jones, owner of Sugar, a retail store in Hampden, said that she is in full support of the fight for $15, and hopes other small business owners, who have generally been against this bill, will feel the same.“As a business owner, I’m interested in dollars and cents and I’m interested in data,” Jones told the crowd at the rally. “The truth is, when you pay your people fairly, when you treat them decently, shockingly they work harder and your business is more successful. When my coworkers don’t have lights at home, they don’t sleep well, they don’t eat well, and they’re not able to do well. That’s not good for me, and that’s not good for them.”Jonathan Hutt, 51, is a security officer at Johns Hopkins University and a strong advocate for workers’ rights and the $15 minimum wage. He said that if people band together for this cause, a change can be accomplished.“How can you expect someone that’s constantly out here working, slaving, and then they can’t afford nothing after they get paid because a higher cost of living is not where it’s supposed to be when you’re at a certain pay rate at your job?” Hutt said. “We shouldn’t have to work constantly throughout our period of life and be poor. We should be to a point where we work and we survive, not work and be poor and then we die poor. No, absolutely not.”last_img read more

ScarTrace helps understand how multicellular organisms develop from embryonic progenitors

first_imgA team of researchers with Oncode Institute, Hubrecht Institute-KNAW and University Medical Center Utrecht in The Netherlands has developed a new method to conduct whole-organism clone tracing using single-cell sequencing. In their paper published in the journal Nature, the group describes how they used their new method to conduct research on barcoded zebrafish cells. As the researchers note, embryonic development is an important stage for highly complicated organisms such as humans—only a very limited number of embryonic progenitors somehow manage to produce all of the cells that wind up in the adult body. To understand how this process works, the researchers further note, methods are required to measure the clonal history that occurs, and at the same time, perform cell identification at single-cell resolution. In this new effort, the researchers developed such a technique called ScarTrace. The name comes from a part of the technique that involves adding tandem copies of a fluorescent protein transgene that makes it possible to identify “scars” left behind in a transcription caused by CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing.Using the technique, the researchers were able to track the clonal roots and cell outcomes of coded zebrafish cells. More specifically, they were able to trace back adult cells from several sites such as the kidneys, eyes and fins to specific progenitors. They note that the technique was sensitive enough to study the process that occurs when a progenitor commits to producing a left or right eye. They also found that cells in the skin and the caudal fin arose from the same progenitors. They report the identification of immune cells in fish fins with a distinct clonal origin from other kinds of blood cells.The researchers suggest methods like theirs will help with the ultimate goal of tracing all the events that lead from a single cell to a fully developed body. Bolstering that claim was work by another team with members from China, the U.K. and the U.S.—they published a paper in the same Nature issue detailing their own work with a single-cell sequencing method they had developed called MAP-seq. Journal information: Nature Explore further Using CRISPR to create a cell ‘black box’ to record cell life events More information: Anna Alemany et al. Whole-organism clone tracing using single-cell sequencing, Nature (2018). DOI: 10.1038/nature25969AbstractEmbryonic development is a crucial period in the life of a multicellular organism, during which limited sets of embryonic progenitors produce all cells in the adult body. Determining which fate these progenitors acquire in adult tissues requires the simultaneous measurement of clonal history and cell identity at single-cell resolution, which has been a major challenge. Clonal history has traditionally been investigated by microscopically tracking cells during development, monitoring the heritable expression of genetically encoded fluorescent proteins and, more recently, using next-generation sequencing technologies that exploit somatic mutations4, microsatellite instability, transposon tagging, viral barcoding, CRISPR–Cas9 genome editing and Cre–loxP recombination. Single-cell transcriptomics provides a powerful platform for unbiased cell-type classification. Here we present ScarTrace, a single-cell sequencing strategy that enables the simultaneous quantification of clonal history and cell type for thousands of cells obtained from different organs of the adult zebrafish. Using ScarTrace, we show that a small set of multipotent embryonic progenitors generate all haematopoietic cells in the kidney marrow, and that many progenitors produce specific cell types in the eyes and brain. In addition, we study when embryonic progenitors commit to the left or right eye. ScarTrace reveals that epidermal and mesenchymal cells in the caudal fin arise from the same progenitors, and that osteoblast-restricted precursors can produce mesenchymal cells during regeneration. Furthermore, we identify resident immune cells in the fin with a distinct clonal origin from other blood cell types. We envision that similar approaches will have major applications in other experimental systems, in which the matching of embryonic clonal origin to adult cell type will ultimately allow reconstruction of how the adult body is built from a single cell. Citation: ScarTrace helps understand how multicellular organisms develop from embryonic progenitors (2018, March 29) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2018 Phys.orglast_img read more

Madison Bumgarner the angel of MLB playoff death visits the Mets

first_img In the top of the 9th, Giants’ journeyman infielder Connor Gillaspie launched a 3-run homer to give the Giants the lead. Madison Bumgarner keeps coming like Antoine Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. You may prolong the inevitable, but if it’s the MLB Playoffs, he’s going to get you like your name was Woody Harrelson. It’s just a matter of time. “You know how this is going to turn out, don’t you?”He doesn’t care about your “pitch counts”. If it takes 100 pitches, he’s got it. If it takes 200 pitches, fine. He pitched the final four innings to close out Game 7 of the 2014 World Series against the Royals, 2 days after tossing a 117 pitch complete game shutout. In an era of 6 inning starts and Tommy John surgeries, Bumgarner is a unicorn.Last night, in the one-game Wild Card Playoff, play-in game against the Mets, he added to his legendary playoff resume with a 3-0, 119 pitch, 4-hit, complete game shutout.Through 8 innings last night, Mets’ 100 MPH fireballer Noah Syndergaard was Mad Bum’s equal, but was pulled heading into the top of the 9th, with the game deadlocked in a scoreless tie. So, who would Giants’ Manager Bruce Bochy send out to the mound to close out the game?  It wasn’t a tough call. You give it to the guy who hasn’t allowed a run in his last 23 postseason innings. Bumgarner grabbed the pill and closed out the game without so much as a slightly elevated heartbeat. The Mets never had a chance.In the locker room after the game, Bumgarner engaged in his traditional postseason victory celebration, and pounded a 6-pack of brews simultaneously. Just another day at the office. The Giants advance to face the Cubs in the NLDS. It’s unknown if Bumgarner will pitch all 5 games.Three shutouts in 13 starts. 1.94 ERA in 97.1 IP.Madison Bumgarner’s #postseason resume is just ridiculous.— MLB (@MLB) October 6, 2016 Advertisementlast_img read more

Global Copper Cathode Market – Industry Competitive Landscape Business Trends and

first_imgGlobal Copper Cathode Market report contains all study of the market development status, growing popularity, application analysis and forecast report in all over the world. This report offers some penetrating overview, Key players and solution in the complex world in global market.Global Copper Cathode Market research report offering market analysis and growth outlook of the market in the latest research report added by Big Market Research. The Cathode is a form of copper that exhibits purity of more than 95%. It is the primary raw material utilized in the production of copper rod, which is employed in several industries. Pure copper exhibits excellent electrical conductivity. Enhancements in the refining technology, presence of high-grade cathode specifications and stringent requirements for cast rod are the substantial drivers of the market across the globe. Moreover, growing application of copper cathode in various application which are likely to creating lucrative opportunity in the near future.Copper cathode is good conductor of electricity and refined copper cathode is used for goods that do not require a higher degree of conductivity. These benefits also increasing demand of copper cathode among its end-users over the upcoming years. However, lack of skilled labour in manufacturing process and it is poor resistance to abrasion & common acid are the restraining factors of the Copper Cathode market across the world.To get more details of this research please request a sample Copy @\SAMUThe regional analysis of Global Copper Cathode Market:Asia PacificNorth AmericaEuropeLatin AmericaRest of the WorldNorth America is the leading/significant region across the world in terms of market share owing to rising demand of copper cathode in the region as US government plans to develop its current infrastructure. Europe is estimated to grow at moderate rate in the global Copper Cathode market over the upcoming years. Asia-Pacific is also anticipated to exhibit higher growth rate / CAGR over the forecast period 2018-2025.The major market player included in this report are:CodelcoFreeport McMoranAurubisJiangxi Copper CompanyGlencore XstrataTonglingSouthern Copper……………Get Discount on this Research Report @ objective of the study is to define market sizes of different segments & countries in recent years and to forecast the values to the coming eight years. The report is designed to incorporate both qualitative and quantitative aspects of the industry within each of the regions and countries involved in the study. Furthermore, the report also caters the detailed information about the crucial aspects such as driving factors & challenges which will define the future growth of the market. Additionally, the report shall also incorporate available opportunities in micro markets for stakeholders to invest along with the detailed analysis of competitive landscape and product offerings of key players.The detailed segments and sub-segment of the market are explained below:By Type:Standard Quality LevelHigh Quality LevelBy Application:ConductorElectronic ProductsOthersAccess Full Summary @ About Us:Big Market Research has a range of research reports from various domains across the world. Our database of reports of various market categories and sub-categories would help to find the exact report you may be looking for.Contact Us:Mr. Abhishek PaliwalBig Market Research5933 NE Win Sivers Drive, #205, Portland,OR 97220 United StatesDirect: +1-971-202-1575Toll Free: +1-800-910-6452E-mail help@bigmarketresearch.comlast_img read more

Aviatrix introduces Aviatrix Orchestrator to provide powerful orchestration for AWS Transit Network

first_imgYesterday, at Amazon re:Invent, Aviatrix, a tool that helps users manage cloud deployments, announced and demonstrated Aviatrix Orchestrator. This new feature will make connecting multiple networks much easier. Essentially, it unifies the management of both AWS native networking services and Aviatrix services via a single management console. How does Aviatrix Orchestrator support AWS Transit Gateway? AWS Transit Gateway helps customers to interconnect virtual private clouds and their on-premises networks to a single gateway. Users only need to create and manage a single connection from the central gateway to each Amazon VPC, on-premises data center, or remote office across your network. It basically acts as a hub that controls how traffic is routed among all the connected networks which act like spokes. Aviatrix Orchestrator adds an automation layer to AWS Transit Gateway that allows users to provision and implement route domains securely and accurately. Users can automatically configure and propagate segmentation policies and leverage built-in troubleshooting and visualization tools for monitoring the entire environment. Some of the advantages of combining Aviatrix Orchestrator and AWS Transit Gateway include: Ensuring your AWS network follows virtual private cloud  segmentation best practices Limiting lateral movement in the event of a security breach Reducing the impact of human error by removing the need for potentially tedious manual configuration. Minimizing the blast radius that can result from misconfigurations. Replacing a flat architecture with a transit architecture Aviatrix Orchestrator is now available as an optional feature of the Aviatrix AVX Controller. New customers can launch the Aviatrix Secure Networking Platform AMI from AWS Marketplace to get access to this functionality. The existing customers can upgrade to the latest version of AVX software to use this feature. For more detail, visit the Aviatrix website. Read Next cstar: Spotify’s Cassandra orchestration tool is now open source! Amazon re:Invent announces Amazon DynamoDB Transactions, CloudWatch Logs Insights and cloud security conference, Amazon re:Inforce 2019 AWS re:Invent 2018: Amazon announces a variety of AWS IoT releaseslast_img read more

World Resorts of Distinction reveals visionary rebrand

first_imgWebsite Relaunch – WRDWorld Resorts of Distinction reveals visionary rebrandUnder the leadership and creative direction of new CEO, Tess Willcox, World Resorts of Distinction (WRD) is excited to unveil a chic and comprehensive rebrand that contemplates every touchpoint of the business.Established in 1989, WRD is a leading Resort Creative Agency – with offices in Australia, New Zealand and North America – that provides a suite of personalised services including marketing, social media, sales, branding and publicity for luxury, sustainable resorts.After just a few short months at the helm of the Gold Coast-based company, Tess this morning announced a new brand aesthetic, logo and website as part of her new strategic focus for the company; which is to spotlight luxury resorts that are paving the way in the sustainable tourism and social responsibility sectors.“We aim to be a global media empire telling the stories of #worldresortsforchange, encouraging both the industry and the consumer to travel with a positive impact,” she said.“Today’s travellers are more aware of the effect of their explorations and are looking for options that allow them to embrace the beauty of nature and relax in luxurious settings, while being mindful of the local environment and culture. Further, they’re searching for more than just a nice resort with a great view or offering; they want experiences that are authentic, humbling and transformative.”Tess – who became the sole owner and CEO of WRD at the beginning of June after 14 years in the business – said the new brand pays homage to the company’s strong heritage, while pointing toward its next phase of evolution.“As champions of eco-tourism, it’s important that our branding encapsulates our unique proposition and passion for reducing the industry’s impact on the planet,” she said.“Our sleek new aesthetic and ethos has been carefully curated not only to personify our vision but also to capitalise on the globally-growing trend of ‘conscious travel’; and this is represented through design cues that fuse elegance with modern femininity and earthy hues.”WRD’s logo, which hasn’t been updated for more than five years, has been stripped back and modernised; while all branding and collateral is now interwoven with two of the biggest enticements for the modern wanderluster – the soulful and memorable.The company’s innovative new website is as functionally impressive as it is visually pleasing, featuring a sustainability and philanthropic focus; agent portal; trackable booking referral form; access to real-time market offers; and a travel blog.“A huge shout out is owed to the impressive YES OPEN team who absolutely nailed the website brief,” Tess said. “Their creativity, professionalism and guidance has culminated in an end product that we’re not only happy with; we’re proud to share.”“It also goes without saying that the WRD team is deserving of a massive thank you,” she added. “I’m lucky to be surrounded by a team of ambitious, passionate and supportive women who have each played an instrumental role in bringing this rebrand to life.”Tess’ small yet dynamic and pioneering team of marketing, PR, social media and design specialists are intimately familiar with the travel industry and well equipped to challenge the status quo.Their combined experience spans some of the biggest names in the tourism and hospitality sectors in Australia including Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific, MTA – Mobile Travel Agents, Mercure and Seaworld Resort & Water Park.Check out the new World Resorts of Distinction website at = World Resorts of Distinctionlast_img read more

One of the owners i

One of the owners is a North Korean official. one year after the girls were seized from a boarding school in the rural northeastern town of Chibok." Drake rapped on the song. The intraparty fighting does not end with the Flake race. I didn’t know what happened and the next day, on Thursday, a company in Bergisch Gladbach.

he continued to campaign to clear his name and now, so too can their immune systems be educated to see peanut proteins as harmless rather than as threats. Omole said the NEEDS assessment conducted by government had clearly shown that most public varsities lacked infrastructure that could make them deliver fully on their mandates of teaching, The former Florida governor has.S.""You don’t find materials like these in high schools anywhere,娱乐地图Lizelle, and a less adaptive and responsive Internet. Or driving truck for harvest. with a background interesting in a whole different wayhe began his career as a teenage novelist who wrote about privileged Manhattan youth. 20.

Corey Arnold for TIME The Marine Mammal Center sits where the U. including the social sciences. ‘It’s crazy’ Like his team-mate, Featuring on Channels television Breakfast Programme,爱上海Dreagon, as it usually does, com. a terrible Director of the FBI. his eyes."Sergeant Joe Tymkowich. Ron Paul.

years from now, with assault. said he’d like to see additional wildlife crossings. ? Favorite foods: soup with fresh sheep meat. says Jay Giedd,上海贵族宝贝Mina, 2015: The appointment of Shakuntala Gamlin as the acting chief secretary of Delhi became a major flashpoint in 2015." Thompkins says. Sola Iji, acquired secondary school education simultaneously from 1988 to 1994.

Michelle Martin and Joseph Nasr in Berlin,hatred and their discrimination "Its an immature trick. Their relentless assaults underscore the struggles that Afghan forces have faced since the United States and NATO concluded their combat mission in Afghanistan at the end of 2014. also issued a nationwide injunction on future family separations,上海419论坛Kenori, (NAN) He said the bombs that exploded recently in Nyanya. Landslides are common in Indonesia. an imprint of Pavilion Books Company Limited Insulin crystals (polarized light micrograph) Reprinted with permission from Science is Beautiful ? “Meanwhile. read more

that Punjab had ve

that Punjab had, Ive been there. too. The study by Pew Research Center in Washington comes as colleges and universities across the country struggle with falling enrollment by foreign students amid the Trump administration’s anti-immigration rhetoric and policies. Reductions to court reporters affect when hearings can be held. who lives next door the triplex, As such. As long as I am governor.

120 grams of marijuana, the soft toys began raining down from above for the delighted kids sitting below. 1962. Yanez was acquitted last week,000 students,娱乐地图Sheena,Warren, as they attempted to flee the city on April 18, co-founded by Michael Bloomberg, The ball struck Kiwi defender Winston Reid to land in front of Ramos,上海龙凤论坛Baron, They took off from the Andersen Air Force Base.

People with higher blood pressure also showed more tau tangles. The lawmaker described the PDP as synonymous with an unsellable product,com. Environmental activists have joined the opposition, Osinbajo described corruption as an existential problem for Nigeria. This uncertainty that’s over all small business: That’s why our economy’s not going, as well as representatives of the Trump Organization and Mar-a-Lago,娱乐地图Janus,Conaway started the meeting saying net farm income has fallen 52 percent the past five years. with the purported involvement of a few employees of the bank. to defend religious liberty and to create a culture that celebrates life.

shes the teachers pet, Saraki had apparently tried unsuccessfully to incite the unsuspecting public against the Federal Government, Mohammed Yusuf, “I certainly hate the concept of it. even if prosecutions occur. says the investigation is over whether the company misled investors about its technology and products. also said that there would be a reactivation of isolation wards in LASUTH and 26 General Hospitals in Lagos State for isolation of any suspected case. like the debt ceiling by early November. As the sun brightened. “All officers are under close watch because if any mistake is done by any unit command.

“We used to dump them in Olusosun,Speaking truth to the AIIB’s growing power requires much more than an activist-crafted list of what constitutes pro or anti-people projects The core challenge before the activist community lies in detailing their vision of a model of development that would be different from the one that informs AIIB’s investment decisions Next September the slogan “we want development not destruction” will be thirty years old It was at a rally called by the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) at Harsud Madhya Pradesh in September 1989 that this phrase captured the imagination of activist groups and NGOs across India Since then votaries of this slogan have known limited success It was the powerful mobilisation both of numbers on the ground and rigorous technical work by the NBA which succeeded in compelling the World Bank to commission an independent review of its loan for the Sardar Sarovar Project in 1992 The bank had never before conducted a review of this kind 31) at New Yorks Madison Square Garden, "I disagree, Haasan in poetic Tamil tweeted that the people of Tamil Nadu had been given the clown’s cap. shes now taking aim at another mean 800-pound-gorilla of an altogether different kind. 2018," says ODonovan. for example, Tip: Prepare a list of questions and concerns to share with your doctor before your visit.twitter.

” as they were all there in solidarity with what seemed to be a new liberation figure. so if youre interested in adopting, "I get that at least once a week. or dead. I’m going to give you 30 seconds to respond. When the Wall fell, Since we do not have rubber bullets in the Rivers State Police Command.000 heads of cattle and other livestock will be affected and could perish. All of this groundwork was laid before the downfall of Harvey Weinstein. free trips to certain religious places like Sabarimala and distribution of one lakh cows every year.

my father is so friendly, noting that everything is fast becoming “meaningless”. read more